how to cheer up Winter or spring, cold weather, swingstemperatures, avitaminosis ... On such days, even the usual rise in the early morning for some people becomes torture. And if in the summer the usual early awakening does not make much effort and even brings pleasure, then the off-season burdens those of us who are always full of energy, get enough sleep, avoid stresses and so are accustomed to joyfully meet every new day. And what about those people who are not following the right way of life, stay at work, sit at the computer or are very busy with household chores? How to cheer them up? After all, everyone wants to be energetic all day, but few people do it. As a rule, by the end of a busy working-class, educational or simply eventful day, the feeling of shattering does not allow you to finish the planned one, and you just fall off your feet from fatigue. Do anything you want, thoughts stop. And at such moments it is useless to say to myself: "Hey, cheer up, do not sleep!".

How to be energetic all day long?

Probably, no one will argue with the fact thata cheerful morning is the key to a successful day. And that your body quickly comes to tone, there are many simple and even pleasant ways to make yourself energetic as soon as you wake up and are going to go to work, study or plan to do other things. Here are a few of the most basic and effective techniques that will help you get a good start right from the morning.

  • Accustom yourself to get up two or three minutes after the alarm goes off.
  • First, go to the balcony, and if the weather does not allow it, then open the window and inhale the morning air, stretch and smile to a new day.
  • Turn on the music and do a two-minute warm-up, after which you can drink a glass of water at room temperature. If you like, then put some honey.
  • To excel yourself from the morning, do not be too lazy to take a contrast shower.
  • Do not neglect breakfast. You can eat porridge, apple and drink green tea. Those who do not imagine their life without a morning cup of coffee, do not spoil your mood and fight your favorite habit. But do not drink this drink on an empty stomach, but only after you have breakfast.
  • Dressing, you can think right away and over what will go to work tomorrow.
  • Refresh your breath with a minty candy.
  • Before leaving the apartment in the morning, smile at your reflection in the mirror and tell yourself how wonderful today is.
  • Plan the morning time so as not to be nervous, being afraid of being late.
  • On the way to work, think about something pleasant, and drive negative thoughts away.
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    Breakfast is a useful necessity

    I wanted to pay special attention to thenumber 5, which refers to the mandatory intake of food in the morning. The phrase that breakfast provides the human body with energy for the whole day is not new, and those of us who eat breakfast often do not even think about its meaning, since this has long been a useful habit for them. But people who neglect this mandatory morning ritual, probably familiar with the feeling of extreme fatigue, which suddenly rolls for an hour and a half before lunch. This is due to the fact that in the morning you did not forget to protect yourself with clothing, but you did not take care of the internal organs at all. And your poor organism was left hungry and exhausted. And as this will affect later, it is unnecessary to speak. You will hardly wait for dinner, experiencing drowsiness or, conversely, being in a state of increased excitability. Swallow a lot of extra food and, quite naturally, want to take a nap. So it turns out that not having breakfast in the morning, you are wasting your energy, because in the morning you are struggling with a feeling of hunger, and in the second - with a desire to sleep. This reduces the productivity of your work, the irritation and feeling of dissatisfaction with yourself is growing. The solution to the problem is the right breakfast. Start the day with a glass of orange juice, it awakens all your organs. If you drink freshly squeezed juice, then it must be diluted with water: for 1 glass of juice about 30% of water. Rich in saturated fat oatmeal. Proper fats provide good heart function and reduce the risk of cancer. Another plus - you can forget about depression and enjoy optimism! You can share a meal if you are not used to breakfast in the morning. First drink the juice, and a little later eat something more substantial. If such a breakfast does not help you to get cheerful all day, we recommend that you pay attention to your sleep. And maybe it's time for you to go on vacation?

    How to increase the tone at work?

    Small close offices, oversaturatedoffice equipment, artificial lighting, poor ventilation - all this leads to a decrease in efficiency and causes a desire to sleep, especially in the afternoon workday. This situation is most likely familiar to most working women. And it is sometimes difficult for students to spend all day in lectures and keep cheerful until the evening, when there is also a romantic date or a party with friends in a cafe. And how to cheer an intelligent woman in these cases? When to go home and sleep there is no possibility, but also sleepily "peck" the nose fraught with trouble? Do not despair, because such a problem exists for a long time, and people have come up with very effective ways to cheer up, so to speak, without interruption from production.

  • To drive away an overwhelming nap, drinka cup of strong coffee. But - attention! Not soluble drink, but freshly brewed. After all, only such coffee will have the necessary tonic effect. An alternative to it can serve as a strong black tea. Or green with the addition of tinctures of ginseng and eleutherococcus. Do not increase tonus with the help of popular among modern youth energy drinks. This is very harmful to health, because the effect of them is short-lived, but the consequences from eating can be treated for many years.
  • To dispel sleep will help and such simple ways,like combing hair, massaging the neck, earlobes and outer sides of the forearms, even a children's warm-up for the hands. These actions are effective for the simple reason that somehow make you move.
  • If possible, walk a few minutesin the fresh air or even just down the hall. On the street or at an open window in the office, take a few deep breaths and exhale - so you will saturate the blood with oxygen and make it run faster through the veins.
  • A great way to cheer up is to eat a couple of bits of bitter chocolate. This well-known remedy for bad mood will help in the fight against sleep.
  • You can listen to fun music if your office does not forbid you to wear headphones. So you will improve your mood, distract and in a few minutes you will regain your former capacity for work.
  • A very good way to drive off a nap iscold water. Do not rush to reject it, referring to makeup. Arrange a contrast shower for your hands, at the end rinse them with cold water. Such a simple procedure, first, will force you to move, and secondly, it will be pleasantly refreshing.
  • If you do not know how to cheer up beforeresponsible negotiations or examination, always carry essential oil. Just not any, but exactly the one that you like. Someone likes the smell of an orange, someone likes to breathe in the scent of lemon, eucalyptus or rosemary. Essential oil has a quick tonic effect and instantly returns vivacity.
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    Vitamins and folk ways of keeping vivacity

    We all know that good health is inmuch the result of proper nutrition. Therefore, so that the feeling of cheerfulness does not leave you for as much of the working day as possible, include in your diet natural products. After all, they provide the human body with the basic nutrients and vitamins. Listen to your body. If you feel apathy and weakness, if you are often visited by depressive moods, this can serve as a hint of a lack of vitamins of group B. Try to eat fresh fish, eggs, cottage cheese, green vegetables, sea cabbage and beans more often. Morning breakfast porridge, such as buckwheat or oatmeal. Take prunes and nuts for work. All these products will help to fill the necessary supply of vitamins. For a modern person living in a metropolis, it is very important to receive vitamin C in sufficient quantities. After all, the state of our immunity, the body's resistance to viral infections and cheerfulness throughout the winter period depend on it. Therefore, eat enough kiwi, oranges, grapefruits and drink tea with lemon flavor. Folk remedies, which our mothers and grandmothers know very well, can also give a worthy answer to the question of how to cheer up and improve their vitality. A very good way for this will be a rose hip tincture. And to make it very simple. To prepare such a useful in all respects and pleasant taste of the drink should take a glass of dried berries and pour it with a liter of boiling water, leaving for the night in a warm place. It is best to use a thermos for this. After the tincture is ready, you can drink it instead of juice, compote and tea, sweetening with honey or sugar. But no matter how you lean on foods with a high content of vitamins, this will not replace a full rest at night. After all, it is in a good sleep that our body needs the most, and on how much its quantity will depend, the morning cheerfulness and daily working capacity depends. You can argue and say that you sleep a lot, for at least eight hours. However, not only the amount of sleep is important - its quality is no less important. There are several tips on how to make your vacation right. For example, you need to sleep in the dark, as this is what contributes to the production of serotonin, responsible for mood and well-being. To the process of falling asleep was short, and the dream itself deep, it is worth going out for the evening walks. Pay attention to the comfort of your bed. A good mattress will no doubt make rest more quality. All of the above activities can restore your lost vivacity. Some of them can do this quickly, but the effect will be short-lived. Others, related to nutrition and sleep, in the long term normalize the metabolic processes of the body and become a source of constant energy supply. However, do not forget about the psychological mood and positive thinking. Therefore, leaving the house on a rainy day, do not complain about the weather, frowning, but smile, rejoicing in the excellent opportunity to boast a stylish branded umbrella. We advise you to read: