how to change yourself and your life There are many tips on how to improveyourself, your life, how to change destiny, after all. But there is not much to be found explaining exactly what you must do to change your life for the better. Even if we are happy enough, something usually worries us anyway: the plight of one of the relatives or friends, a feeling of incomplete personal fulfillment, changes in life that are beyond our control, dissatisfaction with the past, or regret about this or that choice, which We had to do in the present, worry about the possibility of getting sick or even the fear of death. You can enumerate for a long time; everyone has their own reasons for concern, which ultimately make us feel frustrated with ourselves and with our lives. Sometimes we just do not know what to do to find a way out of the difficulty, or we simply start ignoring the problem, thereby simply "preserving" it. And the unresolved problem makes us feel unhappy or unrealized, even if we do not realize the true cause of discontent with ourselves. We want to suggest a way to create your own personal growth plan. By developing this plan, you will consider what exactly your life does not suit you and in what you would like to change yourself. It is possible that you can not bring yourself to carry out the entire plan; most likely, you have to go to one point at a time, because each of them will give you food for thought.

Know yourself

Each of us has two "I": "I", which - as we believe - I am in fact, and "I'm the ideal" that we would like to be. All that we will talk about here is that you can get as close to your ideal as possible, either by changing yourself real, or by reconsidering your ideals, or by trying to change one and the other. And with it your life will change. Evaluate yourself on the issues below, and then start working on specific identified problems that cause you the greatest concern. Here's what you should do when starting work on yourself:

  • First: know yourself. Think about what you have strong and what are the weaknesses. What motivates you? What can be unsettling? Are there any reasons that cause you to change yourself or your life? Why do you behave in certain situations in one way or another? Good introspection is a great way to start a change in the way of personal development. You will understand where you are not fully using your potential, and where you may need to learn to restrain yourself. It is very difficult to change anything until you understand what the problem is. This is the same as going on a trip without taking a map with you and without making a plan for the route. How to find out where you are going and what opens before your eyes, if you do not even have a full picture of the area in which you are? So here: intending to seriously change your life, find out first what you are now and what you see yourself in the future.
  • Second: believe in yourself. The main condition under which you can change anything in yourself is a good self-esteem. If you do not believe in your abilities, do not believe that you can change your life, then this will not happen. Develop self-confidence, otherwise you just will not give yourself the opportunity to succeed, and your life will remain the same.
  • Third: you want change. Believe that you can change something, of course, is extremely important. But not enough. It is equally important to really want it. Personal motivation is vital to provide you with the necessary will, without which you simply do not master the necessary steps for the sake of the intended changes.

how to change yourself and your life yourself

Five Steps to a New Life

After you have purposefully analyzedyour life and your own personality, start actually to work on yourself. How do you move in the direction of the planned changes? You can act as an artist who works with the materials that are at his fingertips. I saw, for example, a potter, a piece of clay, I figured that this would be enough for a good cup, took it, and fashioned it. You, like an artist, can be guided by inspiration, momentary illumination, inspiration. But such work, based on intuition and feelings, has very high risks - its result depends on the skill of the artist, on his talent and the quality of the material he received. He can get a masterpiece, and maybe a completely inauspicious thing that nobody needs. If you compare the work on yourself with the work of the artist, it is better to adopt the methods of work of this master. He is not guided by momentary inspiration and does not create from what was at hand. The real master ponders his future creation, sketches, then carefully selects the materials, and only then he starts to translate the idea into reality. Only in this case, you can be sure that as a result the product will not fly into the trash. The second option, although more mundane and certainly not as romantic as the first way, but it is he who has a much better chance of success. So, start your first steps to your new self:

  • Step one: decide when and what you will change. Sometimes it is necessary to check whether any issues and problems that might have interfered with your new plans remained unresolved. Ask yourself: can something interfere with the fulfillment of the intended? Is the right time for change now? Are you ready for these changes and for the efforts that need to be made to implement them?
  • Step Two: Specify your goals. What are your priorities? What would you like to receive in the end? What do you want to achieve? Formulate specific goals. But just never forget that your goals are not carved on the stone: when you start to change and grow as a person, you can change or even "break" them and build new goals that will become more obvious as you personalize it growth. Under one condition: the goals must lead you forward, and not make you stumble on the spot.
  • Step three: plan, plan, plan! Now you have a list of goals, and to make them achievable, you must plan your actions to change the features of your personality, and at the same time your life. Develop a clear plan. Think about the end result and schedule yourself: "In order ..., I need to do ..." This will help you increase your confidence, and will serve that very card in the way that we have already talked about.
  • Step four: act. Work with your plan, take the necessary actions to change the existing state of things.
  • Step five: do not back down. Do at least a little of what you have planned, but do it regularly. Check with your plans, clarify the importance of priorities, aligning them with plans as you begin to feel that you are growing.

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What can stop you?

You have already begun to work on yourself, even if justYou are reading this article now. You will make a big step, if only analyze yourself, your life, your possible goals. But always, when any changes begin, obstacles begin to appear. Some of them will be eliminated by you yourself, and some of them may get out of your control. In any case, you should not be afraid and give up. Just be prepared for what will not be very easy to change. And if warned, then, as they say, armed. So, what can stop you:

  • Stress. If your life is already too tense, then with the onset of change, stress can only intensify. Therefore, take all measures to remove unnecessary tension. Pay special attention to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Lack of self-confidence. We already spoke about the importance of faith in ourselves. Perhaps this is the very first thing that you have to change in yourself. Do everything necessary to increase self-esteem and begin to see yourself in a new light. Believe that you can change your life. You may have to work a lot; But what you will do for yourself, no one else will do better than you!
  • The next aspect that slows down orstops the process of changes in your life, is the lack of motivation. Without motivation, it is very difficult to overcome the obstacles that you will have to face. Find convincing arguments for yourself why you need to go further. And reward yourself for every achievement, even the smallest.
  • Chaos in life. Are not too many messy events include your days? Do not you set yourself a lot of tasks, clutching at doing one or the other? To get rid of chaos and focus on true priorities, planning will help you.
  • Work on yourself has never been given to anyoneeasily. But the realization that your successful life is built by your own hands inspires and opens up new horizons. So get the same courage and patience, and start making your first steps to your ideal! We advise you to read: