how to care for a hamster There is no such child who would not at least oncesaid: "I want a hamster!" Indeed, watching these animals is a pleasure: small fluffy lumps with buttons-eyes that ridiculously wash the face with miniature paws. In addition, care for hamsters is not difficult: they are completely unpretentious. However, when buying a little animal, one should not forget that this is a living being that requires attention and love. In this article, we'll talk about how to care for a hamster and how to create optimal living conditions for it. To begin with, I would like to remind you that there are several varieties of these animals. Most often in our apartments you can meet Siberian hamsters, Dzhungarikov, hamsters Roborovsky or Cambell. Hamsters are single animals, they feel great without relatives. And if you do not plan to acquire a bunch of small rodents soon, then buying a pair is not necessary. So, you have a little fuzzy at home. Naturally, the question arose - how to properly care for a hamster? Let's try together to understand all the subtleties of the content of this cute rodent. care for hamsters at home

How to choose a cage for a hamster?

First of all, you need to equip a small house for a beast. Unfortunately, many associate it with a three-liter jar or a glass aquarium. However, in such conditions, the pet will not be at all comfortable. It is best to buy a specially equipped cage. Its dimensions should be no less than 50x30 centimeters, and the bars are located horizontally. Make sure that the gap between the bars is not too large, otherwise the animal will easily climb between them. To the appearance of a pet in the family was not accompanied by an unbearable smell, you need to correctly choose a filler for the cell. Paperpaper and cotton wool immediately move aside, because your pet deserves the best bedding, is not it? He will definitely like a granulated or pressed filler, which perfectly absorbs all extraneous smells. You can pour on the floor of the cell filings - hamsters love to bury themselves in such a heap for overnight. Be sure to take care of the water bowl and feeders. The latter must be surely two: for dry and fresh food. The rodent regularly sharpens the teeth, so find in the cage a place for the mineral stone. The animal will determine its own self, you will only need to change the litter in time. Remember, hamsters are very active. Possibly equip the cage with a running wheel. Your pet will definitely like it! Only make sure that it has a solid surface, otherwise the animal can seriously injure the foot. It is desirable to choose a place for a new member of the family immediately and not to rearrange the cage from place to place, hamsters do not differ in love for frequent changes. Of course, the cage with the rodent should be inaccessible for young children, and also as far as possible from drafts. Sooner or later the cage will need a thorough cleaning. In this case, the lodger needs to be transplanted to another place (here, the notorious three-liter bank may be useful). The litter is completely thrown out, and the cage can be washed with soda or a special detergent. This procedure is usually carried out every two weeks, and the feeders, drinking bowl and toilet seat are washed as they get dirty. how to care for hamsters

How to feed a hamster at home?

Watching how a hamster eats is a pleasure! And more and more often, careful owners, trying not to deprive the pet, stretch to him through the bars of the cage then sweet sticks, bread, pieces of sausage or fried potatoes. Zverek gladly accepts offerings, and yet all this is extremely harmful for him. If you care about your pet and want it to be healthy, do not give it anything from your table! Otherwise, the animal can become seriously ill. Feed the hamster at home twice a day: morning and evening. And the evening portion should be more than the day, because the hamster is a nocturnal animal. The main part of the diet is made up of cereal mixtures. Now any pet shop offers a wide choice of feed for rodents, so you can easily find the right one. The amount of food is about two tbsp. Here everything depends on the size of the animal. Track how much grain your eater eats, and try to pour in such a way that a little grain is left in reserve. Fresh food, which can quickly deteriorate, it is better to give a hamster in the morning. It can be various vegetables, fruits or greens. Exceptions are only exotic fruits and citrus fruits. In general, if the owner adheres to the principle - "not sure - do not feed", the hamster will please him with his presence for quite some time.

How to properly care for hamsters in the breeding season?

If you have a couple of cuterodents, replenishment in the family of pets will not keep you waiting. To the offspring did not bring too much trouble, you need to know how to care for a hamster that has just appeared. Below we will talk about this. The first thing you need to do is urgently put the future mother in another cage. In the new house there must be a fresh litter - from it mummy will build a nest for toddlers. Wadding can not be used for these purposes, because the feet of babies are easily entangled in the fibers. This can lead to serious damage or even death of the animal. Often people try to make a nest as soft as possible - they use cloth instead of straw, but this is not the best option. Tissue promotes the reproduction of bacteria, so newborn hamsters can easily catch an infection. As soon as you notice that the babies have a fur coat, and they independently travel in a cage, you can give them fresh greens. At home, hamsters grow quickly - after 1.5-2 months they can be planted in a separate cage. Here we have considered the main points of care for a small rodent at home. As you managed to notice, there is nothing particularly complicated in them. The main thing is to love a pet and create all the conditions for a normal life. Any pet requires attention and care - remember this yourself and accustom your children to it. And if in are not ready to give enough time to the pet, it is better to delay with its purchase, otherwise it will not bring you any joy. We advise you to read: