how the money tree blossoms A miracle in our life there is always a place. And sometimes miracles happen where they least expect. So, for example, suddenly a money tree will blossom and blossom, which is generally considered an ornamental-deciduous domestic pet. And if such a miracle happened, then this is unequivocally to the money. And the money is unexpected and considerable. Although many money tree owners do not even suspect that it can blossom. Other growers for years and even decades groom and cherish in general an unpretentious thick-skinned, and flowers on it and do not see. Therefore, a completely legitimate question arises. Does the money tree blossom in general? Or is it another myth? And if it blooms, how? And if not, why? We will dispel your doubts! Money tree blooms! True, it is rare. But there are tricks that will help to achieve its flowering. In general, let's try together to figure out the mystery of the blossom of a money tree.

Flowering of the money tree

In fact, flowering is a natural process forfat women. However, like many succulents, it refers to rarely flowering plants. And the reason is as follows. In his homeland, in the tropics of South Africa, there are no such short days as in our climatic zones. Therefore, all succulents grow well and bloom only if there is an abundance of sunlight throughout the year. At us in the autumn and in the winter days are short, and the weather most often stands cloudy. The sunlight that the plant receives in the warm season is not enough for its flowering. And yet, the money tree blossoms and in the room conditions. Of course, enchanting blooms of fatty women can not be called. Very rarely it happens that the flowers shower the entire crown. Most often on a flowering money tree you can observe single inflorescences. But if the flowering is abundant, the entire crown is shrouded in translucent haze. After all, the flowers of the money tree are very tender, small and collected in fluffy inflorescences. Usually the flowers have a light color - from pure white to yellow-cream. There are also specimens with white-green and white-pink flowers. But there are very few species with flowers of blue or red color, although there are some. Inflorescences of fatty women are in the form of panicles, umbrellas and brushes. There are a lot of flowers in each inflorescence, but they are so small that the inflorescence is taken for the flower. Much less common are species with solitary axillary flowers. Flores themselves have the shape of a bell with five pointed and bent back petals and five stamens. Blossoming fatigue exudes a wonderful sweetish flavor, and the taste of flowers is sweet. However, you do not need to take a sample, because such a tasting is fraught with poisoning contained in the colors of arsenic. money tree bloom

Flowering on feng shui

No, no, make the money tree bloom,observing the rules of feng shui, it is impossible. However, there is a direct link between the blooming peasant woman and this ancient teaching. The money tree, according to the rules of Feng Shui, is a very powerful talisman of wealth. And to activate the zone responsible for financial well-being, it is possible with the help of this talisman. The very presence of a money tree in the house promises you an increase in income, and if it blossoms ... If the money tree suddenly blossomed, then it means that you can count on quick, tangible and most importantly unplanned money. Because, according to the teachings of feng shui, the flower of the money tree has a special magical power. In fact, there is a more or less rational explanation for this. Any plant in the flowering period has a powerful energy, as it is at the apogee of its vital forces. And if the money tree itself is able to influence financial well-being, then a blossoming fat woman can do miracles in general. They say that if you make a wish during the flowering of the money tree, it will certainly come true. However, this also has an explanation. The thought is material! And a thought multiplied by faith materializes with redoubled force and speed. It was not invented by us, and it is not for us to give an explanation to this phenomenon. And if you want to at least temporarily multiply the power of your green money mascot, then try to help it blossom. whether the money tree is flowering

Flowering conditions

Tolstyanka is considered unpretentious andundemanding to care for a house plant. Therefore, caring for her often comes down to timely irrigation, periodic feeding and transplantation as she grows. With such minimal care, it is very difficult to achieve a flowering of the money tree in the room conditions. However, some flower growers succeed. Therefore, one should heed the advice of these successful experimenters. And here are the secrets they are graciously sharing with us.

  • If you transplant the money tree in the early spring,then you can significantly increase the chances of the appearance of flowers. This measure is associated with the coincidence of transplantation with the beginning of the vegetative period - the time of active growth.
  • Flowering is more likely if in the warm season(from early spring to late autumn) to bear fatigue to fresh air. You can put the plant on the balcony or on the veranda or even temporarily move it to the garden.
  • In winter it is desirable to keep the money tree in a sufficiently cool room, where the temperature is kept in the range of ten to fifteen degrees of heat.
  • At any time of the year, it is recommended to provide as thick as possible, but diffuse lighting. In winter, the tree can also be illuminated with a daylight lamp.

These are small tricks that, perhaps,will help the money tree blossom. However, having set a goal to achieve the flowering of a fatty woman, you must make certain efforts and provide the plant with caring care. Watering the money tree is necessary as the earth coma dries up, in no case watering the soil. In order not to stagnate water in the pot, it is necessary to lay drainage on its bottom, and after watering it is necessary to wipe dry the bottom of the pot and the pan. In summer and spring, the plant is watered abundantly once or twice a day, and in winter, irrigation is reduced to a minimum. It is desirable to fertilize with special fertilizers for succulents approximately once a week and only during the growing season. Winter and autumn feeding should be discontinued. The fat girl grows fast enough, so she needs periodic transplants. Transplant the plant as it grows, changing the pot to a larger one. The transplantation is carried out by the method of transplanting the plant, completely preserving the earth clod and not disturbing the roots. At the bottom of the pot must lay a drainage layer of expanded clay, and the space between the old earthen coma and the walls of the pot is covered with a mixture of garden soil with sand. Instead of this soil mixture, you can use a special primer for succulents. All these recommendations, of course, will contribute to the flowering of the money tree. But, unfortunately, all your efforts can be ineffectual. And still you need to hope for a miracle. Perhaps your money tree pokapriznachaet-pokapriznichaet, and will decide to bloom. Good luck!