how to return her husband home Here it happens - live to yourself husband and wife, live, andthey all seem to be in order. He does not walk on other people's beds (in any case, no one has been seen in fornication), she is a pleasant woman in all respects. And then suddenly - bang, the husband took and left the family. Yesterday I was still lying on the divan of the side, so cozy and familiar, but today I took it and went home, leaving it goodbye: "Enough, tired, I'm leaving." The apartment was empty, sad at heart. And in my head only one thought - how to return her husband home? Deliver him an ultimatum, throw a tantrum, try to pity? What is the best way to do this?

What to do is not necessary if the husband left home

I must say that husbands in our time have becometoo wayward. This is before they run on the volyushke, they will chaff, and again return to their native penates. And now he vzbryknul, disappeared, and remember how called. Sometimes I will not even ask about the fate of the one with whom I promised to be close in sorrow and in joy. No, it happens that a woman is even happy about this fact and is not going to do anything at all, in order to return her husband home. Relationships in families develop in different ways. If from day to day scandals, ugly scenes and even assault, only lightly sigh, when the hated already faithful will go home. Well, and if not? If, despite sometimes serious quarrels and quarrels, a woman and thoughts did not admit of a break with her husband, and he happened? Then for her it is a misfortune, which simply does not have the strength to be recognized as irreparable. Actually, in many cases it is not. Husbands leave us for various reasons. Someone slams the door after an avalanche of mutual insults, someone collects things because "I realized that I want to live alone" or even "I fell in love with another woman," someone wants to prove their independence. Anyway, the chance of a husband's return to the family roof is always there. But you just need to use it sensibly. Otherwise, it's possible to exist separately, a strong half can be lost forever. How is it better for the wife who wants to return her husband to the family? First of all, you should calm down. In a frenzy or not understanding anything from the internal pain you can do such things - do not mum the mother! If you understand this, no end of the world has happened yet. The faithful is still alive, marked in the passport as a legitimate spouse, which means that we have the right to communicate with him. No, no, you do not need to swing your passport when you meet and force a man to make out! Or call a hundred times a day, begging for forgiveness and trying to pity. He wanted to spit on the passport in the passport - it could be easily removed if the wife behaved too aggressively. Pleas for forgiveness are not suitable for the reason that forgive something, forgive, but then you'll have to apologize for everything one hundred times a month. And the pressure on pity is not due to the fact that instead of sympathy, you can cause contempt and disdain. It is not necessary and to run around girl-friends in search of support and help. First, each person has his own view of such a problem and his own methods of solving it. And what suits one, often hurts another. Secondly, it may happen that one of them will take advantage of the situation and start hunting for a stranger. Yes, and he will tell him with three boxes of all sorts of nasty things about his wife left alone. Well, and thirdly, in our hearts we are able to tell about the faithful about what outsiders do not need to know. And how to be with this then, when the family reunites? So it's better to stay alone for a while and try to figure out why the spouse left. And then draw up a plan of action. It will depend on the reason for what happened, if it is clear, and on the situation before leaving, and on the nature of the husband. Therefore, of course, for each case the plan is individual. However, there are some general rules. return her husband home

Rules that help to return her husband home

So, the husband does not come home forseveral days. At first it was believed that he would return in a couple of hours. The family is not a pound of raisins! However, this did not happen in a couple of hours, neither in a day, nor in two. And we know that he is in order - did not go into drinking, did not get into the hospital, did not disappear without a trace. Rage and resentment is replaced by bewilderment, fear and repentance. It is clear that the spouse does not want to return. But you can not allow this! What is the best way to proceed? To begin with, you need to try to look at the relationship in marriage from the side, trying not to blame anything for yourself or his. That is, as if from the position of an outsider. It is advisable for this to turn to a good psychologist - it is difficult to be impartial in such a situation. We need to understand whether the regularity of what happened, or the spontaneity caused by a surge of emotions? Perhaps, marriage has long began to crack at the seams, and we refused to admit it to ourselves? It's sad, but this happens in many families. Well, everyone lived by himself, and no one even tried to change anything. If so, then everything is natural. Parting sooner or later should have happened, as a natural stage of relations. A husband and wife need to understand how much they need each other. In this case, nothing remains, just wait, maintaining a good relationship with the faithful. Of course, he must know that his half misses and waits. Otherwise, it can decide what is not needed for her, and not return, even if he is in separation to go crazy. It is likely that there was nothing like this, and the couple lived in a single spiritual space. They jointly discussed family problems, argued, quarreled, reproached one another with something ... It's a common thing. Absolute harmony in the relationship does not happen. Usually something ordinary, but the man used to be angry, he could keep silent or shout, but he did not leave. And now he left with the things. It turns out that the temperature of the heat of emotions has gone off scale. Who is to blame for this, at the moment is not important. It is important to keep the spouse from rash actions. In this state, he is able to file for divorce, and to the lady to dive somehow, to let the steam out and take the most half of them. Then try to put everything back into place. Hence, the husband must be found, caressed, apologized. Let at first and poofiruet, and poured more, even if he is a man. But it will start to calm down and will not commit foolhardy actions. return the husband In any case, in order to forcebeliever want to return home, first with him you need to talk. Calmly, benevolently, frankly. If the spouse is too offended or furious, he might not go to such a conversation. Do not insist. It will be more expedient to wait a little, and then try again. The main thing is that a man has the ability to at least listen, without answering. It is important for a woman to find words that will help to reach his heart. Suppose this is only a monologue. But her husband will remember, in time everything will comprehend, draw conclusions and, most likely, will return to the family. Well, if not ... Well, you have to put up and start a new life. We advise you to read: