facial treatment For thousands of years people have been actively usinghoney for cosmetic purposes. It moisturizes the skin, provides it with nutrition, makes it more elastic and velvety, while retaining youth. How does honey promote women's beauty and health? And how to use it correctly?

For the face - mask with honey components

Honey and propolis are the most valuable products thatwidely used in cosmetology. They nourish, soften, moisturize and tone the skin. The honey extract in the face mask smoothes the skin and restores its microrelief. Honey components provide intensive care, optimal hydration and promote the regeneration of skin cells. It is recommended to use this mask no more often than twice a week. As a result, the skin becomes softer, more elastic, and the face looks younger.

For lips - honey scrub

Sugared honey is ideal for gentleskin scrubbing of the lips. The skin of the lips - the thinnest skin of our body - is devoid of a layer of subcutaneous fat. It does not have natural protection against such stress factors as sudden temperature changes, wind and snow, frost. Because of this in the cold season, the lips often begin to dry and peel off. In this case, care should be adjusted, paying more attention to nutrition and hydration. But before that, you need to remove particles of keratinized skin, and sugar-coated honey can do just fine, because the scrub will be both effective and gentle.

For hands - cream with beeswax

In winter, the skin of the hands is particularly affected by exposurebad weather, so first of all it needs protection and restoration. Beeswax is a natural ingredient with softening, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties. It not only helps to strengthen the protective barrier of the skin, but also gives it elasticity and returns softness. That's why the cold cream is perfect for a hand cream containing beeswax, which helps the skin to resist external influences and cope with their consequences. nivea

For the body - honey conditioner

Still Cleopatra used honey-milk bathsfor the preservation of youth and elasticity of the skin. Today, this procedure is difficult to organize at home, but there is another, no less effective way to please the skin of the body with the useful properties of honey - a washable conditioner "Honey pleasure" from NIVEA. It is a quick and convenient way to moisturize and nourish the skin for 24 hours. The product is applied to clean, damp skin directly in the shower. Then you need to wash it off with water, after which you can immediately wipe off and get dressed. After that, do not apply moisturizer for the body and wait until it absorbs - the skin is already moistened.