hairstyles for short hair There is an opinion that onlylong hair. Hundreds of beauties are sure that with a short haircut they will lose their beauty, and about solemn hairstyles will have to be forgotten. I want to say that this point of view is not just wrong, it is fundamentally wrong. It is possible to look beautiful and stunning with any length of hair. The most important thing is their freshness and grooming. And about the hairstyle for the celebration there is no point in worrying. It is about solemn hairstyles for a short length today and will be discussed. So, holiday hairstyles for short hair. hairstyles with decorations

For lovers of curls and curls

Who said that short hair can not be curled? They are not only possible to curl, but also make it an image truly unique. For this, even the shortest type of square will suffice. About laying a very short haircut ("under the boy") will be told a little later. Festive styling with curls This hairstyle will require a length to the chin and below. The main tool is a curling iron. Be sure to protect your hair with a spray for thermal protection. To fix the hair, you need mousse and hairspray medium or strong fixation. Without them, the curls quickly "fall off." First, you need to divide the hair conditionally into several zones: whiskey, neck and strands in the face. At this time curling hair curler is heated to a temperature of about 100-120 degrees. Such heating will be enough, and it hurts the hair much less. Each strand is processed first by thermal protection. Mousse for hair should already be applied before drying with a hair dryer. The hair is screwed inwards and held on the curling iron for no more than 30 seconds. After that, each strand should be sprinkled with varnish. Now you can start to form the most hairstyle. To do this, you need to make an asymmetric parting on the comfortable side. So, on one side of the head of hair turns out more. The smaller part of the hair gathers into the hand and turns once to the face, and then is pinned by the invisible in the zone that is just above the temple. The part with a lot of curls remains untouched. Thus, it turns out an asymmetrical hairstyle in the Hollywood style. This is a fairly bright and bold version of the styling. You can supplement it if you put a very large hanging earring in one ear (what is open), and insert a small stud earring into the other ear. Simple festive styling with curls And this option will appeal to those who prefer light, playful, but at the same time very exquisite hairstyles. This time, the hair will be wound on the iron for straightening the hair. Do not be surprised, because a real woman is able to wind curls on anything you like. To create this laying, you need to start with a washed and dried head. Mousse is not worth using. It's better to wash it after about 2-3 hours. So the hair will stop "crumbling" and will be more malleable. The entire amount of hair needs to be divided into approximately 10-12 strands. Each strand is treated with thermal protection to prevent loss of moisture and cross-section of tips. Then the next string is twisted into a kind of "flagellum" and processed by ironing. The instrument is applied for 10 seconds to each section of the flagellum. After performing the heating, you need to allow time for the strands to cool. An important rule: no combs when creating curls and waves! Separation and styling of hair should be done solely by hand. A similar action occurs when the hair is wrapped around the iron. The head tilts down, and the hands neatly share the hair. After that, you need to "crumple" a little and to slightly ruffle your head. The final touch is the lacquer fixation. The hairstyle with unusual curls and dizzying volume is ready. It does not require any stinging. All the restraining function in this case takes on the hairspray. simple hairstyles for short hair

For those who prefer straight hair

Without a doubt, holiday hairstyles for shorthair can look very successful and with smooth strands. This necessarily emphasizes the courage and style of women. Festive laying on straight hair For this hairstyle you need to properly straighten your hair. This is necessary even if by nature they are in themselves smooth. The washed hair is dried with a hair dryer, and then "pulled out" with a round comb with a very large diameter. This will not only smooth them out, but will also give more shine. In addition, the strands will become more elastic, elastic and well-groomed. After blow-drying, the hair needs to be slightly ironed for straightening. In this situation, it is worth paying attention not to every strand, but to the whole hairstyle as a whole. Now you need to make a significant strand of front strands that are centered when the hair is combed back. Then a kind of cook is formed, which must necessarily be stabbed by invisibles. The remaining strands should frame the face. It turns out a hairstyle in the style of disco. It is well suited for informal celebrations. Simple festive laying on straight hair But for a more formal setting, the following styling is suitable. To create it, you need a hair wax. Pre-washed and stylized hair is combed back using a large massage brush. This is done so that the hair does not have furrows. Further on hand a moderate amount of wax is taken, which is applied over the entire length. All hair should be combed back. The main thing is not to overdo it with packing materials, otherwise the head will look fat. The hairdress ends with a lacquer fixation. If desired, you can add a nice bezel with a brooch.

What if the haircut "under the boy"?

Of course, with a length of less than 10 cm is not particularly imaginative. But here there are a couple of solutions that will help transform for the celebration:

  • looks good on hair of similar length, the effect of "wet" hair. On sale there are special means that will help to achieve it;
  • to wind hair with a curved iron does not work, but here's a "light" wave is quite realistic. To do this, you need a special nozzle for the hair dryer, which is called the diffuser;
  • will change and various accessories will help. Ribbons, ribbons, small wreaths of living or textile flowers, hair brooches, mini-hats, veils - all this indicates a stylish and festive hairstyle. In addition, such feminine details look very good on short hair. Success is achieved through contrasts between adolescent and feminine style;
  • well, if in a very short haircut there is some asymmetric part. For example, a long strand in the face. This greatly increases the possibilities for fantasy.

Summarizing all the above, I want to note,that you can look good regardless of the length of the hair. Create a beautiful and spectacular festive styling can be even with a short haircut. The most important thing is sensible advice and great confidence in one's own irresistibility. And this is not all that concerns holiday hairstyles for short hair.