hippie style Style hippies half a century ago made a reala revolution in the fashion world. Today, few people are not familiar with the similar course of culture that began in the mid-60s of the last century in the west and quickly spread around the world. And although not much time has passed since then, during the years of its existence it has undergone many changes, but it has not lost its relevance. Bright clothes with a bared silhouette - a long hippie-style skirt, trousers, tunics and blouses of iridescent hues that create a sense of airiness, are still popular among fans of this style. The style of hippies in clothes is, perhaps, one of the most colorful and at the same time strange styles in the modern world. It harmoniously combines fantastically bright shades, motley floral patterns and a huge number of all kinds of accessories. For the hippie of the last generation, there were no rules, moral principles and tendencies, only a desire for joy, fun and comfort. Unlike them, for modern admirers of this fashion direction it is very important to follow all fashion trends. This style is popular for more than one season, now it is actively used by many modern fashion designers. And their choice is not accidental: the fashion for clothes in this style not only does not fade, but on the contrary, with each passing year it acquires an ever wider scope. The reasons for this high popularity of this style are several. The main one is simplicity and convenience. In addition, such clothes do not have age limits and do not require a certain social status from their owner. Fashion couturiers every season include in their collections elements of this style. Today we can say with certainty that the hippy style is experiencing its rebirth. Incredibly popular in the sixties of the last century, this style has now somewhat expanded its boundaries, gaining a new name - hippie chic.

Create your own unique style in clothes

hippy style To look this autumn and the coming winter likehippies, it is not necessary to dress up from head to toe in old-fashioned outfits of "children of flowers". It's enough for modern women of fashion to combine free clothes of bright floral colors with some characteristic details. Accessories have always been of great importance in the style of hippies. All sorts of talismans and amulets made of wood, bier of beads and thread, leather braided bracelets, wide-brimmed hats, hoops and bright painted kerchiefs - all this was not just a bright addition to clothes, but also an excellent means of self-expression. However, the most important accessory of the hippy youth of that time was the ribbon on the head, which was decorated with long flowing hair. As for the scarf, it does not have to be tied to the neck or head. This stylish accessory can also be "attached" to the waist, handbag or wrist. long hippie-style skirt As the basic things for creating a fashionable image you can use:

  • long colorful sarafans;
  • maxi skirts and dresses with high waist;
  • handmade sweaters;
  • colorful tunics with embroidery;
  • loose shirts;
  • the most common jeans are of deep shade;
  • flared jeans;
  • trousers in a narrow strip;
  • clothes with patches;
  • Fur vests.

To create a unique image you will be helped by clothes inethnic style - it is always original and fashionable. In addition, it allows you to look fashionable and stylish in almost any situation, with the exception of official and business receptions. When choosing a wardrobe, give preference to knitted and knitwear, fur and jeans fabrics. Having in your arsenal a couple of original fashion items, you will stand out against the background of the general crowd and draw attention to your person. To create a fashionable image, sometimes it is enough just to supplement simple jeans and a regular jersey with hippy accessories.

Neo-hippie - a new hippy style in the modern fashion world

fashionable hippie style Neo-hippie style - a combination of traditional style withhigh podium ideals - now unusually popular. Clothing in this style is ideal for all occasions. It can be worn as in everyday life: at work, on a visit, during shopping and city walks, and used as an evening outfit. For today's hippies in clothes, naturalness and closeness to nature are still important. Therefore, when choosing materials for such outfits, designers are increasingly giving preference to so-called eco-fabrics, that is, those that do not contain artificial fibers. This denim, cotton, linen, leather, suede and even fur. In the new designer collections, you can find many romantic dresses made of flowing and flying fabrics. In the majority it is bright elements of clothes with a touch of careless chic - simplicity and naturalness in the primordial image. No fashionista can resist such an exquisite outfit. However, before you try on a fashion thing, you should think carefully about what you are going to wear it for. After all, the style of hippies in clothes can not be combined with all the things of the women's wardrobe. In order not to be in an absurd situation, the stylists advise not to combine it with elegant things and business style clothing. But with kazhual, country and romantic style, such clothes are very well in harmony.

Why wear such clothes: choose shoes and accessories

hippie style autumn-winter Style hippies both in the usual and in the"Ennobled" form does not do without hippy characters and accessories. It can be as a favorite of young fashionistas, beaded baubles and other accessories already mentioned, as well as scarves and stoles, sunglasses a la John Lennon and, of course, a large bag over his shoulder. It can be made from patches in the style of a shake or from a straw. Shoes can be almost any, whether it's rough-heeled sandals, gladiators with straps to the knees, sandals on flat soles or more feminine models on heels. The main thing is that they necessarily have a careless, slightly slovenly appearance. As decorations for clothes and shoes, and for bags used a variety of decor. The most relevant fringe, crocheted ropes, suede laces, decorated with beads straps and coarse, with hanging down long fringe straps. Creating an image of a hippie, do not forget about such an obligatory attribute, like a hair band, which is designed to pacify the loose hair. Using all sorts of accessories, as well as light natural make-up and a hair style that matches this style will make your image recognizable and complete. We advise you to read: