early pregnancy Unfortunately, future mothers do not have many reasons foronly for joy, but also for excitement - still, because they are now the guardians of another small and such a life of their own. And one of the reasons for anxiety may be the allocation of early pregnancy. Most often these discharges are completely harmless, but sometimes still serve as a signal of danger. Therefore, a pregnant woman should carefully treat her body and note the slightest changes. And we'll tell you about what you can expect from certain selections. Of course, it is only the gynecologist who can diagnose the cause, but with some knowledge, you can at least assume that it is happening to you and it's time to seek help. discharge during early pregnancy

Ordinary vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is common to all women withoutexcept at birth. Before puberty, they are almost invisible, and then become much more abundant. One woman has more, the other has less. During pregnancy, the nature and amount of secretions also often change, which can not but excite women. Allocations can be very different:

  • Increase in the number of excretions

If you notice that the gasket has to be changedmuch more often, pay attention to the selection - if they have not changed their color and smell, do not worry - this is a normal process associated with several factors. First, in the body of a woman there is a hormonal reconstruction. Secondly, nature cares about the protection of the baby - abundant secretions prevent the entry into the uterus of pathogenic microflora.

  • Curd selection

If the allocation is similar in consistencecottage cheese, white in color and have a sour smell, most likely you are faced with such a disease as thrush. In addition to excretions, a woman complains of irritation of the genitals, itching and burning. Thrush during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon. This is explained simply - during pregnancy there is a significant weakening of the immune system. Therefore it is not necessary to be frightened - through it passes more than half of all future mothers. However, and leave thrush without attention in any case it is impossible - it must be treated. Otherwise, the disease will appear again and again. And this is quite fraught - not only will you experience discomfort, so even during childbirth there can be serious problems. Firstly, most likely during the birth you infect the crumbs. Secondly, there is a high likelihood of rupture, because due to thrush the perineal tissues become more vulnerable. To date, there are quite a few drugs that successfully heal thrush in the shortest time and absolutely without harming the health and development of your baby. Of course, all drugs should be selected only by your gynecologist. Otherwise, you run the risk of encountering unwanted side effects.

  • Discharges with an unpleasant odor and unusual color

If there was a highlight of an unusual color,for example, too yellow or with an unpleasant smell, it is worthwhile to worry - unfortunately, if you are having sex, there is always a chance of sexually transmitted diseases. Yes, and about inflammatory processes can not be forgotten in any case - very many believe that future mothers are not affected. But in fact, this is not so - it is during the first trimester of pregnancy that the greatest number of all possible inflammatory processes of the sexual sphere occur. Ignore the inflammation in no case it is impossible - it is very difficult to predict what the consequences of the disease will turn in your case. Many refuse the proposed treatment - they say, the child is harmed by drugs. But the sick body of the mother will hurt him much more. A competent doctor will choose a course of treatment that does not harm the child's body.

  • Mucous discharge

Some future mothers notice vaginaldischarge, reminiscent of mucus, most often yellowish or pink. And sometimes there are so many of them that the future mother starts to panic - but is everything alright? Most likely, the blame for this change is nothing else than hormonal changes in the body. But needless to say, the most reasonable in this situation will be to warn your attending physician - let him make sure that you have not encountered any infection, which is especially likely if the discharge is yellow. white discharge during early pregnancy

Bloody issues

Bloody discharge in the early stagespregnancy scare the future mother most - and it is understandable - it is unlikely that the blood will appear just for no reason. But do not panic - not always these reasons are so dangerous for the normal course of pregnancy. Although you should not ignore in any case - you can skip a serious pathology. Most often, bloody discharge appears in the following cases:

  • Introduction of the fetal egg

After fertilization of the egg, she begins herpath through the uterine tubes into the uterine cavity. After the goal has been achieved, the embryo will begin to be implanted into the uterine mucosa. And this very process is accompanied by a slight bleeding. Strictly speaking, it's difficult to name it and bleeding - allocation is very scarce, sacred. As a rule, after two or three days they disappear on their own. Incidentally, it is these bleeding that women often take for menstruation and are very surprised afterwards of their pregnancy. Therefore, if you notice that the menstrual periods were suspiciously scarce, be sure to make sure that this is really menstruation, if you do not want surprises.

  • Threat of abortion

A fairly common reason for the appearanceblood in the early stages of pregnancy is a threat of its interruption. It sounds unpleasant, but in fact in most cases, timely treatment for help allows a woman to stay pregnant and become a happy mother. Such a bleeding begins uninvolved - light spotting. In addition, the expectant mother may complain of pain in the lower abdomen and lower back. At the first symptoms, a woman should lie down and call an ambulance brigade. Almost always doctors in such situations offer hospitalization - in any case, do not refuse!

  • Miscarriage

If the bleeding becomes very abundant, andpain strong, moreover, cramping, most likely a pregnant woman faced with such a misfortune as a miscarriage or spontaneous termination of pregnancy. However, in this case, panic can not be allowed in any case - modern medicine allows you to save pregnancy even when a miscarriage is already under way. So immediately lie down, call the ambulance, and then to family and friends, if you are alone at home. Describe the dispatcher all the symptoms so that he can assess the severity of the situation and name the exact home address, this will ensure a faster arrival of doctors. Independently to go to the hospital in no case it is impossible - in the event that on the road you will be severely bleeding, your life will be in jeopardy.

  • Ectopic pregnancy

Another dangerous condition that canTo provoke bleeding is an ectopic pregnancy. It develops if the embryo is implanted not into the uterus, but into its neck, abdominal cavity, or, most often, into the uterine tube. Ends, alas, such a pregnancy is always the same - its interruption, because no body, except the uterus, is not capable of not providing the baby with food and oxygen, and even stretching out to the size necessary for the baby. And that's when the size of the embryo becomes critical, bleeding occurs - at first it's just a daub, but then more abundant. If a woman is not immediately provided with medical care, the pipe will burst and a very serious threat to life will appear. Therefore, when bleeding occurs, the doctor should first of all eliminate the ectopic pregnancy. In our time, it is easy to do - it is enough to conduct an ultrasound study, which will determine where the embryo is located. If the ectopic pregnancy is confirmed, the doctors will immediately help the woman - remove the fetus. And the sooner this is done, the better. The chances of saving the fallopian tube are decreasing every day, so do not delay the visit to the doctor. Do you want to become a happy mother in the future?

  • Frozen pregnancy

Another sad reason that canTo provoke a bleeding is a frozen pregnancy, during which the fruit ceases to develop and perishes. It is difficult to say unequivocally why this happens - most often doctors can not establish the cause, but the fact remains - this is the case. And one of the first signs is just a bleeding - most often uninvolved, saccharitable. Medical assistance should be provided to a woman as soon as possible - the doctor will clean the uterus cavity from the fetus and fetal membranes, after which the woman will be prescribed antibiotics that prevent the development of the inflammatory process, as well as drugs that help reduce the uterus. If this is not done, the development of such a formidable complication as sepsis is likely. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons provoking the discharge during early pregnancy, and most of them are quite serious. Therefore, the only correct decision a woman can make is an immediate appointment to a doctor. Of course, preliminarily evaluate your condition, because pregnant women have a peculiarity in forcing the situation - do not wake your doctor late at night just because you thought that the daily gasket is too wet. It can well wait until the morning - doctors are also people and sleep at night. But if you have a strong stomach or loinache, dizziness, general weakness, spotting, no matter what - abundant or not - immediately call an ambulance, because delay can be expensive. And most importantly - take care of yourself, because you depend on the health and life of your crumbs!