high hairstyles for hair Such laying can easily be done for smooth orcurly hair, they shake a variety of shapes, look good in all situations. High hairstyles will suit for work, everyday life, evening reception. Usually they combine soft curls, gathered upward, and straight, straight lines that give the look a special charm. Hair of medium length is characterized by undeniable advantages over short and long, it is much easier to work at home, any hair will look beautiful, it will not decay at the most crucial moment. Such styling is done quickly, usually it takes only 15-20 minutes and the simplest cosmetics that are easy to buy at any store. To create such a small masterpiece it is necessary to have at hand:

  • comfortable combs or brushes,
  • A special separator (a comb with a sharp tip is also suitable),
  • pieces of six invisible,
  • a few hairpins (long or short),
  • mousse for styling,
  • Lacquer for fixing the final shape.

features of high hairstyle

For and against high hairstyles

High hairstyles do not always look appropriate, althoughand are attractive. It's about the fact that for young ladies pretentious and complex laying just does not fit, they make them older. But this is the only "but" against a high hairstyle. Nowadays it is recommended to abandon the pretentious laying in favor of smoother and more rigorous ones. Such masterpieces are suitable for young girls and ladies at a more mature age. But attention should be paid to such factors as:

  • height and shape of the face;
  • at what time the styling will be worn. For work it is better to prefer more strict and smooth, not so high, but for rest you can do more voluminous haircuts, decorated with various hairpins.

How to make such a hairstyle yourself, howcorrectly choose it in accordance with the shape of the person, if necessary, disguise some of the shortcomings? Using simple and accessible tips, you can create your own hands with a variety of, but very attractive styling. trendy high hairstyles

How to make a high hairstyle at home?

Average length of hair leaves rather widespace for activities, even more than for long or short. With such hair it is easier to work, for a medium length, three-dimensional, high, wavy and curly stylings, classic and modern extravagant hairstyles perfectly suit. The main thing is that they fit the type of person, the general style, the environment. We offer professional advice on how you can make similar stylings with your own hands at home:

  • First, wash your head thoroughly, usenot only shampoo, but also conditioners, balms, special tools that facilitate laying. Today, there are a variety of cosmetic mixtures available on the market that make this process easy and easy.
  • Blot the hair with a towel, dry it with a hair dryer, comb it so that the strands do not get tangled. Over the entire length of the hair, you must apply a modeling mousse, which will help to give exactly the shape that is needed.
  • Divide the hair into separate rather large strands. Comb each of them, with the help of a curling rod or special forceps, shape.
  • For laying, you can use a hair dryer with roundnozzles, brushes and other devices. Curls should be combed after waving, then tilt your head down, ruffle your hair with your hands. Return your head to its natural position, straighten the curls, if necessary, give your hands and brush a precise shape.
  • If it is required, then it is necessary to make a parting, after that the hairdress is fixed with varnish.
  • This is the easiest version of a high hairstyle ready. Even higher hair can be picked up, using hairpins, combs, special hair clips. In this case, you can select individual strands, raise or smoothly comb them. Hair can be combed up, collected in a very high or lower knot. To do this, many methods are used, available at home. Nachesy and babetska on medium length hair Nachesy is the simplest and most effective method that allows you to make a beautiful and stable hairstyle for medium length hair. Strands immediately become more dense, and styling - three-dimensional. We propose the order of actions for executing naches:

    • the head should be thoroughly washed;
    • Strands are combed and dried by a hair dryer;
    • hair is divided into two zones: parietal and occipital. You can do this with a flat comb using a second mirror, if by using the usual one you work inconveniently;
    • hefts are made first on the bottom of the strands, only then on the top;
    • the hairstyle is modeled, the surface of the hair is carefully smoothed, while you should try not to change the shape;
    • now the curls of the temporal zone are combed towards the back of the head, fixed by several invisible ones (you can use even brighter hairpins);
    • strands of anterior parietal and occipital parts neatly laid back.

    The hairstyle is fixed with a varnish. If the hairstyle is evening, then you can use the means with gloss, varnishes with a toning effect. Babette is the leading method of styling for medium hair. High styling often represents just such a hairstyle that looks equally well in a strict office or on a chic evening or celebration. The method consists either in the use of special hairpieces and rollers, or in its simple version without additional means. The procedure is as follows:

    • hair is first combed, parting is performed;
    • in the parietal part, high hairiness is made (as much as possible), after which the strands gather in the tail (low, high - it must correspond to the planned position of the future hairstyle;
    • On the vertex, the hair is separated by a flat comb, after which a roller is fixed under the tail, fixed by invisible ones. After that, it is necessary to hide it with hair, wrap it in the basis of the future hairstyle;
    • in the end, the hair is smoothed very carefully, the hair is fixed with lacquer. If necessary, for evening styling, it is possible to supplement with a beautiful hoop, hair clip, flower or diadem.

    How to choose a hairstyle for yourself?

    High hairstyles for medium hair fitnot all, it is very important to choose exactly the kind of laying that suits the type of person, the general style, the situation. Often it is the hairstyle that has a strong influence on the attitude of the world, the attitude of others towards you. But the chosen style should be like you. So, how to choose a hairstyle? For people with the right facial features, any types of haircuts are suitable, but if the growth exceeds 170 cm, then it is better not to make high hair styles, as they visually increase it. But also to comb hair back too does not follow, as the volume of a head will seem small and disproportionate. High stackings are suitable for those with small stature, but too high and voluminous to do them is not recommended to maintain the correct proportions. For high it is best to make the length of the hair approximately to the earlobe, then the bulk will be concentrated near the temporal part. This is the optimal and proven option. For young girls, experts choose curly or wavy laying, you can make hairstyles with a high beam and a knot. This will accentuate the neck, make it very attractive and slender. If your neck is not too long, then this method is appropriate, or it can be masked with beautifully lying strands. For low and full, the quads are best suited, both simple and elongated, but smooth, combed hair is absolutely unsuitable. They will only make the visually even more complete. With a short neck, it is better to make hairstyles, to concentrate the curls at the top, short and voluminous haircuts at the neck level do not fit. Overly prominent chin neutralizes thick bangs, curls better to fill the ears. Volumetric and wavy bangs can hide forehead flaws. When the ears are too protruding, the high packing that closes them is suitable. With large features of the face it is better to use smooth transitions, and with miniature features of the face - small curls that impart grace. When choosing the laying on medium hair, you must remember that you should do this in accordance with facial features, and then pay attention to other details. This will make it possible to hide shortcomings and emphasize the dignity, always look very stylish and attractive, appropriate in any situation. Even the most solemn hairstyle can be done independently, using the simplest and very easy techniques and using the advice of the best masters. If you can not determine what is right for you, contact a professional stylist who will choose the right, individual style for you.