a sandwich with herring oil Snacks, sandwiches, canapés, as we all dolove on the festive table! One of the most favorite snacks among the Russian people is undoubtedly sandwiches with herring oil. The recipe is quite simple, especially if you have all the ingredients at hand. However, there are still some subtleties. So how correctly to make the herring oil? How to make a favorite snack at home? Here are some simple and useful tips for cooking it at home. a sandwich with butter and pickles

Herring with carrots

The recipe is unusually simple. For this dish we will need: 3 small herrings of medium salinity, 2-3 medium carrots, 200 g of butter. To begin with, we will need to grind the carrots, after washing it and cleaning it. You can do this on a small grater, but it will be better if you do it in a blender. Then the mass will be more homogeneous. Next, we will have to peel the herring, gut it, remove all the guts, cut off the tail and head. Bones need to be removed too. First, you need to cut the backbone, and then gently, best with tweezers, remove all the small bones. It is better to do this under a lamp or in front of an open window, because the bones of the herring are very small, you can skip, and then in our delicacy there may be an unexpected "surprise". Now we need to cut this herring in small pieces and send it to a blender, where we have crushed carrots. And to pierce it all together. Now you can add a softened butter, it should be soft, but do not flow from the knife! To do this, it should lie in the kitchen for 3 hours at room temperature. We mix everything thoroughly, and you can spread it on bread! And if you put this snack in the fridge, you can cut it off with small plates and put it on a loaf, like ordinary oil.

The recipe for butter with mustard and milk

Ingredients for cooking are as follows: butter - 200 g, fillet of salted herring - 60 grams, mustard to taste, a little milk. The herring of the house must first be soaked in milk. She must lie in it for an hour to two, then get it, get wet with a napkin and grind it in a blender. You can also twist the fillet in a meat grinder. Now you need to add the prepared mustard (you can buy your favorite mustard in the store), the softened butter and all this again in a blender to get a homogeneous mass. Done! You can clean it in the fridge, and then cut it, as usual, into sandwiches. This recipe is the easiest, but it's an amateur. herring oil with caviar

Herring with eggs

Recipe for this oil is rooted in the Sovietpast. It was prepared for Brezhnev, and he was very proud that such a recipe would pass to our descendants. What do we need to cook this snack at home? And for this you need: 200 g of butter, 1 fatty herring, 2 ordinary chicken eggs, one medium clove of garlic, a small red onion, a little chopped greens (parsley and dill), 1 teaspoon of weak mustard. Butter should be placed in the kitchen at room temperature in order to sufficiently soften. Meanwhile, we cook 2 hard-boiled eggs. In herring we remove the backbone, intestines, cut off the head and tail, remove all that we do not need, we extract tweezers with fine tweezers and thoroughly rinse it under running water. Again, we take a miracle device - a blender, we put cleaned eggs and softened butter into it, whisk it all. Add finely chopped garlic. You can grate it on a fine grater. It is very small to cut a red onion, beat it with boiling water, so that all bitterness goes out of it, and add it to the mass. We put there herring, which we previously passed through a meat grinder. We pour the chopped greens, a bowl of mustard. For piquancy, you can add a pinch of black ground pepper. Now all this is mixed to a homogeneous mass and we put this mass in the food film. You can wrap the sausage, then it will be easier to cut it. We put the sausage in the refrigerator for 2 hours, and after two hours you can enjoy a wonderful dish! Undoubtedly, the herring oil is a very high-calorie dish, so it is consumed only on holidays or in the morning when our body needs to stock up with the necessary protein and energy for the whole day. But if you use this recipe not every day, but only occasionally spoil yourself with this delicious snack, then with the figure you will be all right! Moreover, small weaknesses are so good and tasty, they cheer us up and charge positive!