herpes on the lips treatment And here again on the lips there were nasty bubblesHerpes. How to fight against this scourge, which, according to statistics, affects almost 90% of the world's population? Is there any prevention? What are the methods of treatment? We will try to answer these questions in this article. We will tell you how to prevent infection of herpes infections, and how to reduce the impact of the virus on the body, if you are already infected with it, and how to quickly remove the manifestations of the disease and cure herpes. The main danger is not that the herpes spoils the appearance of your lips, but that the virus can affect any organs and systems of the body, as well as complicate existing diseases. It is transmitted in all possible ways - from airborne to sexual, so none of us is immune from meeting with him. If your body has not yet been attacked by herpes viruses, you can protect yourself from them. So do not panic ahead of time - warned, then armed. And it's not just that the herpes virus, once ingested, remains there forever, but that herpetic infection is a serious blow to the immune system as a whole. This virus makes our body vulnerable, increasing the risk of the incidence of colds and other viral infections. If there is already a herpes virus in the blood, then we are at risk 24 hours a day. It is dangerous that for a long time the disease can not be manifested at all, although the symptoms of herpes (or otherwise colds) on the lips are known to everyone: first the affected area turns red and it becomes unbearably itchy, and after a couple of days small bubbles appear with a clear liquid. Do not squeeze them out and try not to touch them, since the liquid in them is very contagious, and as a result, you can infect nearby tissues. A few days later, the bubbles burst, and a thin crust appears in their place. It, too, should not be touched, otherwise the recovery may take a long time. If you have contracted herpes by sexual way, then this symptomatology will manifest itself on the genitals, besides the appearance of herpes on the labia accompanied by poor health, fever, weakness and fatigue.

Treatment of the herpes virus

Many are asked how to get rid ofherpes for good and which remedies are most effective in fighting this disease. Completely get rid of herpes, alas, will not succeed, no doctor can cure herpes infection forever, so get rid of herpes and offer a miracle remedy against herpes on the lips only charlatans. To permanently send herpes "into hibernation", first of all you need to increase immunity, since it is he who is the natural protection against all ills. Curing herpes at home without consulting a doctor is impossible. Before starting therapy, you need to undergo a series of examinations, which the immunologist will tell you. The fact is that for effective treatment it is necessary to know both the state of the organism at the current moment and the concentration of virus particles in the blood. Treatment of herpes on the lips often comes down to the treatment of the emerging vesicles with drying agents. Usually this is the limit. However, we want to urge those women who are afflicted with this ailment often enough, do not neglect visits to the doctor. Consultation of a competent specialist, comprehensive examination and preventive treatment will help if you do not get rid of the disease (which is almost impossible), then at least make its manifestations much more rare. It should be cautious in those cases when the herpetic infection manifests itself in the form of shingles, or the eruptions are localized in the genital area, as well as in herpetic rash, which proceeds with deterioration. It is possible to require treatment in the hospital, where you will have to undergo a course of drug therapy: injections, pills, physiotherapy procedures. Treatment of herpes on the lips and other manifestations of this disease requires the refusal of alcohol, diet. In the case of genital herpes, any sexual intercourse should be excluded and the partner treated. If you are going to become a mother, it is important not only not to get sick during pregnancy, but also to be treated in advance, as in a calm state, herpes during pregnancy is very dangerous for the fetus. Even herpes on the lips during pregnancy can have a negative impact on the health of your future baby. herpes treatment on the lips

Treatment of herpes folk remedies

Traditional medicine offers her own herpes treatmenton the lips. Against this disease, broths of medicinal herbs, such as mint, thyme, lemon balm and St. John's wort, are helpful. They brew like tea, cool and apply lotions with this decoction to the affected area three times a day for 30 minutes. Well-removes inflammation 70-percent alcohol, cologne or valocordin. Wet a cotton swab in alcohol or medicine and apply to a cold. Most likely, at first you will feel a burning sensation, but such lotions are well dried up by sores. Against herpes on lips apply also fir oil. They are recommended to lubricate the affected area every 2 hours and must do this before bedtime. When applying oil, there is a possibility of burning, but it will not last long. Recommend folk healers against herpes and a remedy like an alcohol solution of propolis - it does not just dry out the rash, but also has an antiviral effect. If you do not trust the folk remedies, you can get a special ointment from the herpes on the lips in the pharmacy. There are a lot of them now: Acyclovir, Zovirax, Fenistil and others. There are also tablets that must be taken for preventive purposes. how to treat herpes on the lips

Prevention of herpes

As is known, disease prevention is the best way to combat it. There are several rules, observing which you can minimize the risk of infection with the herpes virus and other viral infections.

  • Do not forget to wash your hands with soap always, as soon as you come home, even if you went to a nearby pharmacy.
  • Never use other people's cosmetics and anyone elsedo not allow to use your own. Test samples in shops are the greatest evil, as they contain a huge number of pathogens and viruses, some of them are much more dangerous than herpes, although outwardly everything looks more than elegant and beautiful.
  • Use condoms as a contraceptive, especially with a new or casual partner.
  • A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition andActive rest - a pledge of well-being and strong immunity. Do not use too hard diets, even if you really want to lose weight in a few days. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink juices and mineral water, spend more time in the fresh air.
  • If your friends or loved ones have exacerbation of herpetic infection, then limit contact with them and exclude close contacts, especially kisses.
  • We think you were not scared, because owninginformation is always one step ahead. And in the end you do not have to treat herpes. And to comply with these rules is not only not difficult, but also nice. Prevention, healthy lifestyle, acting as a united front against this insidious disease, will allow the body to recover fairly quickly. Our health in many ways depends on ourselves. We advise you to read: