herbal baths The daily vanity is exhausting. Coming home and falling from fatigue, I'd like to feel the lightness and cheerfulness in the whole body again, so I want to relax. To achieve such an effect will help taking baths. In ancient times, our wise ancestors used for bathing herb procedures. Mother Nature, like no other, took care of our beauty and health, and that herbal baths prolonged our youth and strengthened our health, it is enough to only know a few secrets.

How to take ordinary baths

In order to make bathing beneficial, it is enough to know a few simple rules.

  • Daily hot baths are fraught with skin for violating the natural metabolism for - do not take risks. This does not apply to hygiene procedures.
  • Not a very hot bath is useful to take 1-2 times during the week.
  • Cool water has a refreshing and invigorating effect, and warm - soothing. The recommended time is 3-5 minutes and 10-15 minutes, respectively. Do not exceed it.
  • It is advised to take bath procedures 2 hours after meals.
  • To regulate blood pressure and harden the skin, after a hot bath, take a cold shower (1-2 minutes).
  • If your skin is fatty type - sitting in the bathroom,rub it with a mitten made of cotton fabric. If you are the owner of the skin dry - do not forget to grease her with cream after all the procedures, so as not to overdry extra. Get rid of "goosebump" can be with the help of regular brush massage.

Baths with herbs have on humanthe body is not only health, but also a cosmetic effect. They relieve fatigue and pain in the muscles, improve sleep and soothe the nervous system, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. Take a therapeutic bath follows the course of 10-15 procedures at least.

How to make a bath with herbs

To make herbal baths the best choice isenamelled baths. Prepare a water thermometer and any hours to monitor the duration of the reception and the temperature of the water. One procedure lasts from 5 to 20 minutes, and the water temperature is 36-38 ° C. A simple bath with herbs is easy to prepare: Medicinal infusion. An average recipe assumes an average of 2 liters of water per 100 gr of dry grass. If you take fresh grass, make infusion at the rate of 600 grams per 2 liters. We put the plants in cold water, which we then bring to a boil. Roots, large stems and branches boil enough for 15 minutes, and the broth should be infused for an hour. Filter the broth and pour into the bath. We bring the volume of water to the required.

Restorative baths

bath with herbs That our body was strong and healthy, and the body- beautiful, it is necessary to apply restorative baths. It should be done only 2-3 hours after dinner, right before going to bed. The initial water temperature is 36 ° C. Slowly immerse yourself in the water, relax and lie for 3 minutes. Open the hot tap and raise the water temperature to 39 ° C. It is necessary to lie in such conditions for 40-45 minutes. When the time runs out, pour water at a temperature of 26-27 ° C and rub with a towel. After taking bath immediately go to bed

Aromatic bath additives

Just like herbal baths, charityeffects on the skin will also have procedures with the addition of aromatic oils, mineral salts, preparations from brown algae and marine minerals. Light the candles, make a nourishing face mask, turn on the pleasant music and relax for 10 minutes. To achieve the glossy skin effect, use the body oil before the procedure. After - wipe the skin with a soft towel, removing dead skin.

Soothing herbal baths

Soothing herbs for a bath willcharitable impact on the nervous system, will help to remove fatigue, calm down, forget about stressful situations and normalize sleep. For such purposes, the following are suitable:

  • The root of valerian (relieve nervous excitement and insomnia)
  • Hops, marsh swine, hawthorn (with heart neuroses)
  • Conifers and twigs (remove irritability)
  • Vegetables and celandine (soothe and relax, restore strength)
  • Greens ayr (helps with the treatment of neuroses)
  • Lime blossom, mint and wormwood (soothe the nervous system), etc.

To regain your balance, use soothing herbs for baths by following the detailed recipes below.

  • 50 g of hops, 50 g of marsh swine, 200 g of pine needles, 5 tablespoons of hawthorn leaves, 7 liters of water

Mix the mixed herbs with steep boiling water (7L),we let it boil for 10 minutes, we insist for half an hour. The filtered broth is poured into a bath with a water temperature of 38-39 degrees, not higher. Such herbal baths are necessary for vegetative dysfunctions, high blood pressure and heart neuroses.

  • 5 handful of valerian root, 1 liter of water

Pour the grass with a liter of water and boil. Boil on low heat for 15 minutes. Strain and apply for the procedure. The broth will have a calming effect on insomnia and nervous arousal. The duration is 15 minutes, the temperature is -37 degrees.

  • 3 tablespoons of lime blossom, 2 tablespoons. mint, 2 tbsp. wormwood, 400 grams of boiling water

Brew herbs with two glasses of boiling water (400g) and insist 15 minutes. Filter and pour into recruited water. These herbs for taking baths will have a calming effect on the nervous system. In addition, since some components have a sweating effect, the effect also turns out to be too heavy.

  • 100 g of celandine, 500 g of horsetail (based on the full bath)

Boil the herbs over low heat for 20 minutes. For the sitting bath, 0.5 decoction is used. Filter and apply. The procedure will have a relaxing and soothing effect.

  • Pine / coniferous bears and twigs.

Fill all with cold water, boil for 30 minutes,let us brew for 12 hours. Extract of brown color indicates the excellent quality of the broth. The full bath is 1.5 liters. The herbal bath has soothing properties, strengthens the heart and nerves.

  • 200 g of greenery and crushed roots of ara, 2 tablespoons celandine

Brew for 30 minutes over low heat. The temperature of the water, where we will infuse the broth, is not above 37 degrees. We take 20-30 minutes once a week. The procedure is effective in treating neuroses.

Herbal foot baths

herbal slimming baths Herbs for taking baths that help to removepuffiness and fatigue of the feet, a lot. Among them you can call horsetail, calendula, nettle, St. John's Wort. You can also use a peel of fruits, such as pomegranate. Use the several recipes below.

  • 2 tablespoons horsetail field, 200 grams of water

Pour the herb with steep boiling water and let it brew for 30 minutes. The procedure lasts for 20 minutes at room temperature. Tincture produces a soothing effect.

  • 1 handful of calendula flowers, 1 liter of water

In the boiling water, pour the flowers, remove from heat andclose the pan. Infuse 30-45 minutes. Pour into the foot bath and do and relax. This herbal foot bath has medicinal properties, they are used for scratches, abrasions, tired legs and abrasions.

  • Shredded nettle leaves (1 handful) 1l. Water

Infusion of nettle is prepared in the same way as from calendula. The only difference is the duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes.

  • Herbal bath for nettle and St. John's wort bath, 1 liter of water

2 handfuls of pour steep boiling water, close and leave for 1 hour. The procedure should be carried out for 20 minutes

  • 2 tablespoons garnet skin, 200 g of water

Grind the rind, pour water and boil(15 minutes) on low heat, allow time to stand. Take the bath for 15 minutes. After doing the pouring with cool water, wipe with a towel and moisten the skin with a nutritious cream. This will help the feet relax. Herbal baths for the feet will help to remove puffiness and fatigue, relax the muscles of the legs after a busy day. Especially they are useful for lovers of high heels. Do not neglect herbal baths - this is a very effective procedure.

Herbal Slimming Baths

For people who are overweight, ortrying to throw a few extra pounds of herbal baths for weight loss will, as it is impossible, by the way, because herbs help improve blood circulation. Herbs for slimming for baths can be purchased at pharmacies or on the market. The only thing in the pharmacy, if you do not know what the grass really looks like, you have a guarantee that you will get the right plant, because they are packaged and signed. You can pick up herbal baths for the bath, which will have a complex effect on the body, and on weight loss in particular. Among the herbs for weight loss for baths can be called: dogrose, St. John's wort, peppermint, oregano, calendula, sage, nettle, chamomile, lavender, tartar, yarrow, rosemary, lime, blackthorn, celandine, etc. Baths with herbs for weight loss will have a great health impact on the skin, which can lose elasticity and elasticity and as a result of rapid weight loss after the application of various diets. Herbal baths have a great rejuvenating power, for good reason the queen of Ancient Egypt kept their compositions in the strictest secrecy. Our great-grandmothers also had their secrets, which not only reached us, but also confirmed their effectiveness in modern conditions.

  • Sage, peppermint (leaves), calendula flowers and oregano, 1 liter of boiling water

Mix all ingredients in a dry and equalquantities. 200 grams (1 glass) of collection pour 1 liter of boiling water, insist 15 minutes. Strain. The infusion is ready for use. Sage, as a biostimulator, helps to remove toxins from the body, affects the recovery of skin elasticity. The remaining herbs also affect positively the breakdown of fats.

  • Nettle, mint, St. John's wort and flowers of wild rose, 2 liters of water

All herbs are taken in equal quantities and poured with boiling water. Infusion time -20 min. St. John's wort and mint will act as a diaphoretic, rose hips vitaminize, nettle will strengthen the skin.

  • 150 g of thyme, 1 st. celandine spoon

Fill the herb with boiling water and insist for 30 minutes. Filter. This herbal bath for weight loss helps to normalize metabolic processes in the skin, which will make you look much more attractive and fresh. And finally a recipe for a bath with herbs for weight loss, which is also called a "beauty bath".

  • 300 g of each herb - chamomile, lavender, sage, linden, yarrow, arnica, mint, flowers of blackthorn. Collection is calculated on a full bath.

We mix the herbs and pour boiling water, we insist30 min. under the lid. The temperature of the water in the bathroom does not exceed 35 degrees. Pleasant smell of the body, calmness, normalization of metabolic processes is a small part of the effect of herbs on the human body. All baths can be taken at home, supplemented with relaxation music or lighting candles to completely relax. Let your body become more attractive!