causes of headaches during pregnancy Pregnancy for any woman is prettya difficult period that brings not only joy, but also many problems. Among such negative situations it is necessary to note the strongest headaches, which are especially disturbing during the second and third trimester. It is often difficult to get rid of pain, and medications are contraindicated at this time. Why is there a headache during pregnancy and how to reduce the frequency of its appearance?

Headache: causes

To effectively combat the headache,it is necessary to understand what causes it. This will allow to take correct measures, carry out a set of preventive measures that will minimize headaches during pregnancy, make seizures not so frequent, strong. So, the main reasons why the head may be quite sick:

  • Hormonal changes. During pregnancy, the female body undergoes fairly strong hormonal changes, especially in the first 3 months. He needs to get used to the new conditions, but while this happens, the woman is worried about the painful condition.
  • Low pressure. Progesterone begins to predominate over other hormones, and it has a general relaxing effect, including on the walls of blood vessels. They greatly expand, pressure begins to fall, the brain experiences oxygen starvation. Because of this, migraine-like seizures are observed.
  • High blood pressure in the last trimester. Causes of pain - an increase in the volume of blood circulating in the body, and the resulting increase in pressure. In this case, a compulsory medical examination is required.
  • Gestosis, that is, generalized vascularspasm, which also causes the appearance of protein in the urine, swelling. Treatment of headache during pregnancy in this case is assigned a comprehensive, which is aimed at eliminating the cause, and not only the pain itself.
  • Weight gain.
  • Feeling of hunger, thirst, lack of vitamins.
  • Exacerbations of chronic diseases.
  • Stresses, experiences, overstrain, fatigue.
  • Change in weather conditions (often occurs when the temperature changes in the street, rains, extreme heat). This can occur in anyone, but during pregnancy is much more pronounced.
  • Treatment of headaches Treatment duringpregnancy should be very accurate, since the body's reaction can now be unpredictable, and future tablets can only be damaged by the baby. Therefore, the headache during pregnancy is most safely removed by non-medicinal methods, which we'll talk about a little later. The intake of various analgesic tablets and other chemicals should be limited, and in many cases completely eliminated. But what if the treatment by other methods is impossible? There are a number of drugs that can be used, although it is recommended before taking a consultation with an observing doctor. Thus, treatment with conventional aspirin, ibuprofen, is not allowed, and acetaminophen can be used, but only in accordance with the instructions. All other drugs for the treatment of headaches can only be used as directed by your doctor! causes of migraine

    Preventive measures

    That the headache bothered as little as possible,it is necessary to perform a complex of simple preventive measures that can not guarantee the complete elimination of migraine, but will reduce the likelihood of its appearance many times over. Among such preventive measures it is necessary to note the following:

    • try to avoid stressful situations. They are not only harmful to you, your future baby, but they often become the causes of extreme pain, because they lead to muscle tension. If you continue to work, then try not to linger in the evenings, to recycle. Try not to get nervous at home, it's unlikely to be completely avoided, because pregnancy itself and the changes associated with it are already some stress for the body, but these manifestations can be reduced.
    • try not to change the daily routine much, sohow often this is the reason for the headache. Pregnancy is not the reason that now makes you sleep all day. On the contrary, some activity helps to feel much better than immobility;
    • some products during pregnancy cancause not only migraines, but also a general poor state of health. Talk with the supervising physician, determine the number of foods that you will be extremely undesirable for some time;
    • bright light, loud sounds can causethe strongest pain, so try not to happen in those places where such reasons can catch you. Talk to your loved ones so they will try to protect you from such noise and light effects, they will understand you;
    • If you were training before pregnancy, thenstop classes, just reduce the intensity of the load. It is best to consult a trainer, a supervising doctor, who will tell you which exercises will be very useful now and which ones should be avoided.

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    How to get rid of a headache without medication?

    Treatment of headache during pregnancy is betterall carried out in such a way as not to use medicines, which for a woman at this time can have a negative effect. We offer several methods that will help ease the condition:

    • first you need to determine the source correctlymigraine. If you have headaches often enough, it is best to start a diary, with which you can easily understand where the pain came from, how it develops over time. In the diary you need to write down what you ate during the day, as during the course of pregnancy the products often become the causes of such a painful condition. Among products that are at risk, mention should be made of sodium glutamate, sulfites and nitrites, which are often found in many dried fruits, bacon, salami and other foods, all artificial sweeteners, beans and nuts, smoked fish, mature cheese, sour cream, chocolate, bananas, citrus fruits, avocado, papaya, pickled products, some types of sauces. In addition to products, cold, noise, bright light, tobacco smoke can become sources of pain. Write down everything that according to your assumption has become the source of the appearance of a headache, it is easier to identify the source, and therefore get rid of it;
    • among the methods of treatment of migraines in the first placethere are compresses cool or warm, which are applied at the base of the skull to the nape of the neck. Cold compresses that are applied on the forehead often help. To do this, you can take a clean towel, which is simply wetted in water of the required temperature, then squeezed;
    • in some cases, a cold shower or a simple face rinse can quickly cope with the pain. A warm bath and shower can help with tensile pain;
    • headaches during pregnancy oftenarise from hunger or thirst, low sugar levels. At this time it is recommended to eat small portions, but not leading up to the appearance of a feeling of hunger. You can make small snacks with yoghurts, crackers, eat one apple. But sweet biscuits, sweets, cakes - all this is best avoided, since from them the sugar level rises strongly, but for a long time it does not hold. Does a strong headache appear again? Revise your menu. It is recommended to drink regularly, it is not about liters of liquid, but mineral water or natural juice will not be superfluous. If you have a severe migraine with nausea, then you should drink in small sips;
    • one of the best medicines during headachespain during pregnancy is rest, rest, sleep. More try to rest, do not overexert yourself, because at that time your body works for two, which means that it gets tired much more;
    • in the third trimester of pregnancy, pain canquickly retreat when performing a special set of exercises that are allowed in such late months. These are exercises that allow you to maintain your posture.

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    What else should I do?

    • If you do not have migraine, try differentmethods of relaxation: self-hypnosis, yoga. Many of these techniques have been specifically designed to alleviate the condition in pregnant women. If you have time, find a coach who will teach you. Such exercises will help not only to get rid of the headache, but also to improve overall well-being, allow full rest;
    • Massage. If you are not contraindicated, then you can make an appointment for a massage. Such procedures will help relieve tension from the back, shoulders, neck. You can at home gently rub your shoulders or your back, ask others to do it. But do not push hard;
    • But there is one method, the use of which is forpregnant is controversial. It's about acupuncture, which is recognized in this state as safe, but the reaction to it is absolutely individual. Therefore, in this case it is recommended to consult only with the supervising physician, not to solve such questions yourself.

    Migraine is a sign of a disease?

    Headaches during pregnancy not onlyare unpleasant, but can often become a sign of another problem, so they need to pay attention, and not just drink a pill and forget until the next attack. If during the first trimester you are constantly concerned about migraines, which are quite difficult to remove the usual means, then you should immediately consult an observant physician for an appropriate examination. In the second and third trimester, such permanent, not passing headaches may be a sign of pre-eclampsia, that is, a rather serious syndrome characterized by increased pressure, the appearance of protein in the urine. This syndrome is caused by pregnancy, but it is necessary to apply to the doctor, especially since at this time you can not drink medications. What should I do if my head hurts during pregnancy? It is necessary urgently to address to the observant doctor in such cases:

    • if attacks of severe headaches during the second and third trimester begin to be accompanied by a sharp abdominal pain, visual impairment, nausea, swelling of the face or hands, a sharp set of weight;
    • when there are such strong painful sensations that it is not possible to fall asleep. Also if the seizures can not be managed by any available method;
    • if the headache begins to be accompanied by an increase in temperature, stiff neck (i.e., torticollis);
    • When the headaches appeared after a fall, a bruise in the head;
    • if another pain is observed simultaneously with migraine (for example, in the eyes, teeth, in the other part of the face, nasal congestion).

    It is important to not suffer from headachesthem, and try to immediately remove them with the help of available methods, excluding medicines. But if such attempts are not successful, then one should immediately consult an observing doctor, since migraine during pregnancy can be quite dangerous not only for the health of the future mother, but also for the baby. The headache is unpleasant in itself, but during pregnancy this condition is often the result of a completely different disease. To get rid of migraines at any time, do not immediately grab for pills, there are many other ways to safely eliminate pain. But if none of the methods help, plus there are other symptoms, then do not wait until "it goes away", you should immediately contact the observing doctor who will prescribe the study and the appropriate treatment.