beautiful hairstyle with a hair bandage Fashionable, attractive and modern lookhairstyles, laid with tape. The ribbon needs to be selected by the one that best suits to either side or harmoniously combines with the accessories. On the shelves of stores is a wide variety of ribbons, which are wide and narrow, with embossed patterns, beads and rhinestones. Knitted ribbons woven into curls are very original and exquisite. Sometimes they are also called a bandage. unusual hairstyle with bandage

Features hairstyles with a bandage

To create a common and belovedhairstyles with a bandage for babette hair, you must first straighten all naughty locks with iron. Especially expressive, it will look at the owners of the oval face. Having collected a high pony tail, it should be divided into two equal parts. The lower part must be screwed into the roller, fixing it with studs, and the upper part divided into two parts. The rest of the strands are wrapped around the roller and fixed with pins. All hair should be fixed with varnish, so that it lasts longer and does not fall apart at the slightest inconvenience. Lastly, the ribbon is worn on the basis of the hairstyle. The hairstyle of babette using tapes remains relevant in modern society. It will unforgettably look at the release of the ball and even at the wedding, it can be supplemented with a flower or replaced with a diadem. Great popularity among fashionistas has a hairstyle in the Greek style. Its owners seem to recreate the image of the Greek goddess. The history of this hairstyle with a hair bandage begins back in ancient Greece and has come down to our times. Residents of Ancient Greece tied unruly locks and curls with a bandage, receiving a universal styling. To create this hairstyle, it is desirable that the hair is not washed to avoid slipping the tape. Wearing a bandage on pre-combed hair, it is necessary to take strands on each side and twist them into bundles. The tips of the harnesses should be passed through the bandage and corrected. With the remaining strands, you should repeat the same manipulations and carefully hide the ends of the locks inside the hair under the bandage, obtaining an exquisite hairstyle into which you can add an accessory in the form of a flower or other brooch. The image of easy immediacy created with this tape is ideal for a walk, party and even solemn moments. Greek hairstyle for hair

Styling with a tape for short hair

With a good styling or hairdress, the girl will not belook sloppy and give your mind boundless self-confidence. It should be noted that in addition to a wide variety of hairstyles with a bandage for long hair, there are hairstyles with a bandage and a short one. High styling in the style of the 20's for short hair with a bandage gives the girl elegance and romance. On the vertex, you need to divide the hair into two equal parts, screw the bottom part using large curlers in the number of two pieces. Next, you need to remove the curlers, fix the curls with varnish and make the hair. Using the brush, the upper part of the strands should be combed back on the bunches, previously lubricating the strands of the upper part with wax to give shine. The lateral strands are also combed back. This results in a high styling. Lastly, a bandage is put on the forehead and smoothly shifted back five centimeters from the hairline. With hair you can limitlessly experiment a lot, creating all different and different images, weaving in disobedient strands of ribbons, bows, beads, stinging them with hairpins, crabs, invisible.