hairstyles for long hair Hair is an integral partcreating this or that image, it helps to create beautiful hairstyles for long hair. But for them to always look chic and natural, it is necessary not only to choose the right means for caring for them, but also pay attention to how they react to each new change in your life, as well as what their reaction to environment. It is known that beautiful hairstyles for long hair are not only beautiful and comfortable, it is also a reflection of the inner component of a person. After all, everyone knows that the exterior is a mirror image of the internal state of the human body. But in addition to the fact that hairstyles for long hair require more care, their length allows you to conduct many experiments, from the usual and simple to complex. So, hairstyles for long hair are divided into two main groups: simple and light and complex hairstyles, in which several variants are combined. It is not necessary that stylish hairstyles for long hair must necessarily be complex. simple hairstyles for hair

Simple and beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Easy options can be made not only forJust to take a walk in the park or meet friends. Quite often, these types of hairstyles are used for going to the cinema, to a restaurant and to work. They are convenient because you do not have to spend much time. At the same time, the main advantage here is that there is simply no need for special skills. It's enough just to have a hair elastic and a few pins on hand. So, simple hairstyles include such beautiful hairstyles for long hair, like: tails, loose hair and light braids. Such simple hairstyles are able to function independently or become the basis for some other packing. Many female stylings are relevant at all times. It is quite difficult to choose simple female hairstyles for your appearance. To do this, you can contact stylists who will give you simple tips and recommend everyday hairstyles for medium hair. different hairstyles for long hair

Scythe - very simple beautiful hairstyles for long hair

To date, the spit is used as a basefor beams, cones and other beautiful solutions. But for some reason, not everyone resorts to this kind of hairstyle. There are several reasons for this. The main thing is that for the time spent in kindergarten and in elementary school, girls are usually very bored with long hair, strapped into a tight braid. And as soon as they get freedom of choice, they tend to make themselves a fashionable haircut and walk with their hair loose, and do not do hairstyles for long hair. But there comes a period when even the most hooliganized girls want to please not only themselves, but representatives of the opposite sex. And very beautiful hairstyles for long hair require some victims. One of them is that, in order to make hairstyles for long hair, you need to get up early. Or maybe the options with a night curling on curlers, which is very inconvenient to sleep. If you do not know what fashion hairstyles for long hair can be applied for your appearance, then ask for help from the stylist. Thus, the braid, which is a beautiful hairstyle for long hair, can be twisted and stabbed at the back of the head in order to get a neat and original bunch at the same time. Another option is to weave several braids, which are made into a basket. In order for the braid to turn out beautiful, it is necessary to try very hard. For this, in the process of weaving, you can use invisible, which will help to bind unruly curls, and after the pigtail is finished, take a thin flat comb and with the help of its handle fluff a little braid. Such variants of hairstyles are ideal for schoolgirls. Evening hair is more suitable for older ladies. The options for such hairstyles are even greater. They are woven in different directions (diagonally, from top to bottom, from left to right and vice versa), for such hairstyles a large number of accessories are used. For lovers of experimenting there are braids in the manner of completely different peoples. To each of the variations is a separate very simple instruction that helps to better understand the intricacies of this or that interlacing. So, if a Russian braid is trudging from three parts, then the French can trail from two, and even from four. Its feature is that when weaving to the main spit, gradually adding more and more strands. If we talk about Greek braids, then they can be traced in a staggered order, the Scandinavian braids wander a little obliquely. African braids are not the fastest hairstyle for long hair. They are very popular among adolescents and youth, but can be bad for your hair. braids for long hair

Simple quick hairstyles for long hair

Daily going to work, study orwalk and create this or that image, we create simple female everyday hairstyles for long hair. But more often it is the usual laying loose mop or collected in the tail. Try to turn to the weave. This is not everyone's ability to perform on someone else's head, not to mention to myself to make a beautiful combined styling. There are varieties of braids that perfectly match with loose hair, while allowing them not to be disheveled. The instruction here is quite simple: the main thing is training. and you yourself will notice how after several attempts your hands will do the laying very skillfully and quickly. One of the most simple and popular braids is a bead-rim. She trails for no more than 5 minutes. Therefore, even if you overslept, you still have time to decorate your hair. So, for a start, as well as before any other hairdo, it is necessary to comb. Next, take the right ear for a small strand (about 1.5-2 cm), but do not forget that before the future pigtail must remain hair. We braid an ordinary pigtail from 3 locks and we fix it on the end with an elastic band. On the left side we do the same. Then, each spit is thrown to the opposite side, while holding the hair on the front of the head. A bang can be left or hidden under this bezel. Double braid helps not only to get rid of the need to resort to the use of accessories that damage your head of hair, but also make your image original and unforgettable. Another option for such hairstyles is the so-called "crown". For her you will need varnish, hairpins and elastic bands. So, first we start by combing. We divide them into 2 halves directly in the parting. We take a small lock at the forehead on one side and divide it into 3 parts. First a plait, about 1 cm, usually, in three parts, then add one curl on the side of the nape. And so continue, until along the length of the braid does not come up with the temple. Next, the laying is usually done without additional strands. In the end, we fix it with a rubber. On the other hand, the selection is similar, too. Leave the completed items in peace and comb the remaining strands the way you like. After that we wrap them around the head and fasten them with studs.

French braid - a beautiful hairstyle for long hair

Most girls do not dare toindependent weaving of the French braid. Although simple manipulations are required to perform it. Each weave begins with combing. For the French spit, it is also necessary to moisturize the curls. After that, comb the entire mop of hair back. We begin the weaving from the forehead. To do this, take a strand of medium thickness in the center of the forehead region and divide it into 3 smaller ones. Such a braid will not be very voluminous and not too thin. If you want the braid to be thicker, then the strands should be larger, and, conversely, a small braid will be enough for a thin braid. Gradually, with each new element, we weave in the braid the side strands. Adding a part of the hair to the left strand, we weave it inside the braid, the same is done with the right. And so continue until until we reach the hair growth line. At this weaving can be completed and fastened with rubber bands or folded into a bundle. But you can continue the weaving is already an ordinary 3 parts. The French braid can not be better combined with other hairstyles. In addition, the French braid does not have to be too tidy, quite often allowed disheveled, with spits in some places roosters. It does not take long to do this, and you can even do it not with fresh hair. In this case, do not forget that this or that kind of braid is not only beautiful hair for long hair, which you can do yourself. But also everyday hairstyles for medium hair. Do not forget about the use of protective and restoring means.