haircuts for thin curly hair Thin hair is a torment. And if they also curl, and so strive to lie not in the right place ... There are no words left - some emotions. And these emotions are familiar to many girls, because thin hair is much more common than healthy and fluffy hair. The question of how to lay this "punishment", which haircut to choose remains always relevant. It's only at first glance that it seems that the thin and wavy ringlets will not look good under any circumstances. In fact, haircuts for this type of hair are quite diverse. And in this article, we'll talk about how to choose the right hairstyle and how to care for it, to always look attractive. haircut for thin curly hair

Cascade - a waterfall of luxurious hair

This hairstyle requires hair lengthminimum to the shoulders. For thin, slightly curly hair this hairstyle will be the best option. It looks especially beautiful if the girl has a slightly elongated face shape. The color of the hair, trimmed with a cascade, can be anything. From the golden-ashy tones to the cherry blossom. Also for this hairstyle is suitable and melirovannye strands, which create a glare, thus giving the volume of thin and curly hair. How is cascading haircut performed? For the beginning, the central part of the hair is processed, while the rest of the hair is removed using clamps. Then the master moves to the parietal strands and to the temporal, the occipital part is sheared in the last turn. Cutting cascades involves the presence of bangs. It can be straight or oblique - depending on the shape of the face. And the last step in creating a hairstyle is a thinning along the entire length of the hair. It gives airiness and lightness. How to style a cascade on thin and curly hair? There is nothing complicated. The main thing is to give the locks a splendor and fix the tips of the hair. Daily styling will not take you more than 10 minutes. Simply lower the hair down and dry them with a hair dryer from the roots, making the desired shape with your fingers. To fix the tips, use wax or gel. Evening styling will require a little more time and patience from you.

  • Apply mousse for fixation on damp hair and distribute it along the entire length;
  • Now take the hair dryer and a round hairbrush. Dry the hair with a strand behind the strand, pulling them at a slight angle;
  • Fen direct under the roots of the hair, gradually moving to the tips. This will give the hair volume;
  • Put the tips on your own. You can bend them inward or turn them upwards;
  • Apply a little wax on the tips, fix them in the desired position. You can fix the hair with a small amount of varnish.

Hairstyles for thin curly hair

A scaffold is a hairstyle for all occasions

A scaffold is a haircut for long hair. She looks equally good both on straight and curly locks. The only drawback of the hairstyle is that it requires daily styling. This is especially true of fine hair. Laying the haircut is done with a hair dryer, which has special nozzles for giving volume. Of the fixing agents is best to give preference to mousse, because it does not make the hair heavier, allows them to scatter freely over the shoulders. A bang for such a haircut can be absolutely any. If you stick to fashion trends, pay attention to a thick bang, trimmed asymmetrically. Looks good oblique, torn and very short bangs. Here the choice depends only on your preferences. Owners of hairdress stairs should carefully monitor the condition of the tips of hair. Did they notice that they started to get cut off? Immediately take measures to improve! With such a haircut, split ends set a slovenly appearance throughout the styling. How to lay a ladder?

  • Office version. Just collect the hair in the ponytail, then release a few identical strands on the sides. So that they framed the face. A neat hair is ready;
  • Alternatively, put on a bright bezel and secure the locks with a barrette on one side. It turned out very fresh and romantic;
  • The next variant of laying is more complicated. You will need a hair iron. Straighten all the strands, pulling them down with an iron. Fix a little with varnish. To decorate the hairdo, you can use any accessories;
  • Your hair curls, but not as much as you wantedwould? Achieve the desired effect with curlers or curling irons. You can create playful curls or coquettish light locks that are easily fixed by the styling agent.

haircuts for fine wavy hair

Haircut bean - exquisite simplicity

Haircut bob has gained popularity back in the 50'syears. And still does not give up their positions, but its new variants appear every season. Initially, the bean was called a haircut for the boy, since they only made it on short hair. Today, many confuse the bean with quads. Or consider this hairstyle a variant of a square that does not have a bang. However, this is not entirely correct. Kare - an average haircut, which implies the same length and thickness of hair. For thin and curly ringlets, it is unlikely to fit. And cutting the bean, the hairdresser transfers the entire volume to the back of the head, which makes the hair more luxurious. Agree, for curly and thin hair - this is exactly what you need. The best shade for such a hairstyle is golden. Asymmetric same bean (in which, on the one hand, the hair barely reaches the shoulder, and on the other hand it descends below the centimeters by ten), it looks better in a chestnut color. Of course, the choice of tone is always individual, but it is worth paying attention to when choosing a hairstyle for thin and curly hair. How to style a bean?

  • Create romantic curls or straighten your hair. Focus on your mood;
  • If the length allows, make a low beam. You do not need to fix it too tight, let the strings get out of the hairstyle a little. It looks fresh, especially since the beam is always relevant;
  • Do you want something original? Treat hair with corrugated forceps;
  • If you just want to diversify the classic bean, make a toothed part. It turns out a little playful hairstyle with strands of different length on the sides.

As you already knew, for thin and curly hairThe haircuts containing several layers will be optimal. These include the above options. Of course, there are many nuances that determine the final choice of hairstyle. To avoid mistakes, contact an experienced stylist, and you will forever forget that you have thin and naughty hair. And they will appear to the surrounding people a lush and healthy head of hair. We advise you to read: