Wedding hairstyles with braids When a girl presents herself as a bride,then necessarily draws in the imagination a dress with a million rhinestones, a long train and an incomparable decollete. Each stitch and button can be foreseen, every crease of a lush and long skirt can be beaten in the mind. But for some reason, wedding hairstyles always go to the background - well, really, what is there to invent? After all, you can go to the hair stylist, and he will do everything in the best possible way. But it is much more competent to pre-select a hairstyle, perhaps try to make it yourself (for example, with the help of a friend), thereby saving a considerable amount. So, you have more than enough time before the wedding - we begin to "conjure" over the hairdo!

What to choose from

If the girl has a mop of thick and longhair, she can easily change the image and come up with different options for hairstyles. By the way, many girls specially build their hair before the wedding ceremony. Still, the presence of romantic and elegant curls and braids immediately gives the bride tenderness and kindness. Wedding hairstyles and braids are two practically inseparable concepts, and there is plenty to choose from! You can try to braid a wide and three-dimensional braid - just weave it a little loosening the strands. Then even the thinnest and dry hair will look volume. And you can make not one, but two large braids - will be the image of an innocent bride. By the way, here you can apply not only the usual kind of weaving, but also improvise, braiding French braids or "spikelets". wedding hairstyles from plaits

Classical image

There are a lot of options, but it is necessary to makesomething very special and interesting - then the appearance will be perfect, and the mood is excellent. For example, strict classical wedding hairstyles will never go out of fashion:

  • Collect all the hair from the forehead to the back of the head and pull them into a tight knot. Be sure to check the perfect smoothness of hair on the crown and temples;
  • The resulting tail is combed and braided into a tight braid. For this hairstyle, you should make an ordinary classic braid of three braces;
  • Tie the tail of the braid with a thin rubber band, see that it is held securely - not a single knot should get out;
  • Now the finished scythe twist around the base of the tail and fasten it with the studs.

In principle, the hairstyle is ready, but the decorations are here too.will not be superfluous. First, you can use different types of braids - just attach invisible or hairpins artificial strands around your own hair. Secondly, you can fix the whole hairstyle not with simple hairpins, but studs with beads, pearls and rhinestones. There are also invisibles with miniature flowers, with satin ribbons - also an excellent option. Third, decorate your hair with silk flowers and be simply irresistible!

Original image

If the classics are already bored with you, and you wantcreate something unique from your hair, then you know - wedding hair styles tolerate any braids, in any form and from any side. After all, you can begin to weave braids from the back of the head, from the temples, even from the bangs! Try at least this option:

  • Comb your hair and gather half the strands from your forehead to the back of your head;
  • This collected bundle must be braided. You can do several plaits at once - it will be even more interesting. Only firmly fasten the tails - the hair should stay flawless all day long;
  • Now we collect strands on the sides. Make sure that they are straight and not entangled, and on the back of the head start to braid the braid;
  • You can braid two braids - for this, first collect the strands from above, and then from below and get very beautiful and, most importantly, the original hairstyle;
  • You can decorate the braid with flowers - just fix a few pieces at a certain distance.

Hairstyles with two or three braids are very popular andit is believed that such a miracle can only be created by masters of specialists. But in fact, you just need to give yourself a few days and practice. Then your wallet will not suffer exactly from unnecessary waste. Note that with braids a lot of fuss - in advance, choose free time. You will have to train more than one day. Wedding chores are a very pleasant experience. Such processes as dress fitting, selection of accessories, choice of hairstyles and plaiting braids, undoubtedly, will give pleasure both to the bride and her girlfriends. Yes, here without help it is unlikely to manage - the fact is that many braids are woven behind, in the back of the head. wedding hairstyles braids with flowers

Tips for creating hairstyles

  • If you prefer strict wedding hairstyles,then wash your hair, at least a day before the celebration. The fact is that this version of braids does not provide for flying curls and braces, and too pure hair will be magnificent, you will have to use a lot of varnish to fix them;
  • But if, according to your idea, pigtails should bevolume and airiness, then conduct water procedures immediately before starting work. And do not tighten the string very much. You can try to make light hair at the roots;
  • Scythe braids, but do not forget to pay attention andon the hair color. If you have gray, or the paint has washed a little from the last time, or your natural color is not too comfortable, then correct the position. Dye the hair no later than three to four days before the holiday;
  • Creating wedding hairstyles with braids, mastersIt is usually suggested to try to start braiding the braids from the forehead. Do not reject this option - if you have a long bang (or it is completely absent), then you can experiment with such braids, you will definitely be in the spotlight.

Wedding hairstyles should not only beoriginal, but also impeccable. Therefore, carefully examine yourself and make the right decision. By the way, for pigtails it will be quite appropriate and coloring, and highlighting, and chipping individual strands in radically different colors. Here the main thing is to select an image correctly. In general, hairstyles with braids there is a great variety. From classic three-row to African-American plaits, from strict strapped to bulky lungs. And wedding options are very hard to remember and list all! By the way, choosing a hairstyle, do not forget to compare your dress with your hair. For a long dress with a train and a long veil, the hair gathered in the bun is best suited. For a more modern version, not foreseeing a veil, you can make a few thin braids and decorate them with wedding accessories. If the celebration passes without the usual costume of the bride, the hairstyle can be anything. The main thing is to choose everything correctly and harmoniously, so that the whole image is one. Then the day of the wedding celebration will be held at the highest level and the memories of it will remain only good. We advise you to read: