haircut cap on hair A beautiful hairstyle is an important part of the stylishand the modern image of every woman. The easiest way to change the appearance and make the effect of novelty in your own appearance is to change the shape of your head of hear. An unusual and refined haircut cap for long hair today is considered one of the most urgent. This hairstyle allows you to combine short and long strands. The classic version of this haircut involves trimming the tips to one height. The cap for long hair allows not only to preserve the main length of the strands, but also to give the hairdo volume, emphasize the cheekbones and adjust the shape of the face. The cap suits the owners of any type of hair, be it straight, curly, thin, thick hair. A modern hat for long hair provides for a straight bang, which is a continuation of the haircut. Especially elegant looks such a hairstyle, in which a thick straight bangs and short strands are combined with wavy long curls. For styling it is advisable to use a round brush of large diameter and a hairdryer, with which the cap acquires volume. It is recommended to straighten the bangs with a special iron. Also, it is necessary to use the means for strong fixation: mousse, lacquer. This hairstyle allows you to visualize the volume of thin hair, raising the occipital area. But the owner of too thick and stiff head of hair is not recommended to use a similar hairstyle, since in this case it will look too bulky, and styling will cause difficulties. the advantage of cutting is the amount of hair

Benefits of haircuts

So, today the cap for long hair is a trendseason. Easy styling allows you not to spend a lot of time creating stylish looks. This is one of the most practical haircuts. To create a daily image, just twist the ends of the caps inside and "lift" the top with a hair dryer and a round brush. For the solemn occasion, there is a possibility of curling strands on curling irons or curlers, weaving all kinds of braids, creating elegant shells and bundles of hair. Cutting can be changed and apply different options for staining and the length of the tips, like the cap, and bangs, elongated strands. Hairdressers recommend coloring your hair in a uniform shade or practicing melirovanie and different-level staining only on short hair. Due to the variety of possible variations of this hairstyle, you can constantly update your image, always look stylish and modern. fashion haircuts

Exclusive haircuts

Contrary to stereotypical concepts, the cap on longhair can have an asymmetric shape, a small cascade, filleted and multi-level tips are allowed. However, do not get too carried away by such techniques: the hat should show itself clearly, and for this it is necessary to make a clear cutting contour. The bang can be oblique, located at an acute angle to the main strands. Especially effectively, the hair style looks when the tips of the hair are painted in contrasting color or when highlighting. There are many extravagant versions of the haircut under the hat. For example, boldly and unusually looks such a hairstyle with shaved temples or asymmetrical length. You can also experiment with the height of the crown: use an elongated front and a shortened square on the back of the head. This shape of the beak harmoniously looks like straight strands, but for curly locks one should prefer a cap with an oblique or straight bang below the eyebrow line. The length of the hair on the parietal area allows you to adjust the splendor of the cap: the shorter the hair at the back of the head, the more spacious the hair will be. The transition from prolonged strands to short should not be too sharp, but should not be blurred. Line caps should be clearly traced. A cap for long hair does not lose its relevance over the past few years. Correctly chosen version of the cap will emphasize the dignity of appearance and correct hair shortcomings.