Strollers Among most products for children, the mostthe main is a stroller that creates comfortable conditions not only for children, but also for parents. All modern models are divided into two main categories, these are options for newborns and walking. Variants for newborns are cradles designed for the smallest babies, it is in such a baby that it will feel comfortable, and reliably protected from low temperatures during the winter season. Walking options are primarily used for older children, where it is possible to tilt the backrest which can be adjusted in different positions. Carriages that allow you to combine the options of walking and cradles, these are transformers, like two in one, and three in one. In such models, the frame design is used, which allows the installation of various multifunctional modules, including cradles and , which can be designed for toddlers withbirth before reaching a weight of 36 kilograms. The maximum age of the baby when using the chair is 12 years. The main function of a car seat for children is to provide a level of safety that is provided not only as a result of an accident, but also in the case of sudden braking or maneuvering. The chair allows you to provide the child with the highest level of comfort during the trip. According to the international classification, they are divided into groups. This group 0, zero plus, the first, second and third, each of which is designed for a certain weight of the baby and age. Safe car seat All models have the ability of two methodsfastening in the car, this is using a special system of Isofix or using standard car seat belts. The most interesting and unique in design models are , which are universal and allowto travel with the highest level of comfort. All seat belts are five-point and can be easily adjusted, with the chair does not need to be removed at all. The whole construction is designed for durability, so the built-in frame is made of heavy-duty and light steel, which is not subject to deformation. The backrest can be tilted in two positions. For the newborn there is a special insert of increased comfort. All fabric covers are easily washed in the washing machine. To carry the baby provides a special carrying handle. A special insert is provided for the head and neck of the baby. Many models can be installed on Jetem strollers, which have a unique design, solid frame and an improved depreciation system. All wheels in many models are easily fixed and made inflatable. It should be noted that all car seats are easily installed on the wheelchair chassis, while a special adapter can be used, which allows easy and comfortable installation on any type of chassis.