education of a boy in the family Raising a child is very difficult. This is a complicated process that requires a competent approach. Often from many mothers you can hear phrases like this: "What a child you are naughty! We must take up your education! ". Although at this point they do not even understand, this task is impossible. Why? Because it is necessary to start a child with his birth, and not try to do it when there is already a harvest of the absence of this very ignorance. It is known that personality traits, personal qualities are laid down to five years. Only the family depends on what kind of person the child will grow up. Parents always have the task to invest in their child kindness, politeness, the desire to help the needy, obedience and many other positive qualities. How to do it correctly and, most importantly, how? In fact, one recipe for all parents simply does not exist. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the baby and his dad and with his mother. However, there are a number of basic rules that must be adhered to every day. It is also important to review communication within the family. If the father and mother do not respect each other, swear and do other wrong and immoral things, then the kid will perceive such behavior as the norm, therefore, will grow the same as his parents. And in this case it will be impossible to re-educate him.

Rules of communication with the child

1. It is important to keep calm. Even if mom is a very emotional and quick-tempered person, in the presence of her child, she should be calm, do not scream and all the more so do not grab him sharply by the hand. Perhaps, this rule is the most important. And it does not matter what age the child has. When the baby is at a young age, from sharp cries, he can start, cry from fright. When he is five years old, he can perceive them with protest - this largely depends on his individual characteristics of character. In this case, the baby will either start screaming and crying, or be offended. The consequences of such treatment with the child will not take long: after a short time, he will become very irritable, disobedient. Of course, because he models the behavior of parents, and therefore behaves the same way as they do. It will also have a negative effect on his nervous system. help the child to complete the tasks 2. Show a good example. As already mentioned above, children model the behavior of adults. Parents are an example of imitation for them. Who better than them can show how to behave in this world? Babies, like monkeys, in all the copying behavior of adults. In education, you need to show cunning. Why not take advantage of this cute childlike imitation feature and not show regularly good examples? For example, kamaz , attributes for drawing, sewing and show the daughteror son, how interesting it is to spend time on such an occupation. Unfortunately, adults do not always show good examples. Often you can hear from children such abusive words that not every shoemaker knows. Kids very accurately copy adults, so it's important to behave (at least with the baby) so that the child is shown how to properly behave. 3. Observe the unity of requirements. It is important that all adults who surround the child are equally strict and affectionate with him. In no case should you not allow, for example, the dad forbade the baby to watch TV, and mom, on the contrary, encouraged it. In no case need to say: "It is impossible, because the pope forbids". It is important to explain the cause to the child. Otherwise, he will perceive a person who constantly prohibits him, as an enemy.

In custody

It is necessary that the implementation of these rules become a habit. The main thing is to love your crumbs and to approach the issue of his upbringing with a mind, to buy all kinds of and deal with it.