gold threads in cosmetology reviews It is known that gold has long been used by people inThe quality of metal, from which you can be fed energy, from which you can feel the heat. This metal is used as precious for making amazing beauty of jewelry, gold is considered a sign of prosperity and solvency, in ancient civilizations gold was the most amazing (for those times) and advanced medical and surgical instruments. In addition, gold was used in numerous magical rituals to communicate with otherworldly worlds. Today, when many secrets of using gold are studied and disclosed, medicine takes it into service as a means that not only prolongs youth, but also allows it to be returned. This and interesting gold threads in cosmetology: feedback about their use often become the cause of a variety of disputes, but, one way or another, today they have not found an alternative. Reinforcement with gold threads or, as it is customarily called in medical and cosmetic circles - reinforcement by bionites, entered the list of cosmetic and surgical procedures relatively recently. Since gold refers to the metal that does not cause allergies and does not cause the body to show any reactions, it has become the means by which surgeons and cosmetologists have made a basic bet and have not lost the battle with aging. This is quite simple from the point of view of specialists in the field of cosmetology and surgeons procedure, but today it has no equal in terms of getting rid of unwanted wrinkles. Often this procedure can be performed for thirty minutes or an hour, but the effect is colossal compared to the results you can observe after using liposome creams and deep massages. Using to maintain the beauty and youth of reinforcing gold threads, even not very wealthy people can boast today, as this procedure is available to many. Therefore, many people are interested in gold threads: the consequences of their use do not cause any allergic reactions, which allows not to conduct additional tests for allergic reactions when they are used for cosmetic purposes.

Implantation of threads into soft tissues of the body

Golden threads in cosmetology are usedliterally from the moment they discovered their useful properties. Implantation of the gold strands takes place in specialized clinics or cosmetology rooms. To carry out the implantation of gold threads, use special gold of the highest quality (24 carats, diameter - 0.09 and less mm), but the thread is introduced under the skin only with the accompanying polyglycolic thread. The threads are not implanted chaotically, since before the very beginning of the procedure, the areas of the body where the strands are to be implanted are labeled. This can be not only our usual face, neck and chest, but also the back of the elbow part of the forearm, hips, legs and stomach. Then the two strands are immediately charged into the trihedral atraumatic needle. It is the use of such a needle that causes a fast and virtually traumatic procedure of implantation of gold threads. After implantation, the so-called adaptation of gold strands in the body occurs under the skin. It lies in the fact that it is around the thread that the new connective tissue rapidly grows, which is the reserve of the organism, which allows you to quickly and qualitatively get rid of wrinkles and many other unpleasant for each person age changes. The implantation of gold threads allows the body to increase the flow of blood to the connective tissues (usually the lower, deep layers of the skin), to saturate them with oxygen and nutrients. At the same time, even those facial wrinkles that you saw on your face for several decades are smoothed out. Since the threads are crosswise, they create a fairly strong frame, capable of withstanding the age-related changes over the next ten years. Golden threads in cosmetology have become a means that show their unique action for about six weeks towards rejuvenation and retain its fairly long period. Do not forget that you need to lead a correct lifestyle in order to keep the effect as long as possible.

Results and consequences

gold reinforcementGolden threads for the face - this is the mostA common form when using gold in cosmetology. It is thanks to them that not only the relief of the face changes, but also the color of the skin, its elasticity and elasticity. When carrying out implantation, the tubercles are quickly and qualitatively smoothed, the vascular networks and the pigmented spots on the skin are eliminated. If you have bruises and bruises during implantation of gold threads for the face, then do not worry (as they will go down in a few days, and are a consequence of a violation of the integrity of the capillaries that you have close to the skin surface). If you were lifted face gold threads, then for about a week is to observe some precautionary measures to complete the formation of the frame under the skin of the face. So, within four to five days it is advisable to sleep on your back so that your face is not subject to transformation. During the week, it is necessary to avoid deep massage and exposure to the skin of the face with any chemical or mechanical means. At this time, wrinkles begin to smooth out, skin tone tone increases, capillary circulation increases, hematomas disappear and connective tissue builds around the implanted thread. When carrying out a facelift with gold threads, it is necessary to get advice from a specialist. Despite the fact that the threads are safe, you can not use them without special counseling. If you decide to use the reinforcement of bioinitries, then it's worth paying attention not only to your own desire and the recommendations of professionals, but it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the reviews of those who have already used this service. A fairly common and effective way to pull up the face oval and return the skin to the freshest and sleekest kind is golden threads: the reviews about them are only the most positive. Today you can easily see this.


When we decide to learn something about new techniquesstruggle with aging, we are looking for everything that can only give us information. So, gold threads in cosmetology: reviews about them today are posted not only on the sites and forums of numerous women, but also on the sites of good cosmetology companies. Ask what the gold threads in cosmetology are: a response about them can surprise you. After all, people's opinions about this cosmetic procedure can be as diverse as different people can be, who used them. But all of them are similar in one - fast and qualitative rejuvenation of those parts of the body into which they were implanted. To date, the safest and most effective way to build up the internal connective tissue to fight wrinkles is the golden threads: the consequences of using this procedure can be observed in the form of the effect of rejuvenation from one to six (seven) weeks on increasing. We advise you to read: