glazing hair at home In the hairdressing salon, clients are offeredvarious procedures to strengthen and restore dull, dry and thin hair. There are many masks, serums, balsams - all and not to list. But recently there was one more service - glazing hair. Despite the "culinary" name, this procedure has nothing to do with the kitchen. And, nevertheless, the effect is seen instantly, it is long enough and is pleasant to everyone without exception.

How is the procedure performed

There is nothing difficult in glazing hair. Everything happens pretty quickly: the hair is washed with a mild shampoo, then the entire glaze is applied and dried. At the same time, several layers of glaze are made, her hair absorbs gradually, so gluten is excluded. The composition of the glaze includes keratin, which helps to strengthen and nourish the hair. And this happens directly from the hair bulbs, that is, from the inside. If in general your hair is healthy and damaged only, for example, the tips (cut off), then it is possible to glaze exactly the damaged part of the head. To carry out this restorative procedure, two types of glaze are used: colorless and colored. Colorless glaze will give shine and silkiness to the hair, but the color will leave the original. But if you want to slightly change the existing shade of hair, then you should use colored glaze. It does not include ammonia, which means that the procedure for hair is harmless. Of course, cardinally the color will not change, but it's quite possible to get a brighter and more saturated shade of hair. The procedure for glazing hair is so simple that it can be done at home. The main thing is to buy the necessary compounds and do everything strictly according to the instructions. Of course, this will be a little cheaper than in the beauty salon, but you need to buy the necessary cosmetic materials in professional stores. self-glazing hair at home

How to make everything at home

So, first you should buyprofessional Spanish cosmetics - "SALERM". Immediately decide if you want to slightly change the shade of your hair - this will have to be taken into account when selecting components. In addition, if you decide to glaze hair at home, then remember the list of necessary funds:

  • Intensive conditioner with vitamin B and keratin;
  • Shampoo fixer;
  • Stabilizer of color - it comes in the form of foam, in the composition there are fruit acids;
  • Tint color - here you will have to choose the color that most closely matches the natural color of your hair.

And now, in fact, the algorithm:

  • Wash your head thoroughly with a mild shampoo, notRemember to rinse hair well. No balms, conditioners or conditioner can be used. Wipe with a towel, completely dry hair is not worth it. Comb, dividing into small strands;
  • In a separate container (preferably ceramic)mix shade dye with fixing shampoo in a proportion of 1: 2. Stir it slowly, without whipping - as a result you will get a mother-of-pearl gel;
  • Now we put the gel on the hair. To do this, it is better to use a brush, do not skip any strands. A specific shade of the gel will help control its uniform application;
  • The gel should last on the hair for 15 minutes. Through this time, rinse thoroughly with warm water;
  • Now we use the color stabilizer - we apply for the entire length of the hair. When you begin to spread it on the strands, you will get a light foam. It should be left for 5 minutes and then all washed off with warm water;
  • Well and now we put the conditioner - it will impregnatehair, give them shine, moisturize the entire hair and increase its tone. Do not flush the air conditioner. Proteins of silk, which are part of this remedy, will penetrate deeply into each hair, into the hair follicle, to restore the structure.

That's all - time, this procedure takesabout 60 minutes, if you have a short haircut, then you will spend less time. Note that by glazing the hair at home, you need to turn off the phone and try not to be distracted by trifles - after all, this is not a manicure that can be changed at any time. But do not be seduced by callsign slogans and hope for a complete cure of hair - unfortunately, glazing is rather an aesthetic procedure, rather than a curative. Of course, both proteins nourish, and keratin gives a positive effect. But, as soon as the protective film is washed away, everything will immediately return to its places. The advantages of this procedure are that it can be carried out at any time of the year, unlimited number of times - it is absolutely safe. This most protective film is washed off after 2-3 weeks, provided that you wash your hair more than 2 times a week. On assurances of manufacturers of cosmetics and stylists, a repeated glazing procedure will need to be carried out in 4-6 weeks. Yes, gloss, luxury, silkiness will provide glazing. But think about the following: is it worth spending a pretty impressive amount of money for this cosmetic procedure? Moreover, it will have to be done more than once. It is better to approach to the decision of problems in a complex way and to visit the doctor engaged in hair treatment. Let him conduct a survey and determine the cause of the painful condition of the head of hear, give recommendations and prescribe treatment. Yes, it's faster just to go to a stylist or a house to make yourself glazed. But it's much nicer to have your own posh hair and do not spend a lot of money on temporary improvement of appearance. The whole image of a woman should be beautiful and harmonious. Whichever costume you put on, whatever shoes you put on - untidy hair, dry and breaking tips can spoil the impression of the whole image. Therefore, it is worth the effort and work on yourself. And what to choose - glazing or complex treatment - depends only on you. We advise you to read: