glass nail file Tool, like a nail file,existed in ancient times, but similar modern ones appeared only in the middle of the 19th century. Maria Antoinette of the Queen of France had a nail file made of pumice stone, and she could always boast of the beautiful shape of her marigolds. The rest of the French women were very interested in this tool, so pumice was given a convenient form of pencil and women began to use it to give the nails an ideal shape. Today, a beautiful manicure is an indispensable element of the female image, in importance, probably the same as makeup. Because the hands are almost always in sight, as well as the face. We gesticulate, periodically we correct our hair with a hair, etc. Even if a woman has an impeccable make-up, but her nails are uneven, and the varnish is almost peeling off, the overall impression of her will not be remarkable. That's why every woman in the arsenal should have several nail files and cuticles, because they have different granularity and are used for various purposes.

What is the difference between the nail files?

Because of the diversity presented, it is very difficultsometimes to figure out how to choose a nail file or what kind of nail file is better? First, it should be noted that all the nail files are divided according to the degree of rigidity. The abrasive, or the rigidity of the nail file, is measured in grit. It turns out, the more grit, the smaller at the sawing spraying and, consequently, the softer it is. For example, if you see the inscription "180240" on your nail file, this means that one side of your nail file has a 180 grit abrasiveness in one cm2 of the saw's surface and is suitable for processing solid natural nails. But the second side is 240 grit, which means it is softer. Films with abrasiveness from 100 to 180 grit serve for the processing of artificial nails, for natural ones they are too rigid. With saws with an abrasive from 180 to 240 grit you can safely file natural nails. Abrasive from 240 to 500 grit serves for grinding, well, more than 1000 grit - for polishing nails. Here by these parameters you can determine the abrasiveness of any nail file:

  • 80 grit - The toughest
  • 100 grit - Very tough
  • 120 grit - Rigid
  • 180 grit - Medium hardness
  • 220 grit - Average
  • 320 grit - Medium, softer
  • 400 grit - Soft

Crumble abrasive should not in any case. Also on the fillet should not remain traces of the nails. It is necessary to check it for strength. So how to choose the right nail files correctly? By the abrasiveness, the material from which they are made, the size and shape of the different types of nail files. Which nail file is better - it already depends on the individual characteristics of your nail plates. It must be remembered that when using the nail file, the edge of the nail should be easily processed, evenly and quickly "cut off". To check the quality of the file, you need to swipe your finger along the edge of the nail after the treatment. If its surface is very uneven and rough, then this nail file does not suit you, it should be replaced. If you often crack nails, especially after the treatment with a saw, then such a manicure tool also needs to get rid of. In the female cosmetic bag there must be at least two files: for the direct formation of the nail and the nail file for grinding. At home, let the nail file be kept for polishing nails. Despite the fact that there are many types of nail files, they all usually come in one standard size: 1.5-2 cm wide and 17-18 cm long, although exceptions are possible. For example, miniature nail files or nail files are curved. The main thing is not to skimp on the quality nail file, because a poorly selected tool will only harm your nails. It should be remembered that for shortening the nails, large files are needed, and to make the nails form smaller. nail file for polishing nails

Types of nail files

  • Metal nail file

As a rule, this nail file iscoarse, so it is suitable only for artificial nails, and only for acrylic. And for helium nails care is needed softer. For the treatment of real nails, use of iron tools is not recommended, as they injure the structure of the nail plate, as a result of which your nail will fade. Hence the conclusion: a metal file is the best file for nails, but only for artificial ones! If you are too accustomed to this type of nail file, then let it be a fine-grained and semi-circular shape.

  • Ceramic nail files

A ceramic nail file is used,To give nails the necessary form. In addition, a ceramic nail file is good to handle coarse skin around the nails. For weakened nails, the most appropriate are the ceramic nail files.

  • Files on wooden basis

This nail file is the strongest file of allproposed in the market, because in the hands of the master it will not vibrate, but, on the other hand, it is the least flexible. In order to slightly reduce this drawback, manufacturers usually make it a semi-circular shape. Extremely whimsical in the care, because you can not wash it, and you need to store it in a special case.

  • Nail file for polishing

To give the nails shine, you need a file forpolishing of nails. Most often, polishing nail files are sold - four in one - with their sequence numbers. Polishing nail file with rough coating is used with great care. Do not abuse polishing, use such a nail file for polishing nails twice a year, when you completely change the nail. Otherwise, the nail plate will become thinner.

  • Pylochki with emery chips on paper or polyurethane basis

This nail file is one of the most popular for thismoment, which is quite understandable: for the nail plates it is very gentle, and its price is low. These nail files are suitable for both natural nails and artificial nails. The only thing that is worth considering - these nail files can not be washed, although for their cleaning you can use a dry toothbrush. The polyurethane-based filaments are more durable, therefore, as a rule, they cost a little more. Such nail files are suitable only for individual use.

  • Corundum Files

Outwardly they are very similar to the previous type of saws,but these are more expensive for the price. The name of their material "corundum" came from the Sanskrit word "coruwin", which means - ruby. Corundum files are more durable than saws with artificial emery spraying.

  • Glass nail files

Recently, for allProfessional nail files, like crystal and glass nail files. As for the glass nail file, it is considered to be the best nail file, however, like the crystal nail file. Because it has everything else, and has no expiration date. That is, glass nail files are used for quite a long time, besides they can be sterilized and disinfected. Glass nail file can be coarse and fine-grained. Fine-grained nail files are used for grinding nails - to smooth the surface of the nail. However, it is not recommended to polish the nail plate more than once a week, otherwise the nails can become weak and very brittle. Glass nail file is ideal for natural nails, and for artificial nails. After applying this nail file, the nails do not break and do not fade. When caring for artificial nail plates, it is recommended that the glass nail file be moistened periodically in water during operation. Such a nail file is not afraid of water, high temperature, saline solutions, ultraviolet rays, so they are well suited for disinfection. When using the house, the glass nail file should be thoroughly washed with running water after work and then wiped with a dry cloth. Quality and convenient is a glass nail file for zinger. It does not injure nails, protects them from brittleness, prevents their separation. This file does not require special care, like all glass nail files, not afraid of water or any other liquids. It can be sterilized, boiled or washed. Therefore, zinger nail files are very popular as professional nail files. Their glass surface never wears out and has a lifetime warranty.

  • Crystal Files

Crystal nail files are anothersafe for health nails type saws. They are the product of long scientific developments and high technologies and therefore the crystal file is quite an expensive acquisition. For this reason, it is necessary to choose such a saw with the utmost care to protect yourself from buying a counterfeit. The price of a crystal nail file usually ranges from 200 to 400 rubles. The cost always depends on its size, color, manufacturer and some other additional parameters. Falsification of such a saw can be bought much cheaper, but they usually contain such metals, which, being beyond their norm, are very dangerous to health. The original crystal nail file is perfectly safe for nail plates, cuticles, and for health in general. These saws are made by microprecipes on the glass, that is, the very structure of the file is corrugated. It does not injure the nail, so it can nail the nail plate in different directions. After using this nail file, the edge of the nail will not remain rough and will not require additional polishing. Therefore, you can only purchase one single crystal file and not buy an additional file for polishing nails. With the help of a crystal file it is possible to treat the coarsened skin around the nail. At the same time, the skin will not be injured, but will become more smooth and soft. That is, this nail file and cuticle fits the same. It can also be used on artificial nails. But since they are harder, the saw should be made more rigid by dousing it with water. Also fit crystal nail files for the exaggerated nails, because they can move the correction procedure for some time. Since using a crystal file, you can compare the boundary between the enlarged part and the natural overgrown nail. An important factor, which speaks in favor of crystal nail files, is their impeccable hygiene. These saws withstand all types of disinfection: exposure to ultraviolet light, treatment with disinfectant solutions, washing, etc. That's why they are most often used in professional beauty salons. The most famous company producing such nail files is the German company Bogema Cosmetics. Perhaps the only drawback of crystal saws, like any other glass, is the fact that they can accidentally break.

  • Diamond nail file

An excellent grinding nail file is a diamondA nail file "Diamant", which is intended for the final processing of artificial and natural nails. A special high-quality coating of a diamond nail file makes nail treatment ideal. Also such a file is famous for its very long service life. Diamond nail file is ideal for hard and non-breaking nails.

  • A saw with a sealing effect

Shere Nagel Nail File with effectSealing is suitable for all kinds of nails, even artificial ones. It is especially recommended for brittle, thin and exfoliating nail plates. This nail filings the edge of the nail very smoothly, as if cutting it, creating an ideal, brilliant, smooth cut. A nail file Shere Nagel is distinguished by a stylish design. It is extremely convenient and fast to use. Its metal surface is patented. In its composition, stainless steel and plastic.

  • Nail file for nail extensions

There are also special nail files for nail extensions. They are used in the process of building. Files for nail extensions - this is the tool on which the health of the nail plate depends greatly. They should treat it with care, which will just indicate the high quality of this file. The main advantages of nail files are reliable durability and a very gentle coating, which, on the one hand, facilitates rapid filing, and on the other hand, provides a gentle effect on the nail plate. After the procedure of building up, use fine-abrasive nail files. A common rule for all the nail files, like polishing nail files, and, for example, diamond nail files, is their individual use. Remember that any nail file is a means of personal hygiene. Never use other people's nail files and do not share your own, to avoid getting into the nail microbes. Of all the nail files you can determine for yourself which nail files are better for you and your nails, which in any case should always look healthy and beautiful. We advise you to read: