Putting ourselves in order for holidays Here comes the long-awaited summer, soon yougo on holiday to the sea. This time you decided to go to Thailand. This is a wonderful resort country in which you will feel like a real queen. Only here, to begin with, you need to tidy yourself up. In a woman everything must be perfect - both the face and the figure, but the character - what will happen. All spring you were not lazy and went to the gym - raised dumbbells, pumped the press, turned an exercise bike for an hour, exhausted themselves with diets, and here it is the result. Now you are almost ready to go conquer Thai men. Why almost? Because something is needed for more careful care, namely - for the face, and in this you are ready to help hardware cosmetology. In beauty salons it is used to significantly improve the effect of procedures, as well as for the introduction of various cosmetic products deep into the skin. Among women, a procedure such as peeling - skin cleansing or light treatment is common. During this procedure, photosensitive cellular structures are stimulated that spread to the entire human body. Also very popular vacuum facial massage, it is used by women who have dark circles under the eyes, it perfectly removes puffiness. When you are courting your face, you can proceed to the legs. In Thailand, you are going to wear a minimum of clothes, which means that your legs will always be visible. Therefore, you need to purchase in advance the means for epilation. Some women prefer to use a depilator. It works silently, neatly and qualitatively, your legs will be in order about a month. But if you want to achieve a more lasting effect, our advice is wax epilation. Firstly, with the help of wax, the hair removal procedure is much easier, and secondly, the result will very soon please you when you do not need to remove the hair again in a month. Therefore, we offer you a cassette waxplant to buy it in a specialized store of cosmetics and body care, and there is also a chance to order a device in an online store. It evenly heats the wax, which makes it easy and quick to carry out epilation. What is important is that after several procedures, the hair on the legs grow even slower. With the help of a wax-up, you can evenly apply wax, heat it to an ideal temperature. All this allows you to carry out the procedure faster and reduces the likelihood of burns.