The history of this crumb is a lesson for everyone: never give up, fight to the end. Little Fiona Grace started her struggle for life in her mother's womb. At the 21st week of pregnancy, an American woman, Otem Dunn, made an ultrasound and learned about the terrible diagnosis of a baby. The girl found a defect in the development of the forebrain: his lobes are not disconnected. This anomaly happens in one for 10 thousand newborns. It causes the child cramps and other serious health problems. The doctor told the future mother: her child, having been born, will not live for a couple of hours. - My husband and I were simply destroyed - the emotions of Otem are simple to understand. On the same day, the couple have chosen a name for their little girl - Fiona Grace. And from that time on they never ceased praying for a crumb, asking God for a miracle and healing.Photo:@ mommynluvnit A couple of months later, a new ultrasound. The heart is enlarged, there are problems with blood vessels and the liver, and due to the accumulation of fluid in the brain, part of it is simply absent. Almost desperate, the parents decide: if their baby survives childbirth and leaves this world, she will become an organ donor. And then her life, even if so short, will not be in vain. Only God knows what was in the mother's soul at that moment. The trouble did not come alone. Just a few days before the birth, Autumn's mother died. “When the funeral took place, my father and I thought we needed to buy another plot in the cemetery. For my Fiona. So that she could lie with her grandmother ... - says Autumn. The doctors offered to terminate the pregnancy, but the woman resolutely refused ... And now, holding baby Fiona in her arms, the happy mother does not stop repeating how the doctors were wrong. The girl was born on January 3 with the help of Caesarean section. Born without making a sound “It was terrible,” Autumn recalls. - But then I heard her first cry and realized that everything would be fine. I just knew it. ”Fiona was born with a weight of 2.8 kg. She was breathing, her heart was beating hard. In addition, an ultrasound scan of the brain showed that everything is not as bad as doctors said before. The baby underwent surgery to drain fluid from the brain. Now her life is not in danger. The girl is steadily gaining weight, delighting her mother with a good appetite. “My daughter is my little fighter,” says Autumn proudly. Of course, there are still problems. The cyst in the girl's brain will probably remain there forever, and this can threaten the baby with blindness. In addition, Fiona's left kidney and ureter are dilated. So the treatment still has a long way to go. However, Fiona is alive, and this is the main thing. Very soon she will celebrate the first month of her life. “When we realized that we could bring our girl home, her eldest child David went to buy clothes for her. Fiona didn't have any things at all, because we were preparing for the worst, '' says Autumn, and shares her innermost experiences: “You must follow your heart and your faith. This is the only thing that helped me survive and endure all this.