gingerbread cake without baking Many people like sweets, especially children. Small sweets are ready to absorb delicious cakes, chocolate sweets, cookies, buns, rolls and the like products round the clock. Perhaps your child often asks to make a pie. How do you act in this case? Go to the store and buy the finished product, because there is a catastrophic lack of time for baking? We will give you a really easy recipe, which takes a maximum of fifteen minutes. Gingerbread cake, which will now be discussed, can be made for everyone: a beginner, and a real pro. You do not need special kitchen appliances, and from the financial point of view the dish turns out to be quite economical and inexpensive. So why not try a delicious dessert that does not require baking? It's simple, fast, and most importantly - incredibly tasty.

Sour-banana cake "Gingerbread"

The first recipe, which we will consider directlynow, is a real find for a busy housewife. To enjoy the delicate taste of delicacies, you do not have to spend a lot of cooking time, because dessert does not require baking. It is enough to cut the gingerbread, shake the sour cream and put the dish in several layers. If you want to decorate your creation, use crushed walnuts, cocoa powder, peanuts, coconut chips, perhaps you have your own recipe for a sweet sauce that you can pour on the cake. In general, do not be afraid to connect fantasy, sometimes it only serves food. Ingredients:

  • 500 milliliters of fatty sour cream
  • half a kilo of soft chocolate gingerbread
  • two large bananas
  • 100 grams of powdered sugar or sand

For decoration:

  • 35 grams of walnuts
  • coconut shavings or cocoa - at your discretion

Cooking method: Today, cakes that do not require continuous baking are very popular. On our site the recipe of such dessert from cookies already was considered, if you want you can try it in practice. But there is another very successful version of a light and quick cake - this time we will prepare it from chocolate gingerbread. Going to the store, choose a soft and fresh product. After all, often such confectionery products are quite dry and firm, in which case they will have to soak them for a while in milk or make more cream for impregnation. But more about this later, and now take the recipe in your hands and, using the provided instruction, start to prepare the cake. So, to make a dessert without baking, first cut each cake into two equal halves. Then peel the bananas and chop them into thin circles. Now you need to prepare the cream: to do this, combine in a deep bowl of powdered sugar and sour cream, then carefully whip the ingredients with a whisk. If your house has a blender or mixer, we recommend using one of the kitchen appliances. Then the mass will come out more lush and homogeneous. It came to nuts: clean them from the shell and put them on a warmed-up frying pan. Fry for about four minutes, when they cool, crush the product with a mortar, hammer or blender. The recipe has almost come to an end, it's up to the small thing - you need to collect the cake. To do this, neatly cover the inside of the dishes, in which you will prepare the product, special food film. Attention, its edges should hang from the mold. In extreme cases, you can do with a conventional plastic bag. Now, each gingerbread alternately dip into sour cream and lay it on the bottom of the bowl. Distribute the products very close to each other - this will be the first floor of the future cake. Fill empty spaces with debris and small pieces of chocolate. When finished, apply a little cream on top and lay out the banana slices. Then repeat the same procedure several times until all the ingredients are completely used up. Appetizing cake without baking is almost ready, it remains only to decorate it. As mentioned at the very beginning, for this you can use powdered sugar, fruit shavings, cocoa and any other products. We take walnuts - sprinkle your creation with them. Just do not forget to grease the gingerbread cake on all sides with the remnants of the cream. If you are not indifferent to nuts, we suggest a little change the recipe - lay them on top of each banana layer. Collecting a chocolate dessert in this way, you will ensure a culinary success - no one will guess that it is made from ordinary gingerbread. We used sour cream sauce for impregnation, but if you want to diversify the dish, try to cook the custard or cream. For flavor, you can add a little vanilla. Do you like kiwi? Try to complement them with the dish, but this is a completely different recipe, which we'll talk about a little later. Humidity of dessert is regulated by the amount of cream: the more it is, the correspondingly, the product will be more delicious, juicier and more appetizing. After the completion of the cooking procedure, take the cake to the refrigerator for two or three hours, or better for the whole night. This recipe exists in yet another interpretation, which differs in the way in which it is laid out. So, if in the first case the dish turns out to be similar to the usual chocolate cakes, then in the second it can be made of any shape. Just smash the gingerbread cookies on medium size pieces, then pour them into sour cream and mix thoroughly. The resulting mass is laid out on a flat plate in the form of a slide, decorate the dish with bananas, cut pieces, and sprinkle with nuts. Bon Appetit! gingerbread cake

Cake with pineapple "Chocolate Gingerbread"

We offer to learn one more quick recipeincredibly appetizing and juicy dessert. Cooked from tender gingerbread, it does not require baking, which means that you will spend very little time at the stove. So even if you are not an adherent of culinary experiments and do not like to cook, we recommend not to bypass the chocolate dish by side. It will help if guests unexpectedly arrive or the child asks for a sweet treat. Just ten minutes, and the cake is already on the table. Agree, it is very convenient, and most importantly - delicious. Ingredients:

  • 150 grams of granulated sugar
  • 700-850 grams of soft gingerbread with chocolate flavor
  • 60-70 grams of fried peanuts
  • 300 milliliters of sour cream
  • vanillin - optional
  • 120 grams of canned pineapple

For decoration:

  • 30 grams of black or milk chocolate

Cooking method: This recipe for a quick chocolate cake without baking is an indispensable assistant for every housewife. If visitors suddenly came to your house, and the refrigerator was empty, do not rush to despair. Get the gingerbread (or go for them to the nearest store) and make a dessert out of them. While the kettle starts to boil, and you have plenty of talk with your friends, the sweet delicacy will already permeate. For its preparation you can use both fresh and canned pineapples. If you want, fill up the fruit with bananas or, for example, kiwi. The product will be even more appetizing. Well, now let's look at this recipe in great detail. So, if you bought gingerbread with glaze, gently cut it with a knife, and chop the items themselves with medium-thick circles. In principle, you can leave a sweet sweet, but keep in mind that it can ruin the taste of the future cake. So it's better not to take chances. Now combine in the bowl for the blender fatty sour cream and sugar, whisk thoroughly until smooth. If you want, you can add a little vanilla, it will give the product an incredibly piquant flavor. If you work as a whisk, we recommend using not powder, but powder, which is better and faster dissolves. Chopped walnuts chop into small pieces, and with pineapple pour off excess liquid and cut into cubes. A little more, and the recipe will come to its logical conclusion. Let's start assembling the cake: cover the form from the inside with a special film so that its edges hang outward. Lubricate the bottom with a small amount of cream, then lay out the first layer of gingerbread. If you have cavities and gaps, fill them with pieces of products. After you have smeared everything from above with sour cream sauce and decorate with pineapple, then repeat the same steps until you use all the products. If you have a little cream left, treat them with the top of the product. Then peel the peanuts and dry it in a hot saucepan over low heat. Lubricate the dishes with oil is not necessary. Sprinkle nuts on the finished cake, cover it with a film and send it to the refrigerator. To make the dish juicy, let it brew for about five to six hours. If time does not last, keep the food warm, so it will soak faster. Before serving, unfold the film, cover the dishes with a flat plate and turn over. Then remove excess polyethylene and sprinkle the delicacy with grated chocolate. Ornaments can also serve as pieces of canned or fresh pineapple, kiwi or powdered sugar.

Cake "Inspiration" made of gingerbread with persimmon, nuts and bananas

The following recipe inspires cookingdelicious desserts - it is very simple, so it takes a minimum of effort and time. And what more do you need a busy hostess? Agree, after returning home after a busy day, you will hardly want to mess around with the test, wait until it rises and make sure that the product is not burned in the oven. Difficult culinary masterpieces are better for leaving for the weekend. But you can cook an appetizing cake without baking. It is with this dish, we will now introduce you. Ingredients: For cake:

  • three medium solid banana
  • a little less than a kilogram of any fresh gingerbread (preferably using chocolate)
  • 60 grams of peanuts, almonds, walnuts or other nuts
  • two dense, ripe persimmons (the fruit should be hard, otherwise the cake will "flow")

For a gentle cream:

  • two-ounce packet of butter
  • 450 milliliters of sour cream (take 20% fat and more)
  • a glass of powdered sugar or sand

For glaze:

  • 20 milliliters of sour cream or cream
  • three large spoons of sugar
  • 50 grams of fresh butter
  • 25 grams of cocoa powder (you can replace it with black chocolate)

Cooking method: When choosing fruit, buy strong and ripe fruit. If you take a too soft persimmon, you can spoil the dish - it will drain too much juice. Do not like persimmon? Replace it with oranges or, for example, kiwi. You'll see, it will turn out very delicious too. Well, let's get started? So, divide the gingerbread with a knife into two pieces, if they are large, then three. Then remove the peel from the bananas and chop them in circles, just do the persimmons. Then, peel the walnuts from the shell and dry them in the saucepan. If you are using peanuts or almonds, do the same. Grind the product with a mortar or a conventional hammer, and now take care of the cream. Butter is recommended in advance - at least half an hour - to get out of the refrigerator. It should be soft, slightly melted, chop it into pieces and rub it with a fork. Then put into a deep bowl and whisk with a mixer or blender. Continuing to actively work on the device, gradually pour the granulated sugar, add two or three tablespoons of sour cream. In the end, you should get a fluffy homogeneous mass. When finished, cover the inner walls of the mold with a plastic bag or special food film, then dunk each gingerbread into the cream and put it on the bottom of the dishes. You must come out tight, without any voids, a kind of "springboard" for the future cake. Therefore, distribute the gingerbread very close to each other, and fill the remaining places with pieces of chocolate dough and walnuts. As soon as the lower "floor" of the dish is ready, grease it with a sweet creamy cream sauce, and top with a persimmon. Then repeat the procedure exactly the same way, only this time the gingerbreads are covered with banana slices. The layers in the dessert can be any number, everything depends on the number of products. The final "floor" of the food consists of gingerbread - lubricate them with a cream only from the bottom, since the top will be glazed with the product. The procedure for its preparation is quite simple: melt butter on the steam bath, then add cream or sour cream to it and carefully rub everything with a fork. Put the mixture on a quiet fire and heat, gradually introduce sugar and cocoa. Add food in small portions, otherwise the chocolate cream will be taken up by lumps. Stir thoroughly all ingredients when they form a uniform, viscous mass, turn off the hotplate and allow to cool. Then pour the resulting cake over the icing, sprinkle it with chopped and lightly toasted nuts and put it in a cold room. After four to five hours, as soon as the dessert is infused and well soaked, cut it into portions and serve it for tea. gingerbread recipe

Cake "Lemon" from gingerbread with dried fruits

This lemon cake is an excellent dessert for roastsummer. Nothing is as refreshing as the slightly sour taste of fruit in the dish. Most importantly - its preparation does not take too much time. After all, you do not need to knead the dough and suffer from the cream - just crack the gingerbread and combine them with the other products needed for dessert. To an appetizing lemon dainty is perfect cold berry compote, jelly and juice. Take note of the recipe and, having mastered it in your kitchen, find out what will come of it. Ingredients: For gingerbread cake:

  • 150 grams of gentle butter
  • half a tiny spoonful of soda
  • fresh gingerbread - 450 grams
  • two eggs
  • ten milliliters of freshly squeezed lemon juice

For filling:

  • one medium lemon
  • 100 grams of raisins
  • the same amount of dried apricots
  • 100 grams of prunes
  • a handful of walnuts

Cooking method: We added dried fruits to the cake, but if you want, you can safely use fresh ones. With a lemon ideally combine kiwi, sweet and sour apples, oranges and tangerines. They perfectly complement the taste of dessert. Before proceeding directly to its preparation and assembly, lay out prunes in prunes and golden raisins and pour them with warm water. Let it brew for about half an hour, then get rid of excess fluid, and dry the dried fruits with a paper towel. The products will soften, and the dish will be more gentle. Chop prunes and raisins together with dried apricots into thin strips. Now grate the lemon zest on a small grater, and squeeze the juice out of the remaining pulp (you need a tablespoon). Combine the raisins and prunes and pass them through the meat grinder. If you do not have such a kitchen appliance, just cut the ingredients as small as possible. In the received mass enter a lemon juice, a peel and carefully mix. Gingerbread should be soft, if you get too dry, you can hold them for two minutes in milk. Break the items into small pieces and chop them into a meat grinder, then add a little soda to the mass. Thoroughly stir the gingerbread with your hands, and then combine it with soft butter. Now in a separate bowl, whisk the eggs to a uniform lush state and pour them together with a spoonful of lemon juice into the resulting mass. Mix well the foods so that you get a slightly sticky, but at the same time, soft and viscous dough. Divide it into two portions, place half in the oil-treated form, gently level with the spatula. Then spread the entire surface of the product fruit filling and cover all the remaining mass. Send the cake to the oven for 20 minutes. Please note that the oven temperature should not exceed 200 degrees. Otherwise, bake it a little less. When you hear the characteristic smell of the prepared dish, take out the dishes and gently prick the dough with a match or a wooden skewer. If it stays dry, turn off the oven. Once the dessert has cooled slightly, remove it from the mold and serve it on the table. Gingerbread cake is an ideal dish for a large family. After all, its preparation takes a short time, besides the products necessary for it are completely inexpensive and affordable for everyone. As you can see, dessert can be done in different ways: simply spread the gingerbread in carrots, lubricating them with cream, or kneading dough from them. There are lots of options, all recipes are different and unique. You can only choose the food you like. If the creation turned out to be too dry, pour it over with chocolate glaze or cook a special cream. For example, from butter, home-made sour cream and cocoa. Do you like the smell of vanilla? Then add it to the sauce, and your dessert "will play" in a new way. Nuts, fresh and dried fruits, raisins, peanuts - all these foods make the dish more satisfying and tasty. So do not be afraid to experiment with all sorts of recipes. Each of them will give you the opportunity to enjoy an appetizing sweet delicacy.