gifts for February 23 Women perfectly know the old proven truth -if you want, that on March, 8th it was possible on glory, do not spare forces and imagination on February, 23rd. Puzzles on the eve of the holiday has many, because the question of what to give a man on February 23 - not an easy one. In addition, there is very little time left before the holiday. And with his approach, the desire of many women is more insistent, so that the gift is liked by their close and native men. Gifts for February 23 should be appreciated - such a holiday. They must carry a message that will be properly appreciated by a man. What is not a fragrant gift can become an eloquent reminder of your attention and recall the most positive associations in your memory. Successfully selected men's perfume will help a man look at you with new eyes, stop the flow of habitual thoughts and remind him of the most expensive moments. In the event that you know exactly the fragrance that a man prefers, then the choice of a gift for February 23 will not be difficult for you. Your task has been greatly simplified, however, on the other hand - how to be with a holiday surprise? It is not always very interesting to give those things that a person already knows. Moreover, if you have already given this gift more than once, then it is unlikely that you will want to repeat yourself.

What should I consider when choosing men's fragrance?

The first rule is to correctly determine the type of man. If a man has a sporty physique, he is active and mobile, then for him a citrus fragrance with fresh notes of orange, mandarin, lemon or lime will be an excellent gift for February 23rd. For a pragmatic man, it is better to look for a musky fragrance in which shades of oak moss and geranium will be present. Romance you will enjoy a spicy composition with the aroma of cinnamon in combination with thyme and pepper. An active person can be used as an inviting fragrance of the skin after dressing, and the image of a business person will support the tobacco flavor in combination with musk. A perfume with chypre notes is quite suitable for an individualist. Classic bouquets, as a rule, give conservative men - it can be forest flavors with notes of vetiver and sandalwood. The second rule is that the gifts for February 23 should cause positive associations and correspond to the nature of the existing relationship with the man to whom this gift is intended. A perfume that suits a husband or a close friend may be completely out of place for a father-in-law, a nephew or a son. Usually for a close man, a woman tries to choose a more sensual fragrance, while her son will be more pleased with a fresh and cheerful perfume. Representatives of the older generation should be given conservative, forest flavors with woody notes. In general, it is best to give gifts to men on February 23 in the complex. That is, if you chose a particular flavor as a gift, then it is worth picking up in one line or from one manufacturer and other care products - lotion, cream, deodorant, shower gel, bath foam, shaving foam, etc. . If you have enough imagination to put everything in a single composition and it's interesting to pack, then your man will certainly be satisfied and certainly will try to please you in the upcoming March holiday.

The art of choosing a man's gift

gifts for men on February 23 We dare to convince you that choosing a gift for a manon February 23 - this is real art. Doctors and psychologists have done a great job for us, because they have scientifically proven the active effect of fragrance on people. Given that currently the representatives of the stronger sex are very active in using perfume, women should take advantage of this pleasant habit to please them on a festive day. Gifts for February 23 always begin with pleasant words, which can be more expensive than the most expensive perfume. It is worth mentioning that the opinion that a real man should exude the smell of strong tobacco, and then alcohol has long been obsolete. So safely rely on your intuition - and go ahead for choosing a fragrant gift!

Present for your beloved

If your lover is actively watching for yourself,prefers to make a pleasant impression and pleasantly smell, then you will not have the question of what to give a man by February 23. A good perfume will be a welcome gift for him. When a girl, or a woman, for the first time faces the problem of choosing perfumery water for her loved one, then often she just does not know where to begin her search. In fact, there is only one surefire way - to start by studying your man's preferences, including his culinary tendencies. Some features of a man's character will also tell a lot about a particular man to his woman, who can correctly emphasize their properly selected cologne. So, if you have clearly defined the characteristic habits, preferences and traits of your lover's character, we can safely go to the store and choose gifts on February 23.

The campaign for men's perfume is a delicate matter

What to give for February 23 The most ungrateful thing is to listensales consultants working in large boutiques. As a rule, nothing good ends. Although there are pleasant exceptions. Therefore, we recommend you to choose your choice at a less popular store, in which the price will pleasantly surprise, and the number of sellers will not run out of sight. In addition, often, sellers in such stores have a lot of experience, and have been familiar with the world of fragrances for months now. However, if you have already chosen a certain brand, then on February 23, you can trust the young saleswoman of a large boutique. For example, "Platinum egoist" from Chanel, who does not need to be introduced, can recommend both a mature woman for her husband, and a young girl for her young admirer. The most interesting thing is that this cologne is actually suitable both in the first version, and in the second one!

New in the world of men's fragrances

If you are for originality, fashion orindividualism, then you know exactly what to give on February 23 - new items in the world of men's perfume will leave your man a superb impression. A saturated, pleasant, smooth aroma usually falls to the taste of most men. As an option for the level of performance and class, not inferior to the famous brands Chanel, Armani and Hermes, - CH from Carolina Ehre. However, it should be noted that this fragrance is more suitable for guys and young men. In the world of male smells, the real breakthrough was "1 million" from Paco Rabanne - another version of this class, pleasantly surprising at its relatively low price.

Original and unusual flavors

For individualists who prefer unusual andthere is nothing like fragrances, in gifts for February 23, you can include perfume like the flavor of Gauthier. However, caution in this matter does not hurt, because the outrageous couturier produces perfume with a special label "unisex". And this means that its fragrances can be equally enjoyed not only by men, but also by women. However, in the latter case, women's sexuality and attractiveness are not threatened. Another version of the original perfume is the "Fighter" from Dolce and Gabbana. This aroma is very unusual and gives away the eastern spices, vaguely reminiscent of some holy war, originated in Muslim territories. But this fragrance attracts admirers of oriental culture. Perhaps, choosing the gifts on February 23, it is worth remembering the most important thing - that the perfume chosen by you should like not only your strong half, but personally you too. In this case, you will have all the guarantees that for a man the popularity of a certain perfume will not matter! We advise you to read: