gifts for teens Those who love and know how to give gifts, do not needexplain that his choice should be approached not only from the point of view of practicality and need, but also based on the individual preferences of the person to whom he will be presented. It's not a secret that a gift given for a "tick" or liked personally by you, instead of pleasing the culprit of the celebration, can upset him. So, without fresh ideas, observation and a sincere desire to bring pleasure to those for whom the gift is intended, not to do. In the case of peers and children, it is more or less clear: with the first we are united by one generation and similar interests, but how to please the baby, everyone knows. But gifts for teens are not as simple as it may seem. And it's not at all that teenagers are capricious or more demanding. Business in us with you. We do not want to see anyone but children in them. And we choose gifts, proceeding from the fact that for us they are all the same girls and boys, our children, nephews and younger sisters and brothers. We forget that they perceive themselves as adults. If we add to this adolescent hypersensitivity, then an incorrectly selected gift can not only not please the teenager, but also lead to a loss of mutual understanding. Here, it turns out, how serious it all is. And yet, do not get upset, it's better to try to adhere to a few simple rules that will help not only to choose the right gift, but also to strengthen your relationship with a grown up child.

Gift for a teenager: instruction for "dummies"

In no case do not give a teenager something,to get rid of. Not only that, he immediately noticed this, so still offended at you. And against the backdrop of a constant emotional imbalance you will receive a rebuff in full. Here the rule "better is less, yes it is better". Dear, but absolutely unnecessary teenager thing, will please much less than a small gift, hand-picked, and maybe made by yourself, but with the interests of the adolescent. So that he felt that his interests are not alien to you and do not cause you bewilderment. Even if this is not so. For example, you do not have a large sum of money for an expensive gift, but you perfectly knit or sew. You, with due diligence, have a huge number of options for how to please a teenager. Tie a sweater to the name of your teen's favorite punk band. Or sew a shirt like his idol on a poster. For a teenage girl you will have to try a little more, but there is no limit to perfection. Just look through it to the holes of the faded fashion magazine. Ask her what she likes, and go for it.

And he, the rebellious, seeks storms

Despite the fact that in adolescence, childrenin the greater measure they need our care and guardianship, as if in opposition to this they are striving for freedom and independence from us adults. And they feel themselves as adults, independent people who have their own view of the world and the right to vote. So, if you can not pick up a gift or are afraid to make a mistake, you can donate some money. Maybe you are worried that in such a gift there is no element of surprise and he looks like a certain acknowledgment of his own impotence? Forget about it. The teenager will see in this the depth of your trust and the recognition of his right to independence. On the contrary, you will surely earn a certain number of bonus points.

Away match

Think about what you present to yourgrown up with a child, is best beforehand. Then you will have time to imbued with his interests. And this needs to be done, in addition to the fact that this will help you choose a gift, you will have a unique opportunity to establish contact with the child. In the end, remember yourself at this age, but only without a remarque "I at this age behaved differently and was more reserved." Choosing gifts for teenage boys, you practically will not encounter difficulties, if you just look at the walls in the room. Posters and posters will tell you a lot. If they depict the members of a rock band, try to get tickets for their concert. Not one ticket, but a couple. That the teenager had the opportunity to go there with a friend or girlfriend. If the teenage boy "sleeps" in an embrace with the computer, ask if he wants to change something: add the amount of RAM, change the video or sound card, or maybe he dreams of a new monitor or a rudder for games on racing simulators ? A teenage girl will be happy to subscribe to a fitness club or a school of models, if that's exactly what her dreams are full of. By the way, there are various acting courses or dance schools, where it can be written down and paid for tuition. Remember that every girl dreams of becoming an actress. gifts for teenagers boys

To please the spirit of contradiction

No gifts for "growth"! This phrase can be made the main motto when choosing a gift for a teenager. Do not forget that for them there is no "tomorrow" in the same sense as we do. They live for today. And a jacket given in the summer is unlikely to give him pleasure. The same can be said about practical gifts. No practicality and a reminder of everyday life! Let your gift be bright and unusual. Even if you decide to donate something out of clothes, do not choose it yourself. Get a gift certificate for some amount in one of the youth clothing stores and give the teenager the very right to choose. Believe me, in this way you will achieve two goals at once. Show the teenager that you trust him. And it can be argued that he will buy exactly that thing that you would choose for him. But if you presented this thing as a gift, the teenager would see in this imposition of your tastes. And if he chose the thing himself, such problems will not arise.

We are of the same blood, you and me

Let the gift chosen by you become a kind ofsymbol of adulthood. Or rather, the recognition that you do not see the baby in your child. Do this accent, giving not necessarily expensive, but "adult" thing. For a teenage girl, such a symbol can be a set of cosmetics. In doing so, you must consider the age of the adolescent and choose cosmetics for young skin. Or purchase a certificate in a cosmetic store or a perfume store. Let your fashionista choose a gift on her own. An alternative is a subscription to the make-up courses. After all, there it will teach not only to use cosmetic means, but to do it correctly, so that make-up becomes a supplement that can emphasize its natural beauty. A boy-teenager will certainly appreciate as a gift some novelty from the field of high technologies. The main thing is to ask what exactly he wants to receive. Or, if he raves with programming and has long overtaken the school curriculum in his knowledge, pay him prestigious programming courses. Such a gift will not only please, but will also become a good foundation for the teenager's further development in this direction. Choosing a gift for a teenage girl or a teenage boy, do not forget that it is very important for them to feel that when choosing a gift, you first of all thought about it, about its interests, hobbies and needs. And then even the most insignificant present will become another bridge, thrown on the way to mutual understanding and harmony in your relations.