gifts for his wife for a paper wedding You can say that two years of living together- this is not such a long time, but in fact it is far from the case. It was a rather difficult period, during which two people get used to each other, to joint farming, learn patience and understand what is so important for any family. Therefore, such a small anniversary is very important for the spouses, although they do not like a big celebration here. A gift for a paper wedding (namely the date of the two years after marriage) is usually associated with paper, but there are a lot of options and ideas. Usually it's books, pictures, albums, photosessions. Why a paper wedding? This name is associated with many beliefs, but the main thing is to compare the family life with a clean, but so easily tearing paper sheet. At this time many families already have a child, and everyday life can cause some discord between spouses. Therefore, gifts often symbolize the unity of this leaf - a young family. symbolic gifts with their own hands

What to give a beloved and what should be present?

Gifts for his wife, especially on the anniversary of the wedding,have always been a very delicate and complex affair. Dear presents are best for giving on more significant jubilees, but on a paper wedding it is best to present an elegant, memorable souvenir. My husband needs to think this issue more carefully, but he knows his wife much better than the guests. It is best not to dwell on a standard gift, but to arrange an unusual, sweet surprise. Prepare in the morning a bathroom, launch on the water scarlet paper boats. This trifle will cheer up your wife, will be the first pleasant moment in this memorable day for her. But this is only the first step, which does not require you any costs, but so remember his wife. Of the gifts it is better to refrain from interior items, do not give your favorite cookbooks, but a volume of her favorite poems with dried flowers between the pages will become memorable and, undoubtedly, the best gift among others received on this day. A husband is allowed to give his wife tickets for her favorite theatrical performance, season ticket to a beauty salon, to the pool. An excellent option can be a romantic weekend trip, which you can spend together. Guests can give their wife more diverse gifts. This is not only books (best bright and memorable, for example, culinary, about the rules of family life or the upbringing of a child, if a baby has already appeared). A good option would be a picture or a collage of joint photos of spouses. The couple can give a beautiful envelope with money, but not necessarily a large sum, it is rather a symbolic gesture of the future well-being of the family.

Gifts for her husband on a paper wedding

The husband is the head of the family, so gifts per dayThe paper wedding should emphasize its status. But to give expensive, volume presents on this day is not accepted, but simply money is not the gift that is suitable in this case. So what is the best thing to give to your spouse on your wedding day? It all depends on who will give the gift: wife or guests. The souvenir from the wife can be small, but memorable. There are lots of options here, it concerns not only ordinary gifts, but also cute knickknacks that will remind you of every year that the couple spent together. These can be joint portraits, a collage of photographs, on which memorable and amusing moments from a common life are imprinted. An excellent option will be tickets to sports competitions, if your spouse is very fond of any sport, concert or other events. You can prepare and season tickets to the pool, fitness center, sauna for one, but best for a joint visit. But remember that holiday trips to a restaurant or theater can please only you, but her husband may not like such entertainment. An excellent option will be an invitation to attend a business training, a conference or other, if it directly relates to its activities. But for the guests the choice of a gift for the anniversary of a paper wedding to her husband should be somewhat different. Here it is necessary to take into account many different aspects, from tastes to professional activities. You can present an excellent picture in the form of a reproduction of a famous artist or brush of a modern master, souvenirs made of paper, made in the form of a globe, a map of the world. Dear gifts to her husband for a two-year anniversary is usually not given, so you can just organize a tour to the mountains or a small trip for the weekend for only two. Money is best not to give her husband, the souvenir will be received much better, and will be remembered for a long time. a gift from the wife to her husband for a paper wedding

Gifts from guests on the second anniversary of the wedding

Paper wedding is very originala small jubilee that symbolizes an important step. Spouses have already overcome a number of difficulties by this point, but it is sometimes difficult to maintain the previous romantic relationship, so the name "paper wedding" speaks of the fragility of such fragile, but such wonderful relationships. Gifts for a wedding wedding from guests should symbolize this fragility, which with due patience and understanding will gradually grow into a strong family relationship of two hearts that have become one single. Gifts are usually associated with paper, they can be original, unusual, with a sense of humor, but not too expensive. To give volume and expensive things, household appliances and interior objects for this anniversary is not accepted, it is better to give preference to nice or useful knickknacks, books, paintings. So what can you give a husband and wife for the anniversary of a paper wedding? The most usual gift is a voluminous photo album, with a photograph of the spouses on the cover. In this album, you can start collecting photos of memorable moments, which are associated with birthdays, the first steps of the baby, fun moments on vacation. But photo albums are given very often, such a gift has become traditional, but not original. One of the best options for a gift to your wife, as mentioned above, can be a book. In order to remember it, you can choose a large culinary book with bright and colorful illustrations. This will serve as a symbol of a family cozy home, a strong and friendly family. A good idea will be a volume of poetry, a collection of classic contemporary works that will serve as an excellent addition to the library. A wonderful gift to her husband and wife for this modest but very important two-year anniversary for them can be a picture that will decorate a family nest. They can be very different, the main thing is to correctly take into account the spouses' tastes, interior features. You can use not only works of art masters, but also original gifts such as processed joint photos in the form of a friendly cartoon, which can be ordered from a professional artist or designer. Modern gift shops also offer options such as playing cards with photos of the wife or husband. There is also a way out for very lazy guests who can not think up anything original and suitable. Paper Jubilee - give money! But here we must remember that it is these useful "souvenirs" that are remembered least often, so spend a day or two searching for a beautiful and interesting presentation to your husband or wife, or better both. Gifts for wedding anniversaries are always more complicated, it's easier to choose a souvenir for a birthday or just for a wedding day than for an anniversary. Here we must take into account several factors, among which not only personal tastes, but also the symbolism of the date. For this date the best gifts will be souvenirs - these are pictures, books, everything that can be connected with the significance of this memorable day.