present to the beloved Each of us, picking a gift to a loved oneon the day of birth, the fourteenth of February, the New Year or any other holiday, struggles to buy something original, useful that will be remembered for many years. Of course, modern stores provide a wide range of goods at different prices, that is, to stop your gaze on anything. But you will agree, it is very difficult to decide on the present when you know a person for many years, if you celebrated so many significant events that you seemed to have given him everything you could have. But our imagination is unlimited, so do not give up before the time! Let's work together to determine what can and should be presented to loved ones, be it a close friend, child, husband or boyfriend.

Gift for man: classic mistakes

Every woman is always sure of her rightness. After all, they, the fair sex, know what style and color of clothing is most suitable for men, what accessories should I buy for this or that costume, what kind of toilet water should my beloved use. Girls consider themselves more knowledgeable and skilled in the choice of presents for friends, colleagues, husbands and lovers. Therefore, going to the store, they boldly give preference to this or that object (purse, purse, tie, perfume, etc.), firmly believing that the person to whom he is destined will be absolutely delighted. Of course, the addressee always smiles, thanks for attention, but sometimes it happens that as a result, the gift is not so necessary, so it takes the farthest place on the shelf in the closet. So, to avoid such incidents, do not throw money away and make no mistakes, you should remember a few important rules:

  • Gifts for a loved one should not containno subtext and to be ambiguous. For example, by presenting your man with underwear, cologne or other cosmetics, a monthly subscription to the gym you can get a completely unexpected reaction. If the lover takes them as a hint of his shortcomings (unpleasant odor, excess weight and the like), then surely will be offended.
  • Ordinary gifts in the form of everyday things just as frustrating men as women, especially if they are presented on the fourteenth of February.
  • Representatives of the strong half of humanity do notso sentimental as girls. They do not feel sincere awe at the sight of a teddy bear, a huge bouquet of flowers, fashionable gloves, so men should not give beautiful, but useless things. However, a present symbolizing a relationship, for example, an original album with your photos, will surely provoke a positive reaction.
  • No matter how many such situations are laughed atanecdotes and sayings, but many women continue to make the common mistake of presenting a favorite gift that they would like to receive themselves. Of course, beautiful underwear, worn by you, probably will please a man, but, believe me, it would be much more pleasant for him to get a long-awaited headset or a new mobile phone.

Guys very much appreciate the attention and recognition of theirinterests, therefore it is these categories and should be guided when choosing a gift. Focus on its tastes and preferences, and not on your personal wishes, and then you definitely will not go wrong, and the gift will be received by your beloved "with a bang." a gift for a loved one

A gift for a beloved friend and son

As we have already said, the first thing that followstake into account, going to the store for a gift - these are personal wishes, hobbies and interests of the addressee. Let's consider the possible options for gifts. Nobody knows about a man more than his mother, so buying a gift for your son is probably not difficult for you. If the child is still small, all kinds of toys, soft or plastic, will do. Today there is a huge selection of developing desktop games - it can be a set of "Young biologist", "Chemist", alphabet or domino, lotto. Be sure to look at the packaging of the product, where the manufacturer indicates the age at which this product is oriented. Buy a toy that will not lose its relevance for a long time. Modern children are very fond of cartoons, so you can give your kid a set of discs. If your son is a teenager, then surely he will be delighted with a new mobile phone, ipod or another fashionable gadget. For a child who is keen on sports, you should choose a gift that matches his interests: skateboard, rollers, soccer ball, skis, skates or anything else. In general, be sure to take into account the hobbies of your young man and, of course, the amount of money that you are willing to spend on buying. In the life of most women there is a faithful friend of the male, for whom too sometimes one has to choose gifts. This person does not expect anything exceptional and special, he perceives you as you are. In this case, the gift does not have to be very expensive. You can choose a good lighter, a leather purse, a warm scarf or socks, a funny trinket symbolizing your friendly relations. But these items are suitable for "ordinary" holidays - Valentine's Day, February 23 and the like. Of course, if you are going to mark a more important event, you should pick up the original and worthwhile thing:

  • Buy an expensive frame with the inscription "Best friend", which insert a joint photo.
  • You can buy a silver or bronze figurine, a watch and make an engraving on them.
  • A pleasant surprise will be a banner or a shield with congratulations.
  • Some men are fond of their appearance; if your friend is among them, give him a certificate for a trip to the Spa or a subscription to a fitness club.
  • For a football fan, the ideal gift will be a ticket for a match of your favorite team or a ball with the signatures of famous football players.
  • Always relevant are things like, for example, a set for making alcoholic cocktails, a bar in the form of a globe, a set of unusual glasses with lights and other original items.

The main criteria for a good gift for a manare its practicality and utility. They willingly accept gifts for laptops and computers, fishing or hunting, barbecues, car sets and the like. But cologne or beautiful dishes are unlikely to lead them into raptures. If you are completely at a loss and do not know what to please your beloved friend, buy him a bottle of expensive alcohol, if he, of course, drinks it. presents to the beloved

Gift for the boyfriend

We have already mentioned several times that menlike practical gifts that will be useful to them in everyday life or on vacation. Therefore, if you suddenly "put an eye" on a beautiful crystal or porcelain vase that perfectly complements the interior of your shared apartment, drive away those thoughts. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a not very pleasant situation - the money is spent, and the boyfriend is not delighted. However, such a gift as spinning or a special box-box for fishing accessories, a fishing rod of the latest model, a set of tools for a car, a backpack for hiking in the mountains, surely will appeal to your young man. For men, the refined and attractive appearance of the presentation is not at all important, they appreciate its usefulness. Perhaps you will say that the aforementioned things are too ordinary and not honored to be considered gifts. Yes and no. The fact is that your boyfriend himself can get such things he needs, but such a gift from a beloved will testify that she considers himself with his interests and knows about them, understands his passions and hobbies. Therefore, such a gift to a loved one is a peculiar symbol of your respect and affection for him. Every guy is interested in technology and appreciates its functionality, so that the perfect gift will be something from the latest innovations: a mobile phone, a PDA, a video player, a netbook, a camera, a webcam, smart headphones and the like. You can ask a young man that he does not like the computer or what is missing and, already focusing on his words, choose, for example, a column, mouse or video card. Every man is an avid car fan, so a USB-device, a special hanger for cars, a cover on the steering wheel or for chairs, superfashionable rugs, a vacuum cleaner, a car-light, a small TV or a mini fridge will be a practical and useful gift for him. Girls are not very strong in this area, so before you decide on a particular subject, be sure to consult your faithful friends. They will certainly tell you what it needs, will consult about the quality of the goods, will help you decide with the brand and the manufacturer. Naturally, such things are quite expensive, so either start saving up the necessary amount in advance, or choose another gift. Most guys love sports, so you can buy special accessories for training, a T-shirt with the autograph of a famous football player or basketball player, tickets for a match and so on. The main thing is to know about the hobbies of your boyfriend and choose a present based on his preferences. gifts for the beloved

Tips for the last: original gifts

Of course, the new-fashioned PDA, phone orGPS-navigator - this is an excellent gift, which exactly like your man. But if you want to kill him completely on the spot, "turn on" the imagination and take note of one of the ideas below. So, it is not necessary to give a practical and useful thing, you can do with another more original solution. If your boyfriend leads an active lifestyle and is delighted with extreme sports, give him a parachute jump as a gift - the main thing is that he is not afraid of heights. You can organize a romantic trip on horseback, invite your friends to paintball or a football match. A wonderful gift for any man will be the lessons you have paid for extreme driving, flying on a hang glider, a master class on cooking sushi or paired dances. Just sit down and think about what to surprise your boyfriend, because every person, no matter how old he is, remains a child in his heart who adores fun. For a company guy, you can organize a big party with friends. If you want to spend an evening in elegant suits and elegant dresses, order a restaurant. Today, it became fashionable to celebrate holidays in the water park, because it is very fun and warm, especially since it is so nice to plunge into the atmosphere of a sunny summer in winter. Prepare the list of guests in advance, decide on the date of the future event and all of this notify, check the prices, make a menu, buy balls. By the way, do not forget that you can organize a themed or costume party. Think about it! Finally, we'll "throw" you another original idea - a joint trip to cultural attractions or a resort. It will cost such an event in a "penny", but if you have such an opportunity, then do not skimp on your man. To summarize, we can say that a gift to a loved one is so individual that it is simply impossible to give any guarantees that a present is sure to please him. After all, everyone has their own hobbies, desires and needs. Whoever does not know what your friend, husband or boyfriend likes, from which he is delighted. Therefore, considering the purchase, first, decide on the amount that you are willing to spend on it, and secondly, be guided by the age, nature and hobby of your loved one, and then you definitely will not go wrong. We advise you to read: