a gift to a beloved man We all love to give gifts, especially to relativespeople. But before each holiday there is a serious question: how to please an expensive person and present him something absolutely amazing? After all, a gift to a beloved man should be special, he must show how tender and tender we are to him. Therefore, discard the usual thoughts about foams, gels and other shaving accessories - these gifts have long been a topic for anecdotes. Now we'll talk about how pleasant it is to surprise a loved one and make him a memorable, valuable gift. When choosing a present, one should take into account the nature of the beloved man. What is suitable for a romantic, not always like the person, restrained in emotions, and vice versa. Surely you know all the subtleties and nuances of your man's character, his secret dreams and desires. Well, in order for the gift to be truly valuable and necessary, we bring to your attention a small list of things that will delight the person you love.

If a husband has a hobby

Often we chuckle slightly at ourmen because they have their small weaknesses and hobbies at a solid, like age. Someone can not live without fishing, someone simply blows the roof off of rare badges and stamps. Well, if it's time to make a gift for a beloved man for a celebration, it is knowledge about his hobbies that will save you from long, painful meditations. No man in his right mind will give up a couple of additional attributes of their hobby - whether they are lures and a flashlight for fishing or a magnifying glass for looking at brands. The main thing is that the gift was made from the heart. So, what to give to your beloved?

  • If your man does not think his life withoutfishing, then you can quite please him with the following gifts. This can be a fishing tackle box, a night-lamp with a headband attachment, rubber boots, fish cutting tools, a GPS navigator, after all. In a word, everything depends on the latitude of flight of fantasy and your money possibilities.
  • What does not our men collect? Some collect stamps, others - old coins, others - souvenir weapons, and the fourth - already weather vanes from copper or retro phones. In order to make the collector happy, one must not only understand the subject of his passion, but also have some financial resources, because rarities are not cheap. But if you inflame the desire to make a man this kind of gift - that, there is nothing impossible. Have enough patience and paper notes in your wallet and go in search of a new exhibit for your favorite collection. Although, on the other hand, it is also possible to do with the accessories, such as a nice cutter for stamps or a box for storing valuable coins.
  • If your husband is a football fan, then it's just a sin notto take advantage of this and not to please him with a thematic gift. Again, it all depends on your financial capabilities - you can buy him a subscription to attend all football matches of the season or just buy a shirt of your favorite team with the number and surname of the best player. The armchair in the form of a soccer ball and a box of beer in addition will perfectly suit - such gift will seem to it not simply valuable, but also amusing.
  • If your man loves extremetravel, then give him an adventure as a gift It can be a jump from a parachute or a bungee, or a flight in a hot air balloon. Moreover, you can combine business with pleasure: why not organize a fun trip for the two of you? It's not about expensive vouchers to hot countries - it's understandable, such a pleasure can not afford to most women, but climbing in a nearby cave or rafting on a raft on the river you can quite!

The main advantage of such gifts (in addition,that you do not have to puzzle over them) is that a man will necessarily appreciate that you are attentive and careful to his inner world. No matter how absurd and stupid you may seem to be his passion - make him a gift, based on his passion, and then he will adore you even more. gift for your beloved

A gift for a romantic man

If your man is able to appreciate the pleasantlittle things that will show how much you love him, then you have many opportunities to please him. Try to make the gift unusual, beautifully packaged - that's how you "get into the top ten" and make your man happy. What can you think of such a thing? Record:

  • Give your loved one a bed setlinen with a huge print - your joint photo So you tell him that regardless of the circumstances they would like to spend every night with him next. It would be quite good, after presenting such a gift, to make him happy at night with love, performing all his sexual fantasies on that very underwear.
  • Sit for a couple of hours on the Internet and doan amazing music collection for your beloved Download all this wealth to the disc, decorate the box with your photo with sweet confessions of love. If your man is a music lover, and even a romantic - be sure, he will be happy to receive from you just such a gift. In addition, this disc will constantly remind him of you - whether he listens to music in the car, or relaxes, lying on the couch.
  • Most of our men are adults,who are still enthusiastically looking at the toy store radio-controlled tanks and helicopters If your guy is just such a category of people - give him such a thing, and his happiness will be no boundaries. In the end, he may not be able to buy himself a toy airplane that flies in all directions from one button press, but if you make such a gift, he will frolic with a clear conscience, running around the apartment and chasing the model from the corner in angle.
  • Another gift for a romantic man isa festive dinner in a good restaurant with a "banquet" at home, in an intimate atmosphere you can please his erotic striptease, his favorite sexual game and all the things he likes to do in bed. Believe me, almost every man dreams about such a smart gift, and yours is probably no exception.

A gift for a practical man

But what if your man is so practical thatappreciates only those presents that can bring concrete benefits? Such a person in life will not appreciate either the pendants with your photos, or the song that was sounded in his honor by the local radio station. He simply vital, as they say, "touching" a thing and make sure that it is useful to him in everyday life or in other situations. So, if your man is a burned pragmatist, then we offer you the following options for gifts:

  • A man with a practical mindset is alwayshe closely follows the technical innovations. He knows exactly which model of e-book came out a couple of months ago, what additional functions appeared in the new GPS-navigator and what is needed for a video projector in a mobile phone. If you want to surprise and please such a man with a valuable gift, you will have to fork out a lot and buy him that little thing whose technical characteristics he has been studying for so long. Remember that your holidays are not far off: after such a gift, a man willy-nilly will have to buy something for you that is too expensive and necessary.
  • A perfect gift for a practical man isnew home appliances in the house Here you will catch two birds with one stone - like, you bought a gift, and you will use it together. A coffee machine (so that he likes to cook a delicious coffee in the morning), a steamer (to feed him only with useful food), a juicer (a sea of ​​vitamins for a loved one) - does not this all make your man happy and does not convince him that you care about him and about his health?
  • If your man is building a career, then absolutelyit is superfluous to give him something that will emphasize his status among his colleagues. It can be a luxurious, expensive fountain pen, a stationery set of valuable wood, expensive cuff links for a tie. Such a gift will not only please him, but will also allow you to be proud of yourself as a smart, discerning woman who helps him build a career.
  • Most of our men actively usecomputers and laptops, and practically everyone has the same problem over time: there is not enough space on the hard drive! Give him a portable external hard drive, and your man will be happy. Such a gift does not take a lot of space, it is convenient to carry with you, and most importantly - it will not hurt your head that there is not enough space on the computer for working files and new toys!

gifts for a beloved man

Gifts by own hands

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money forTo please your beloved man with a valuable gift. You can make it yourself, showing that you spent a lot of mental and physical strength for a loved one. He will definitely appreciate your gift and will be proud of him, because you tried only for his beloved!

  • If you know how to knit or sew, then especially longto think about a gift you do not have to Tie your beloved guy a warm sweater or sew new pants - any husband will be happy with such new things. In addition, you can embroider his portrait and insert it into a pretty frame - such a gift will be accepted on "hurray" by any man.
  • It will be nice to give my husband a sweet gift withconfessions of love It can be a cake that you will bake yourself and decorate with a big heart, and maybe a collage made out of sweets and other sweets. In order to realize the last idea, you will need a large sheet of paper on which you, with the help of sweets, chocolate bars, marmalade and other goodies, create a picture with a declaration of love.
  • Surprised and pleased with his extraordinarygift: make up for your beloved crossword male Questions should relate to your relationship. For example: "The place where we met", "In which cafe we ​​had dinner for the first time" and so on. Believe, your man will not start unpacking other presents until he unravels your crossword puzzle to the end, and the memory of such an unusual gift will remain for a long time.
  • Someone for whom it is very romantic may seemnext gift: present your beloved .... globe! On it you can write: "You are for me - this is the whole world!" Or the words "I love you" in all the languages ​​of the world. Such a declaration of love will melt the heart of any man and make him even happier.

Whatever gift you do not dare to presenthis man - the main thing that he was wholeheartedly. Show that you love and appreciate this person - this is the main component of a successful gift. We advise you to read: