causes of thrush A fairly common disease of the XXI centuryis candidiasis, or, as it is called in the people, thrush. The occurrence of this problem is facilitated by the frequent use of antibiotics, stresses, a decrease in the body's resistance due to a violation of the protective forces of the human immune system. The main symptoms of the disease are the appearance of white curdled excreta and painful itching. Thrush is an inflammatory fungal disease that affects the human genitourinary system, its mucous membranes and skin. To date, there are many methods and modern drugs for treatment of thrush. Well, if for any reason, these funds are unacceptable, then traditional medicine offers its methods of healing from this unpleasant disease. treatment of yeast herbs

We get rid of thrush with the help of herbs

As you know, an excellent folk remedyhealing are herbs. For intimate hygiene and treatment of thrush, a collection of dried herbs, composed in equal weight proportions, from yarrow herb, juniper berries, sage leaves, eucalyptus, birch buds, calendula, chamomile flowers and black poplar will be suitable. For the preparation of the present it will take 2 tablespoons. collection, which must be poured with boiling water and insist in the thermos for 12 hours. The received liquid is used for local trays, and for treatment of thrush take for 30 minutes before eating 1/4 cup to 3-4 times a day. The duration of treatment with this method is 1 month. The second method is treatment with soda and herbs. In warm boiled water should be added 1 tsp. drinking soda. Thus, the first douche solution will be obtained. And for the preparation of the second remedy you will need the herbs of calendula and yarrow. They must be brewed in a proportion of 1 tsp. for 1 cup of boiling water. The resulting solutions should be used for alternate syringing within 3-4 days. During treatment should refrain from sexual intercourse. Get rid of thrush will help another herbal infusion of 4 tablespoons. leaves of juniper, sage, 1 tbsp. yarrow. A mixture of these herbs are brewed in 1 tbsp. boiling water, after 15 minutes filter and take 1/2 st. up to 3 times a day, and also syringed in the morning and evening. Traditional medicine promises a positive result on the second day of treatment. But for the perfect healing, these procedures are recommended to be taken within 10 days. If the house has an indoor plant Kalanchoe, then it can be a wonderful tool for the treatment of candidiasis. For this, it is necessary to squeeze out juice from several leaves and moisten tampons, which should subsequently be injected into the focus of inflammation. Of course, the unconditional leader in the treatment of various inflammatory diseases folk remedies is chamomile. The presence in its composition of special substances, saponins, determines its immunostimulating properties. Therefore, it is no coincidence that pediatricians recommend bathing children with the addition of infusion from chamomile. And for an adult, you need 1 pack of chamomile. It must be poured with steep boiling water and let it infuse in a thermos for 5-6 hours. Then, taking a bath, you need to add a filtered liquid and spend in the healing solution to 45-60 minutes, not forgetting to pour hot water into the tub as it cools. Other ways to treat candidiasis

Other ways to treat thrush

An effective method of treating thrush is considered to beDrink from borax with glycerin, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. According to this method, it is necessary to insert a swab moistened in this mixture for the night in the vagina. And before the introduction of a tampon, it is advisable to imbue with a solution of calendula and chamomile, which are infused into a water bath for 20 minutes in the proportion of 1 tsp. herbs for 1 cup of boiling water. There is an opinion that the use of borax with glycerin to treat thrush can get rid of this problem for several years. You can treat thrush with the following solution: 1 tsp. boric acid, 1 tsp. bought in the pharmacy of alum, 1 tsp. copper sulfate, filled with 1 liter of boiling water and infused for 2 days. The solution poured into a special container is subsequently used in an amount of 5 tsp. for 5 liters of water for taking small baths (sitting in a basin). Folk remedies for treatment of thrush also include the use of garlic water, which can be prepared independently by grinding two teeth (by no means heads) of garlic and filling the gruel with 1 liter of boiled water. The cooled liquid is used for syringing. And the second method of treating garlic is to use its juice. Extruded from 1 tooth juice is applied to a tampon, which is then inserted into the vagina at night. The course of treatment in this way is calculated for 10, and in neglected cases - 14 days. It is not recommended to use women with hypersensitivity to the components of garlic, as the garlic tampon causes a burning sensation. Eucalyptus globular will help you cope with thrush! With this method of treatment is taken 30 grams of eucalyptus leaves, which are poured 200 ml of boiling water. Subsequently, the solution infused over an hour is filtered and used for syringing or wetting tampons for subsequent insertion into the vagina. This practice of using eucalyptus promises to stop itching after the first use. But for complete healing it is necessary to continue the procedures until the white discharge disappears. Good luck and excellent health!