1 With the appearance of a newborn in the house, new furniture for the baby appears. Let's consider what is necessary first of all, how to choose it and what is necessaryConsider when buying children's furniture. The most important piece of furniture is a cot. In addition to it, you may need a changing table, highchair for children, a chest of drawers, an arena, as well as all kinds of boxes and shelves for storing children's things. The function of the changing table (or changing mat) can be made by a children's chest of drawers, which has a special reclining element that increases its horizontal surface. By the way, changing table can also be used to hold a bath in which the baby is bathing. Models of cots are divided into three types:

  • Classic Cribs
  • Manege
  • Cradles (cradles)
  • Classic cots designed for children inage from 1 year to 3 years. They are adjustable in height, have rack or solid sides and backs. There are also models - transformers, which increase in length. These beds are removed lateral back, and we get a full single bed. Cots are provided with legs, wheels or runners (sometimes all together). Very comfortable and functional models of cribs with drawers, which are folded bed linen or toys.
  • The arenas are easily laid out and folded,so it is very convenient to use in a small space. It is also convenient to take the arena with you on trips. Usually, the arenas have removable upholstery, which means they are easy to clean.
  • If you recall, in the old days there were wickercradles (cradles), which were suspended to the ceiling. Today, there are also wicker cradles on sale, but they are rarely suspended to the ceiling, although such a function exists, they are often placed on special stands that have a rocking mechanism. Just produce wooden cradles on skids. Such models are rarely equipped with a swing mechanism.
  • Furniture for the baby should be made of natural, environmentally friendly materials that do not cause allergies. It should not have sharp corners and traumatic elements. We advise you to read: