cool T-shirts "Well, young people! Everything, as from an incubator!"Similar statements can very often be heard from people of the older generation. Of course, one can snort and object that they do not understand anything in modern fashion trends. So it is so ... But, maybe, in part, they are right. After all, even the most fashionable thing is unlikely to fully emphasize the individuality of its owner. Do you know how to solve this problem? No? Do not worry, we know this secret. And this secret is very simple - funny t-shirts. They will not only emphasize your personality, but will also attract the attention of others around you. And the t-shirts with jokes are so diverse that the practical one is sober - and not very sober, but still thinking - the individual will surely find something that will interest him:

T-shirts for pregnant women

T-shirt for pregnant women Waiting for the birth of the baby? As a rule, any future mother is impatient to share her joy with others. Even if the tummy is already large enough, you can always draw attention to it with the help of cool t-shirts for pregnant women. And just let some boor in the subway try to pretend that he did not notice your interesting situation!

T-shirts for lovers

T-shirt for lovers Are you in Love? Congratulations, this is wonderful. All lovers are slightly crazy. And crazy can do anything - even the impossible. However, do not rush to climb the sky behind an asterisk - you can hit your favorite (s) in a safer way for life. For example, buy a T-shirt that will emphasize your feelings.

Twin T-shirts

Cool T-shirtsCool T-shirts The wonderful thing is these pair of T-shirts. They got their name because the image or inscription on them becomes meaningful only when two people dressed in this same pair of T-shirts are next to each other. Do you want to tell the world that you are a couple? A wonderful way. By the way, pair T-shirts are often used to "neutralize" an opponent or rival. It is unlikely that someone will want to flirt with a man on his shirt that flauns vivid evidence that the neighboring place under the sun is firmly occupied. In addition to aesthetic advantages, cool T-shirts also have practical superiority. In a similar T-shirt you will be equally comfortable both on vacation and at work. Of course, in the event that your boss has a sense of humor. Otherwise, accusations of violation of the dress code can not be avoided. Although, there is always a way out. Try to give a cool T-shirt to the strict boss, suddenly the dress code will change? T-shirts with jokes are a wonderful gift in the modern world, when the culprit of the celebration is almost impossible to surprise anything. However, it is worth paying attention to an important aspect. T-shirts must be of good quality. So do not rush headlong into the nearest store or market.