fruit jelly recipe Any festive meal should enddessert, because you need to spend the guests so that they remember your hospitality for a long time. You can buy sweets, cookies, make cake, but we propose to make jelly with fruit. This dish will be to everyone's taste, from small to large. It does not turn out to be too sweet, so it's sure to please even the opponents of desserts.

Jelly from gooseberry and strawberry

So, if you decide to invite to your houseguests, surprise them with a fresh, sweet and incredibly tender jelly with fruit, the recipe of which is very simple and does not require much time for cooking. Ingredients: Jelly:

  • 300 grams of gooseberry
  • three glasses of warm water
  • 300 grams of granulated sugar
  • two teaspoons gelatin
  • three spoons (large) of dessert wine
  • 300 grams of strawberries


  • 350 grams of sugar
  • one glass of sour cream

Cooking method: Wash the gooseberries with water and put them on low heat. Then pour sugar and gelatin here, previously dissolved in dessert wine. Constantly stir the spoon mixture - as soon as it starts to thicken, remove from the plate and put it to cool. Now wash the strawberries, peel it from the ponytails and lay them on the bottom of the kremanki, pour the jelly on top and send it to the fridge. While the dessert is setting, prepare the cream. To do this, rub sugar with sour cream so that there is no lump. If you wish, you can use powdered sugar - it dissolves much better. Directly before serving, pour the jelly cream, if there are berries - decorate the dish with them. Bon Appetit! As you can see, this recipe is not too complicated, so even if you have never cooked such a meal, rest assured - it will all work out. If you wish, you can use any fruit at your discretion. So, with gooseberries, red and black currants, as well as raspberries are perfectly combined. fruit jelly

Yoghurt dessert with blueberries

Jelly can be made with any fruit: bananas, kiwi, raspberries, currants. They can be either fresh or frozen. Each dessert recipe is good in its own way, but, anyway, this dish always turns tender and juicy. Ingredients: For jelly:

  • 450 grams of natural yogurt
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • one medium lemon
  • one and a half glasses of fresh (or frozen) blueberries
  • five teaspoons of gelatin

For decoration:

  • mint leaves

Cooking method: We used plain gelatin, which should be poured with a small amount of water (three tablespoons is enough) and left for about half an hour. You can take a quick-dissolving product that does not need to be soaked, so you will save time. So, after 30 minutes, put a bowl of gelatin on a quiet fire and dissolve it, constantly stirring with a spoon. When it is sufficiently dissolved, set aside and cool slightly. Meanwhile, grate the lemon peel on a small grater and combine it with granulated sugar and yoghurt, carefully mixing everything to uniformity. Take care that there are no lumps. Now pour in the finished gelatin and whip the products with a whisk. At the bottom of the dish, in which you plan to serve dessert, lay a few berries of blueberries and fill it with jelly. To ensure that the dish is sufficiently frozen, it will take about four hours, so put the kremants in the refrigerator. While serving the guests, do not forget to decorate it with fresh mint leaves. This recipe includes regular natural yogurt, but if desired, you can use a dairy product with different additives, for example, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and so on. Picking up appropriate fruits to it, you will prepare a real masterpiece!

Jelly with fresh blueberries

We offer one more tender fruit jelly forlovers of blueberries. This recipe is very similar to the previous one, but instead of yogurt you will need not too fatty sour cream. In addition, vanillin gives a special flavor and aroma to the dessert. Ingredients:

  • 700 milliliters of sour cream
  • 100 grams of powdered sugar
  • six small spoons of gelatin
  • 170 milliliters of water
  • Vanillin - according to your taste
  • one glass of fresh blueberries

Cooking method: The recipe can be changed a little, adding other berries instead of blueberries. Delicious jelly is obtained with currants, raspberries; If you cook a dish in the winter, then take oranges, bananas or kiwi. These fruits are more available and sold in all supermarkets all year round. Begin with the simplest: pour gelatin with warm water, cover and remove for one hour. When it swells, place the bowl on a weak fire and dissolve the product, stirring it regularly with a spoon. In no case do not bring the mixture to a boil - once the bubbles appear, remove the gelatin from the plate and refrigerate. Now whisk the sour cream with sugar powder to a fluffy homogeneous mass, then enter vanillin. Wash the dried berries well: to prevent excess moisture from getting into the dessert, simply lay the fruit on a paper towel. After pour them into the sour cream mixture and pour the ready cooled gelatin here and mix everything thoroughly. Jelly can be served in any bowl: cups, glasses, bowls. However, if you are preparing a dessert for the feast, we recommend using glass shakes - so the dish will look much prettier and more attractive. So, pour the jelly mass into the molds and put it on the top shelf in the fridge. When it is sufficiently set (after about three hours), decorate it with fresh berries, mint or grated chocolate.

Orange-banana jelly from milk

In the summer, a dessert with fruit will not be cookedproblems, because the market is full of fresh berries. But what to do in the winter? You have two options - to use frozen raspberries, strawberries, currants or dispense with products that are sold all year round. We suggest trying out a banana-orange jelly on the basis of milk in your kitchen. Ingredients:

  • 400 milliliters of store milk (use of household is not recommended)
  • instant gelatin - packaging
  • two bananas
  • sugar add to your taste
  • medium oranges - two pieces

Cooking method: Instant gelatin soak for a short time in cold water. While it dissolves, put milk on minimal fire, put sugar in it and keep it until the liquid begins to boil. Constantly stirring with a spoon, enter gelatin and stir everything up to homogeneity. After that, remove the mixture from the plate and put it on the table (but not in the refrigerator!) To cool down, and you yourself pay attention to the fruit. With bananas peel and cut them into thin mugs. Then put on the bottom of the kremanki and pour the jelly - this will be the first layer of your dessert. Put it in the refrigerator until it freezes. After about 40 minutes you need to make the next "floor" of the dish. To do this, peeled oranges cut into small pieces and whisk with a blender. The resulting mass is transferred to a shallow bowl, fill with sugar and cook with constant stirring, making a small flame. Combine the prepared fruit syrup with the remaining gelatin, and when it is solid, pour over the keram. The dish should grasp well not only from above, but also inside, so send it to the refrigerator for four hours. jelly with fruit

Pomegranate jelly with grenadine

This recipe is ideal for cookinga festive dessert. The dish is quite original and unusual in taste, so make sure you try it, it's not difficult at all! Ingredients:

  • six large pomegranates
  • 25 grams of instant gelatin
  • one lime (you will need juice)
  • 50 grams of powdered sugar
  • three tablespoons grenadine
  • 300 milliliters of cream

Cooking method: If you decide to make a dessert using this recipe, be prepared for the fact that you will have to work hard, as cleaning the grenade takes quite some time. However, such laborious work is worth the effort - in the end the dish turns out to be incredibly appetizing and very unusual in taste. So, cut each grenade with a knife into two parts, peel off, and transfer the grains to the food processor, leaving a little to decorate. Now whip the product, and strain the juice with a sieve - rub the paste with the back of the spoon. To get rid of the pulp, you can use a clean gauze. Finished juice pour into a jug (should be about 750 milliliters) and dilute with boiled (but chilled) water so that in the end you had one liter of liquid. Proceed to the next stage of dessert preparation: quickly soluble gelatin soak in a glass of pomegranate juice for five minutes. Now the remaining fruit syrup is poured into a deep saucepan, squeezed lime and add the powdered sugar. Cook on a quiet fire with regular stirring - once the liquid starts to boil, remove it from the fire. Here, enter gelatin and grenadine and stir thoroughly until completely dissolved, then leave to cool. Pour the jelly into a beautiful martini or champagne glass and put it in the refrigerator for the whole night. Before the arrival of guests, whip cream with sugar and decorate them with dessert, sprinkling it with the remaining pomegranate seeds.

Jelly from cottage cheese with peaches

Would you like to try a tender curd jelly? Then take this recipe, get the necessary products and start cooking. Dessert is sure to please not only the child, but also the adult members of your family. Ingredients:

  • sour cream - two glasses
  • 400 grams of low-fat cottage cheese (you can use ordinary children's cheese mass)
  • a cup of sugar
  • slightly less than a glass of chilled boiling water
  • gelatin packing
  • two large spoons of cocoa
  • canned or fresh peaches

Cooking method: About 30 minutes before the start of cooking pour gelatin with water and put on a plate, just do not make a big flame. Heat the mixture, remembering to stir - when it becomes homogeneous, and the product dissolves, remove from heat and refrigerate. Canned peaches cut into small cubes. If there is such a possibility, use fresh fruit or berries - then the dish will be both more useful and tasty. Now, cottage cheese rub with a fork and combine it with sour cream and sugar, mix well until the last product dissolves. You can use powder, which is less trouble - in this case, it will need a little more than granulated sugar. Combine the gelatin with cottage cheese and sour cream and mix until smooth. Pieces of peaches are spread in molds and pour ½ of the finished mixture, and for the remainder, pour the cocoa powder and, whipping the products with a whisk, add to the dish that freezes in the cold for about three hours. Fruit jelly is suitable for any event and looks great on the festive table. His gentle taste will be satisfied with children and adults. We advise you to read: