fried bananas Any mom knows how hard it is sometimes to feeda small gourmet. And this he will not, and then he does not like - which of us did not encounter such statements? But after all, we need to feed the crumbs, because solar energy is definitely not the most suitable food for a growing organism, although the kid himself does not seem to mind at all. And many mothers are trying to "cram" into the crumb of anything, sometimes reducing the entire diet of baby food to sweets and yogurt. However, this is far from the best option - the risk of developing avitaminosis is very high. So how do you break this vicious circle? Try to find a compromise. Does Kroha want sweet? So let this sweet be also useful. For example, offer a child a banana. In our time, hardly anyone can be surprised by a banana - people are accustomed to this fruit and took it, as it was once a potato. But this popularity of bananas is largely due to a relatively low cost. The low price of bananas is largely due to the conditions of growing fruits and their subsequent transportation. Bananas grow on their own and do not require any material costs for their processing, except for the collection process. And during transportation to the places of realization, bananas do not deteriorate, as they are ripped off slightly ripe and bananas ripen afterwards. That's why bananas for sellers are very profitable and convenient. Thanks to the fact that bananas are cheap, they can be bought by a family with any material wealth, which is undoubtedly a big plus. Most often bananas are used by people as a "snack" and very fat who knows that a banana can be cooked in such a way that a full dish will turn out. And if you consider that today's talk about how to feed a crumb - a little egg, then it will be specifically about children's dishes.

Useful properties of bananas

The fact that products consumed by children,should not only be tasty, but also useful, no one has any doubts. Let's try to figure out if bananas are useful. The composition of bananas includes such substances necessary for a growing organism, as:

  • Cellulose

Despite the fact that the fiber is nota nutrient that provides the body's energy, it plays a huge role in human life. And the most important role of cellulose is the regulation of normal full-fledged work of the intestine.

  • Starch.

Starch is very easily and quickly absorbed by a childorganism. Under the influence of certain enzymes, the starch is broken down and converted into glucose, which is vital for both children and adults.

  • Carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the main energy supplier, and in addition, normal liver function depends on them. And, in addition, the assimilation of proteins and fats is impossible without the presence of carbohydrates.

  • Proteins.

As is known, all proteins in their composition haveamino acids, which determine the type of protein. It is from the amino acids of the body that new cells are built that the kid needs so much for harmonious development and growth. In addition to the components described above, bananas also contain vitamins B2, B6, B1, PP, provitamin A, pectin substances, aromatic and tannins, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, malic acid. Also, the banana is very valuable for its high content of potassium, which is necessary for the full operation of the heart muscle and vitamin C, which is no less than in citrus fruits. Bananas have the property to improve the mood and concentration of attention, which is indispensable for schoolchildren, and even "gardening" children will only benefit. Have you noticed that your baby has become sluggish and quickly tired? It is enough only one - two bananas a day, so that the vitality of the crumbs quickly rose. Irreplaceable action of bananas on children's body, if the crumb suffers such diseases as:

  • Violation of the urinary system.
  • Violation of the normal functioning of the liver.
  • Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, especially gastritis and dysbiosis.
  • Enteritis and colitis of various origins.
  • Gastrointestinal infections - a banana is a wonderful absorbent.
  • Stomatitis and bleeding gums.
  • Allergic reactions of food origin.

And this is not a complete list of what bananas are useful for.

Contraindications to the use of bananas

However, despite the fact that bananas are usefulproperties are very diverse, there are also a number of contraindications to their use. Giving your baby bananas, be sure to remember that bananas are in themselves a rather heavy food. They are very slowly digested, while the outflow of bile is difficult and gas formation increases. Therefore, if the crumb has a tendency to colic and flatulence, do not feed it with bananas too often. By the way, all bananas must be eaten very slowly, chewing it thoroughly. And in any case, do not allow the child to wash down bananas and any dishes from them with cold water. It is much more sensible to offer the child hot tea. And in the event that your baby has gastritis with high acidity, it is better not to give him bananas at all. Unfortunately, in recent years, cases of diabetes mellitus are becoming more and more frequent. And such babies with the use of bananas need to be especially careful - the ripe fruit of a banana is remarkably capable of increasing the sharply reduced level of sugar in the blood, but they can not be eaten daily. But at the same time, slightly unripe fruits are very, very useful. By the way, ripe bananas, subjected to heat treatment, for example, baked in the oven, have a good therapeutic effect in those cases when the baby begins to cough. Of course, with pneumonia of the lungs, the banana will not be able to cope, but from a slight coughing there will not be a trace very quickly. In baby food, a banana is one of the most indispensable foods. Banana, due to its low content of plant fibers, is ideal for its use as a first complementary food. Banana puree just perfectly meets the requirements for children's lure: it has a tender consistency and pleasant smell, and its taste is pleasant to all children without exception. Banana is a very high-calorie product, so for babies with low weight, it is just a find - just a small amount of food will completely satisfy all the child's details in energy substances. But in the case if the crumb is overweight, with bananas must be extremely and extremely accurate and not get carried away by too much of them. It has already been mentioned above that bananas are contraindicated in children who suffer from a gastritis that has occurred against a background of increased acidity. Well, in the event that acidity with gastritis is lowered, a banana can become the best medicine. Bananas stimulate the increased secretion of special mucus, which protects the internal walls of the stomach from irritation, and stimulates the healing of the epithelium. Very many children are faced with the regular occurrence of such an unpleasant phenomenon as stomatitis. In order to ease the baby's condition and speed up the recovery process, dietitians recommend that parents give the child a piece of a banana and make sure that he does not immediately swallow it, but slowly chews it and holds it for several minutes in the mouth. Repeat this procedure is necessary at least every two hours, and as a result, the disease will recede after a day.

Banana menu

However, no matter how useful bananas, moms do notIt is worth forgetting that kids do not like monotony. And an ordinary banana, or mashed to a state of mashed potatoes, will very quickly get tired of your baby. Therefore, do not be lazy and show a little imagination - you can prepare a fairly interesting and varied dishes of bananas. And we hope that our article will become for you a source of inspiration for creating even small, but still culinary masterpieces. So, what can you make from bananas? dishes of bananas

Banana puree

For the smallest lacquer, mom canto cook the cottage cheese with a banana. It is prepared very, very simply. You will need 100 grams of cottage cheese and one ripe banana. For preparation it is desirable to use skim cottage cheese. Remember that a banana in itself is a very high-calorie product? That's why you should not buy fat cottage cheese - otherwise the dish will turn out to be too heavy and high-calorie. Also prepare a few spoons of pasteurized milk. So, banana, cottage cheese, mix the milk thoroughly with a blender. As a result, you should get a plastic homogeneous mass. In principle, a banana dessert for small gourmets is ready. If your crumb is willing to eat fruit mashed potatoes, you can pour a dish on top with one - two spoons of any ready-made baby puree. If you are preparing banana puree for older children, you can sprinkle it with grated walnuts or even chocolate chips. However, keep in mind that cottage cheese with a banana is very, very nutritious and nutritious dish, so do not expect that after it the child will agree to eat something else - soup or cutlet with mashed potatoes, for example. As a rule, the child's hunger does not occur earlier than 4 to 5 hours after he has eaten a similar puree.

Banana split

If your baby is already fairly confidentself-propelled fork, prepare him an interesting and very tasty dish - a banana split. This dish is another vivid example of what to do with bananas. To prepare two servings you will need:

  • One banana is of medium size.
  • One hundred grams of fat-free cottage cheese.
  • One hundred gram of any cut fruit. Do not use citrus fruits, as they can lead to the development of an allergic reaction in crumbs.
  • Whipped cream - great fit already ready, sold in the store.

Despite the rather exotic name,preparing a banana split is quite simple. Pour a small amount of flour into the plate, cut the banana into circles about one centimeter thick, dab them into a flour and place on a preheated frying pan. Please note that the frying pan should only be slightly greased with oil - its excess is completely useless. Fry the banana slices for about one and a half to two minutes, periodically turning them from one side to the other. Add in the cottage cheese a small amount of milk and mix thoroughly with a fork or blender. Take a beautiful little baby's plate and lay out the circles of a roasted banana on its center with a pyramid. Cottage cheese lay around the banana slide, decorate the entire structure with whipped cream and pieces of pre-cut fruit. The dessert is ready!

Banana cottage cheese casserole

Another very delicious banana dessert for babies is a banana cottage cheese casserole. To prepare it you will need:

  • One pack of low-fat cottage cheese (200 grams).
  • One banana is of medium size.
  • One hundred gram of wheat flour of the highest grade.
  • One hundred grams of milk.
  • One chicken egg.

Take a deep container, put a pack thereCottage cheese and mash it with a fork. Strew the egg in the cottage cheese and sift flour there. Stir well, then add the milk and mix the dough. Cut the banana into small cubes, mix it with the dough and put the dough into a baking dish. Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius, place the oven in the oven for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove the mold from the oven, place it in a container of cold water to steam so that the water does not reach the edges - thanks to this measure, you can easily remove the casserole from the mold, it will not stick to its walls. Before you cut the casserole into portions, sprinkle it with sugar powder.

Banana Boats

Banana boats will delight sweet toothage - both very young children, and their parents. This dish is not only very tasty and nutritious, but also very original. To prepare it you will need:

  • Two bananas are of medium size.
  • Two tablespoons of wheat flour of the highest grade.
  • One teaspoon of powdered sugar.
  • One chicken egg.
  • A pinch of table salt.
  • Two tablespoons of butter.

Peel bananas from the peel, rub them with a fork inmashed potatoes. Next you need to make a white sauce. To do this, melt the oil in a water bath and add flour there. After that, in the milk, dissolve a pinch of salt and sugar powder. Using a mixer, mix the flour, milk and butter, place in enamelware and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. While the sauce is cooling, whip egg whites and mix all the ingredients with a mixer. Put the banana peel on the pre-greased baking sheet, put the resulting cream in them. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees and place the baking tray for about 5 minutes. Before serving, the boats can be poured with caramel syrup.

Salads with bananas

Almost all children, both very young and older, enjoy eating fruit salad with bananas. There are several types of this salad:

  • Banana - yoghurt salad

For its preparation you need two bananasmedium size and one small cup of any yogurt. Bananas must be peeled and cut into small cubes of the same size. Pour the cut bananas with yogurt and mix them. Place the salad on a small plate and sprinkle it with a piece of apple.

  • Fruit salad with banana.

The next kind of salad with a banana is simplya real storehouse of vitamins. For its preparation you will need apples, pears, kiwi and grapes. Take such quantity of fruit which the child can eat at once or be ready to finish eating a salad for a crumb - the cut vegetables very quickly lose all their useful properties. Cut the fruit into small cubes of the same size, fill them with yogurt and mix. Please note that in the salad you can not add citrus fruits, in order to avoid the development of allergic reactions in the child. And only if you are firmly convinced that the child is not prone to food allergies, the composition of the salad can include oranges or tangerines.

Fried bananas

Fried bananas are also a success, likekids, and older children. They are prepared very very simply - almost as well as fried potatoes. Peel bananas from the peel, cut them into slices or straws, pour a small amount of vegetable oil into the frying pan (preferably use olive, but if it is not suitable, and ordinary sunflower), and fry the bananas until the golden crust. The only thing that Mom should pay attention to is the amount of bananas. Above it has been repeatedly said that bananas are very nutritious, so your child will not be able to eat a large amount. And stored fried bananas very, very little - not more than a few hours.

Fried bananas in creamy caramel sauce

I would like to offer you one morea recipe for cooking fried bananas. It is ideal for school children as a dessert. In order to prepare 4 servings of bananas, you will need:

  • Four bananas are medium in size.
  • Two tablespoons of butter.
  • 200 grams cream 20% fat.
  • Five oatmeal cookies.
  • Five tablespoons of sugar.

Peel bananas and cut themsufficiently large cubes. If you cut a banana too finely, at the end of cooking you risk getting the most ordinary banana puree. Oatmeal cookies before crumbling into any container. On a slow fire in a frying pan, melt the cooked butter, put sugar in it and stir constantly until the mass looks like caramel - jam. After this, put the cut bananas into the pan, mix them with caramel syrup and fry for several minutes. After this, pour the bananas with cream and simmer on a very small fire for at least a few minutes. Lay the finished dessert on plates, sprinkle crumbled oatmeal cookies and you can serve on the table. The best drink for this dessert for a child will be ordinary milk.

Milkshakes with bananas

Another wonderful recipe for a dish that can be made from bananas is a milkshake with a banana. To prepare 2 servings you will need:

  • Two bananas.
  • Two glasses of milk.
  • A few cubes of milk chocolate.
  • Cinnamon.

Cut the banana with a fork, then add tohis milk. Using a blender or a mixer, bring the mixture to a homogeneous mass, then add cinnamon (a small amount, approximately at the tip of the knife). The resulting cocktail pour into the glass of the baby, grate the chocolate bar and sprinkle the resulting chocolate crust on top of the drink. The drink is ready. Banana with milk is very well absorbed and has virtually no contraindications, unless, of course, your baby does not suffer from food allergy to lactose. In this case, replace ordinary milk with a lactose-free one, which can be found in any supermarket. A cocktail of milk and bananas is ready. You can also prepare a cocktail of ice cream and a banana. To prepare two servings you will need 400 grams of any cream ice cream without any filler, 200 grams of milk, and two bananas of medium size. Peel bananas and peel them with a fork. By the way, pay attention - for making cocktails with bananas it is much more reasonable to use ripe soft fruits. After that, mix the bananas with ice cream, add the milk and beat thoroughly with a mixer or blender. Rub on a grater a couple of cubes of milk chocolate and sprinkle a cocktail on top. Drink of banana and milk is ready, but remember that it includes ice cream, and accordingly, a cocktail of bananas turns very cold.

Baked banana

Baked bananas are also very tasty andquite an independent dish. Prepare it is quite simple, with this task, even inexperienced in cooking mum can easily cope. To make a baked banana you will need:

  • A foil designed for baking food in the oven.
  • One or two bananas (depending on the portions, at the rate of one banana of medium size per serving).
  • A spoonful of sugar or honey, if the childover five years old and does not suffer from attacks of food allergy, since honey is a fairly strong allergen. If you doubt it - it will be much wiser to stop using honey.
  • Half a lemon of medium size.

Turn on the oven and heat it up to 250 degreesCelsius. While the oven is warm, peel the bananas, gently wrap them in a foil for baking and place in the oven. Bananas should be baked for about 15 minutes. While the bananas are in the oven, prepare the sweet syrup. If you are using honey to make syrup, place it in a small heat-resistant container, which in turn is put in a pot of water. Bring the water to a boil, stirring constantly the honey, preferably with a wooden stick or spoon. After the honey completely melts to the liquid state, add the juice of half a lemon into it. If your child is not old enough for honey, you need to prepare the syrup in a different way. Mix five tablespoons of sugar and five tablespoons of oxen. In a water bath, melt the sugar until a homogeneous caramel mass is obtained. Remove from heat, add juice to half a lemon. Remove the bananas from the oven, allow them to cool slightly and unfold the foil. Remove the banana and put it on the baby's plate. Pour the banana with the resulting syrup, decorate the plate with a few slices of apple or any other fruit. The dessert is ready.

Pancakes with bananas

Pancakes with a banana and chocolate will befull, and most importantly, an unusually tasty breakfast or snack not only for kids, but for the whole family. To prepare 4 servings of pancakes you will need:

  • Three bananas are of medium size.
  • Fresh peel of one orange.
  • One tablespoon of banana syrup. If you can not find a syrup in the store, prepare it yourself: grind a quarter of the banana and rub it with sugar until a uniform mass is formed.
  • One tablespoon of cocoa powder.
  • Two teaspoons of starch.
  • 40 grams of milk chocolate.
  • 20 grams of butter.

To prepare the test you will need:

  • One hundred gram of wheat flour of the highest grade.
  • One tablespoon of cocoa.
  • One chicken egg.
  • Two hundred grams of milk.

Peel bananas from the peel, cut them smallwith dice. Pass lemon zest through a meat grinder, mix it with banana syrup and cut bananas. Place them in a cool place, preferably on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, for about 20 minutes. In a clean small enamel tank, mix the cocoa powder with the milk. Rub on the grated milk chocolate and add to the milk. Heat the container over a small fire, constantly stirring the milk continuously. After a few minutes, remove the mixture from the fire. To make the dough mix the flour and cocoa powder, then sift them through a sieve into a deep enough bowl. In the middle of the resulting slide, make a small depression, put butter and eggs in it. Gradually add milk, stirring the dough in such a way that there are no lumps. After the dough acquires a homogeneous structure, you can start baking pancakes. On a clean surface spread the finished pancake, lay on it a thin even layer of pre-prepared bananas, roll pancake envelope or roll. Place the pancakes on a plate. In one serving, as a rule, includes three pancakes. Pour the chocolate sauce and serve pancakes with a banana and chocolate on the table.

Rice porridge with banana

However, no matter how good the bananas are,the child, of course, must also eat something more significant. Try to prepare a child such an unusual dish, like rice with bananas. It is not so difficult to do this. For cooking porridge you will need:

  • One hundred grams of peeled rice.
  • Two hundred grams of milk.
  • Fifty grams of butter.
  • One banana is of medium size.

Boil one liter of water, place the rice inenameled dishes and fill it with steep boiling water. After about a minute, drain the water and pour the rice with milk. Cook over low heat until ready, like ordinary rice porridge. While the rice is boiled, peel the banana and cut it into small slices. Fry the slices over a small fire. After the rice porridge is ready, mix the rice with the fried bananas and put the baby in a plate. Decorate the edges of the plate with pieces of fruit or whipped cream - the dish will become even more attractive for the baby. Rice with bananas is often eaten even by the most fastidious children.

Banana icicles

Another favorite banana dish for your child is the so-called banana icicles. To prepare two servings you will need:

  • Two bananas small in size - the smaller, the better. It is desirable that the bananas are slightly undersized.
  • One tile of milk chocolate.
  • 100 grams of milk.
  • Several peeled walnuts.
  • Wooden skewers, designed for cooking.

Peel bananas, cut thickrings and put on wooden sticks. Kernels of walnuts chop to the state of crumbs. Sew the chocolate bar on a grater, place in enameled dishes. After that, add the milk there and bring to a boil, while constantly stirring. When the chocolate is completely melted, dip the sticks with banana slices into it, then sprinkle with chopped walnuts. So, now you know what to do with bananas, and your choice is limited only by your imagination. However, do not forget that in addition to bananas, there is a fairly large number of other, no less useful products, from which you can also prepare enough large variety of dishes. But he will tell them next time. Bon Appetit! We advise you to read: