Family planning is an important aspectfamily happiness. And what kind of family planning does it do without planning the appearance of children of a certain gender in the family? The absence of controversy about what kind of child will be born, who are born in the situation of suspense while waiting for the appearance of the baby, contribute to raising the level of psychological satisfaction of young parents who know who they will pick up in nine months - a boy or a girl. There are situations in which you really want to conceive a child of a certain sex. This applies to families in which several same-sex children have already been born, and parents want even one more child, but the opposite sex. After all, there are cases when in families with same-sex children parents despair and do not believe in the possibility of the birth in their family of a child of the opposite sex. Sometimes there are such judgments: "In our family, only boys are born!" - or, conversely, girls. Believe me, you can dispel these legends by reproducing the boy when all your predecessors in the family had only girls. Or vice versa. The desire to give birth to a child of a certain sex also arises in those families where a woman, due to some physiological deviations, can produce only one child. In this case, I can give you the opportunity to choose the gender of the little man who will become your support in old age. This is a paid service, for the implementation of which I need a certain amount of time and which is associated with considerable labor costs. In order for me to choose the date of conception of a boy or girl for you, you need to answer the questions by filling out the application form below: