Why women should not wear weights? To start a little anatomy. The human body is arranged in such a way that the supporting skeleton is a skeleton, and muscles and organs are attached to it. The basis of the skeleton is the spine, which functions as a shock absorber and rod. The internal organs are located between the diaphragm and the pelvis. To keep it all you need a muscle corset and ligaments. Seeing how the body works, when a person lifts and carries a large load, it becomes obvious why it is so dangerous. The main weight falls on the spine. When he is healthy, there are no problems, the weight is distributed correctly, but if there are diseases in the back area, the disks get an extra load, they are deformed, the result is a displacement, a hernia of the vertebrae, pain. The spine works together with the muscles, which sharply strain to withstand the heaviness. Muscle clamps lead to a growing pressure inside the trunk. A person at this moment can be compared to a shaken bottle of soda. Another consequence of muscle overstrain is the squeezing of large vessels. It turns out that at the moment of weight lifting, the bodies do not get enough nutrition, the blood comes to them with difficulty. One of the most dangerous diseases associated with vascular pathology is a stroke. If you read , it becomes clear why it is so importantavoid circulatory problems. Of course, only because a woman lifts heavy bags and carries them home, she will not have a stroke or a heart attack, but eventually develop varicose veins, hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis and other dangerous diseases. Pressure in the abdominal cavity, caused by the load on the skeleton and muscles, adversely affects the work and position of all internal organs. If the press is well-loaded, then problems should not arise, but a weak muscle tone increases the risk of displacement of the kidneys, ureter, uterus, and this is the direct route to infertility and miscarriage. Many will have a question and what to do, because no one will carry bags with food from the store instead of me, take a child in their arms, etc., even if I face or displacement of the vertebrae. Of course, you must always take care of yourself, but this does not mean giving up sports. Without physical activity, training, the body becomes sick. Important movement, a strong muscle corset, and this is achieved by regular gymnastics. It is also worth learning how to properly lift and carry weights, thereby avoiding the negative impact of excessive loads. We advise you to read: