why a man is afraid of a woman Have you ever wondered whymen literally wind around some women and avoid the rest of the beautiful ladies? Why do some girls have no problems with attracting and keeping any guy they like, just what they want, while others try to attract attention, but all the men, like enchanted, pass by without noticing them? And if they start any relationship, then the woman has to make a lot of efforts so that the young man does not eventually change to another. What is the reason for this state of affairs? Why do some women so easily find themselves a couple, while most others are afraid even to dream of love and devotion from the guys? What makes most women so unattractive in male eyes, and why are men afraid of women who, in our opinion, have many virtues? Are most of us just unlucky? why men are afraid of women

What men are afraid of

Every man has his own "collectionswitches "of female attractiveness. We are talking about those qualities of a woman's personality, which for men are like a stop-cock. Noticing in the lady these or other traits of character, a man runs away from her, despite her external beauty and inner harmony. I must say that every young man is afraid of almost the same types of women. And if we summarize, there are six main reasons why men avoid women:

  • Women have unlimited sexual powerover men. We, the girls, even imagine it is difficult, what force of influence on the male consciousness has the appearance of our body. When a woman knows about this, she can use her sexual power as a powerful tool for manipulation. Especially before sex; but often a woman continues to manipulate a man after sex, in everyday life. Guys understand this, and, being afraid to become a toy in the hands of a capricious young lady, try not to sink into the abyss of feelings: slept with one - and jogging for another!
  • Women tend to deny their sexualdesire, at least externally. It seems to us that this is how it should be, because we must demonstrate our modesty and decency! Women tend to perceive their sexual desires as weakness and vulnerability, and not as power (as in the first paragraph, when it comes to the male desire for sex). Most of us cover up our sexuality with several layers of inaccessibility, hypocrisy and the notion of propriety, and from the outside it becomes completely unclear what we really feel. Men can only guess. And woe to them, if they do not guess! Such situations create a huge internal struggle, which is often projected onto relations, as a struggle for power.
  • Women, as a rule, constantly hide somethingfrom men, and they protect their secrets inaccessible. If a man feels this, then he gets the impression that he knows about his lady is not all. This makes men not trust women. Believe me, such secrecy has nothing to do with the statement that "there must be some mystery in a woman". We sometimes just try to hide from the guy that they spent too much money on cosmetics, and he is afraid that he had a chance to grow branched horns, because we obviously had something secretly started from him. This understatement causes the emergence of such an emotional atmosphere, when I want to say that "in love - as in war"; so men behave as if they should always be ready to repel an enemy attack. Therefore, they consider us insidious and unworthy of their trust; and all that they say and do themselves - this is the truth in the last resort!
  • "Yes" does not necessarily mean "yes", but "no"- does not always mean "no". And our "maybe" and in general can mean anything: "maybe", and "yes", and "no"! Accordingly, "maybe" can be "possible", and "maybe", and "I do not know", and "of course, you are such a dummy!" All this does not reflect reality, even if only very vaguely. And how to understand this poor man, if we ourselves sometimes do not know why and why they said so, and not otherwise? Almost every man faced with the fact that a woman says "no" just because she wants to experience how much he loves and wants her, but in fact she is, in fact, very "yes"! And we say no, because we like to feel the feeling that our resistance is broken by the male onslaught. If you were a man who is not afraid of any consequences of his onslaught, or if you were a man who is so patient that he can not rush a woman and can wait until she wants sex, you could understand how treacherous the game is leads a woman towards you! Because a woman can always say that she was raped if her resistance was overcome, and this despite the fact that she herself wanted it. And a woman can always declare a man a mattress or impotent, if he does not overcome her resistance, taking it seriously. And what would you do if you were a man ?! So is it any wonder that most men are generally afraid of making serious relationships with women?
  • Women can become pregnant when they themselves arewill want. The woman after all can lie about whether they took or not measures for contraception, while it is difficult for a guy to lie if he has a condom. Agree, he or she is, or he is not. Why are men so afraid that women can deceive them? Read on!
  • Pregnancy irrevocably changes not only lifewomen; it also irrevocably changes the life of a man. And far from all men, the pregnancy of his woman does not bring with him serious problems. And if the woman herself has the right to decide whether she should change something in her life - after all she decides whether to prevent pregnancy or not, to have a child or not, - then the man is practically deprived of this right. It turns out that the woman herself decides how his future fate will develop, even if he himself does not want to change anything in his life. And the other extreme - a man may well be in a situation where he does not know that he has a child, even if he really wanted a son or daughter. Agree, this is a very unjust instrument for manipulating the life of a man.
  • man is afraid of a woman

    Five types of women avoided by men

    In general, it is clear that it can frighten a manin possible relationships with a woman. Is it possible to say something about a certain type - what kind of women are men afraid of? Well, if they are not afraid, then surely what they avoid? It's very often so happens: like a guy fell on you, and went to contact with pleasure; but as soon as we talked a few times, he disappeared! Is this about you too? Most likely, you showed yourself while on a date, on the side with which your guy saw not your best features. You, maybe, did not even think that this or that your trait may be considered a disadvantage, but your man thought it more sensible to retire than to build long-term relationships with you. If you want to continue to avoid such mistakes, then keep in mind that men do not tolerate the spirit of five types of female personality:

  • "Flirt Moth" Generally men like it,when women flirt with them. They will always be drawn to a healthy, beautiful flirt, and a flirting woman will always be considered cheerful and charming. Flirting, the girl shows the guy his interest in him, and it's much easier for a man to get acquainted with her immediately. But there is a big difference between situational flirting and constant, so to say "serial" flirting. Flirting, the woman silly giggles, builds eyes and zemenitsja literally before each man. She is like a moth that flies to any light that is nearby. Such a doll flapping eyes will not cause any interest in a man; on the contrary, he very quickly realizes that this "flirting moth" will require constant attention, since the girl is almost certainly greatly reduced self-esteem. A very patient and self-assured person may, and will be able to deal with such a feature of a woman's behavior; but most men decide that this "moth" is not worth their time.
  • "Imposing obligations" Just imagineimagine for a second that you are a guy. You met a fantastically beautiful and interesting woman, and on the first date you had exciting feelings for her. You invited her to a cafe, and you really like it. Lighting is just right, and the food is delicious. You are just beginning to experience spiritual comfort, enjoying the company of such a wonderful girl, and suddenly ... Bam! The charmer begins to talk about your wedding, about how many children she wants, what kind of house you will have with her, and what your future common dog will be called Richie. When that's right, off the bat, the girl starts to put pressure on the guy, he will simply run away from her without looking. In any healthy relationship the first months, and especially the first dates should be devoted not to the future, but to today's day. After all, you do not even really know each other, how can you talk about your future life together ?! And so, without the consent of the guy, decide for him what will happen next, and then press him, demanding that he commit himself, fulfilling your desires - this man is afraid very much and very much!
  • "Always in need of custody" Such a girl does notcan go anywhere and can not do anything without his man. At the same time, she lives only by his interests, constantly turns around him, always ready to take control over his behavior. She gives herself to the man at his complete disposal, relying on him and expecting that he will be at any time ready to entertain or comfort her, because she basically has no interests of her own and does not live her life. "Always in need of care" literally strangles the guy with his demand, absorbing all his energy and exhausting his desire to constantly own his attention.
  • "Lover of parties" Such girls constantlythey want to have fun, considering themselves as the soul of any company. They are carefree and irresponsible, and even make an effort to build a relationship with a man, even if they do not want to. They easily get acquainted, but never take on any responsibility for anything. With them, you can have a very good time somewhere in a disco or at a party, but what will they be like in the sobering daylight? Its merry tricks are good only in small doses. It is difficult to have a serious relationship with a person who hides all the problems under a mask of fun. In addition, everyone knows that people who can not cheer themselves with nothing but a cocktail of cocktail for dance music, very often fall into depression and even depression when the party ends.
  • "Chatterbox" This is a woman who neverSilences, hardly stopping for a second, to inhale air. It is capable to drive mad any man who, in the presence of the talker, will only dream of having her shut up. But the verbosity is sinned by a very large number of women. It is a pity that the talkers do not understand that really "silence is gold"! Each of them should take into account that the more a person speaks, the less he learns.
  • Two facts in the end

    First - a harsh fact. It is that ninety-five percent of women will never have such success with men that they would like to have. Let's face it! Most women are ignorant when it comes to men. They simply rely on luck, because they do not know how to act correctly. And even worse - they never make real efforts to understand their mistakes. They will sit with their hands folded, living with the false hope that they will someday find the man of their dreams, and everything will be smooth. But it does not happen! Nothing can appear by itself. The success of men is reduced to the fact that a woman knows how you can and how you can not behave with guys. And finally - an interesting fact. Those qualities that seem to attract women to men, in fact, often repel them! We hope that you understand what we mean. After all, you already read this article! We advise you to read: