why the guy does not call Yesterday everything was fine. You walked all night until the morning, held hands, looked into each other's eyes for a long time, kissed to self-oblivion ... And now everything is lost! Or, maybe, they did not just kiss, but it came to sex. And you are faced with the problem: what if the guy does not call? You do not find a place to wait, and every time a mobile phone rings, grab it with hope; but it's not him again. And you have no idea what to do, and do not know if you should call or write to him, or it will look obtrusive. It's a familiar story, is not it? In this situation, almost every girl turned out to be. Why does not a guy call after a date, even if he did not have sex? And, maybe, this is the whole problem? Sometimes the rendezvous is the first, and sometimes the fifth, tenth, twentieth. That's all gone, without explaining anything, and she's in love, she's waiting, hoping, suffering ... Decides to call or write the guy first, and he does not answer the calls. The result will be sleepless nights, wet from tears pillow and longing, longing, longing ... After all, he stopped loving or he did not like it! And the poor begins to sort through every minute of the meeting, begins to look for the reasons for his behavior in his own actions, thinks that this is because of a quarrel or bad sex, sorts out ways to meet ... It can not be seen, the reasons are, the girl either grows discontent with herself and self-esteem sharply decreases, or there is an irritation in relation to all sort masculine. Meanwhile, the options for why the guy stopped ringing, maybe a few. why does not the guy call

If the guy does not call

When a guy does not call after a few days, do notit is worth making hasty conclusions that you are not sympathetic to him. In fact, the meeting was not bad, and he likes you very much. But a man is a busy man, and in general they are such a people, for whom, first of all, work, and then personal life. So just write a girl he likes, he can not wait until he has time for this. We women are difficult to understand. We sincerely believe that a loved one is above all, and we want to meet him at the slightest opportunity. By the way, it is because of this feature that we crave sex at the beginning of relationships and are able to fan big quarrels from small problems. However, the logic of a strong half of humanity is somewhat different, and if the guy has not called, he has been doing business for several days, he is sure that nothing terrible has happened. After all, he solves serious questions! So it turns out in this case that the girl, with impatience waiting for the call of the guy the next day after the meeting, wants to achieve from him is not a masculine act. Because the discussion of yesterday's events is approximately this way: "Oh, how I was with you yesterday, well, how we had a great time, let's meet again" and so on in the same spirit is a manifestation of female psychology. It's us, women, after some significant or even minor event, we immediately rush to discuss all of his details with a girlfriend. Men are different. They do not like to be frank, talk about their experiences and call trivia. Of course, a girl who liked the young man very much, thinks differently. She needs recognition of her need for this young man, her chosenness and exclusivity. Therefore, if the guy did not call after a date, sex or quarrel, the young lady worries, finds no place and thinks that something is wrong with her. She feverishly sorts through her often flawed shortcomings, looks at herself in the mirror, picks up girlfriends and a telephone receiver, thinking about whether to write the guy first. Deciding, finally, and coming up with some trivial reason, dials SMS ... And there - either silence, or a short and dry answer: "I'm busy. Then we'll talk. "Well, he's busy, busy! Not until now! Conclusion: the young man is immersed in the work and he is really not up to you now. Even if it's about sex, you can give it to him. Therefore, if you are not indifferent to it, you should be patient and wait. Call, will not go anywhere! Well, if he does not call back, then so be it. You're not a fifteen-year-old lady to go crazy because of every male that has not paid attention to you.

Why the guy does not call

The answer to the tormenting young lady is the question why a guyDo not call, there may be his doubts about the need for this call. These doubts can relate both to how much he likes the girl, and to whether he fits her. A young man just needs time to sort out his feelings. Men, in spite of the fact that outwardly they can look confident in themselves, quite often in the soul are indecisive and vulnerable. Such young people with low self-esteem think that they are unworthy of a particular girl, and they begin to shun her, despite the warm sympathy. If a guy calls very rarely or does not do it at all, he can refer to this type of men. Having decided once to invite a beautiful girl to a date and having communicated with her, he became thoughtful - and does he need her? And, having drawn a conclusion that is not needed, disappears. Often such men also have a fear of sex with an attractive woman, because they are very insecure. Strangely enough, but such a character can also have very courageous in appearance, extremely attractive externally young people. Behind an imposing sight, a timid and indecisive person, anxiously referring to the weaker sex, may hide. If a guy rarely calls, he can be just that kind of character. A young man of this kind is simply afraid to offend the ideal girl who appears to him by his importunity. In fact, he really likes him, he even worships her, and the goddesses, as is known, are inaccessible to the average person. Well, and finally, the answer to the question of why a guy can not call or write first after a date can be his desire to demonstrate his independence. So our society is organized - dependence on another person is considered weakness in him. That's "puffed" our lovers in the girl to the ears of the guys, struggling to show her that they do not mess anything. Including she. It's a sad thing to admit, but your gentleman can be that kind of person. If you notice at least the slightest hint of presence in the character of the above mentioned feature, then it is highly doubtful that he will be able to call or write first. In this case, he will be only happy if you can take the initiative and you will contact him. if the guy does not call

If the guy does not call for a long time

This option is the saddest. The guy does not answer the calls and does not call, because he did not like the girl. In this case, further relations, of course, are impossible. From the point of view of the exhausted expectation of the girl, his silence is not justified. Especially if the guy does not call after sex or quarrel. Well, you can call, write, or say a few words! Still, she is not a fool, and immediately would understand that he called simply out of courtesy, and would not have hoped for a continuation of the relationship. And honesty, respect for each other has not been canceled yet. And then such silence, as if in water has sunk. And how to behave here? Do I need to call the first guy to find out the relationship until the end? Of course, to dial her phone number and firmly say that nothing will come of them, it seems to be easy. However, a rare young man will decide on such an act. As we already mentioned above, many men only seem strong and confident, but do not run from fairly simple problems. However, the girls are also concerned. Do we often say directly to the forehead of some boyfriend that he does not like us? Hardly ... We either try to avoid the direct answer, if the boyfriend becomes too intrusive, or even forget about him. But in fact a person, in all likelihood, also suffers from waiting. Do I need to call or write the first guy? In order not to exhaust yourself with the unknown and not to be wasting your nerves, of course you can. Especially it is possible to do this, if it is a question of the relations which have developed after several meetings. After all, if he has already appointed more than one meeting, it turns out that you attracted him to something! And now suddenly the young man disappeared. Perhaps something happened to him, and you do not know. In this case, the question of what to do if the guy does not call, is solved without much stress - several meetings give the girl the right to ask his fate at least on friendly rights. I must say that even when the guy did not call after sex, the problem also does not hang in the air. In the end, there was an intimate affinity between a young man and a girl, and now they are not really strangers at all! Can I call the guy you trusted your body with first? Can. Even if she behaves politely after sex. Although, of course, for many guys, such situations are equivalent to a hike in the gym, and they genuinely do not understand why women after sex "take off". Yes, and that such a terrible thing can happen to you after such a call? Well, he will think about you that you are too insistent. So it's not just that, but to clarify the relationship. And you probably will not care less what a man who is so ill-mannered or indifferent thinks. The worst thing, if it simply disappears - then you have to accept this unknown and learn to live with it. It happens that the relationship is interrupted after a quarrel. In this case, a young man is probably just very hurt at you. You may be afraid if he has decided to break with you, but this can only be clarified in a personal conversation, which is better planned when there is a certain time after the quarrel. You both need to take a little breath, and this will benefit your relationship. Sometimes, if a guy does not call for a long time, and then he does show up, he just does not want to lose the girl completely. While meeting with the young lady, he does not intend - perhaps he has another or simply not enough time for personal life. But, in principle, he likes him, and maybe, sometime later a young man will try to develop relations. In the meantime, do not want to lose the girl completely. It sounds, of course, strange, and in this case, the choice is already yours - to accept such circumstances or go further. In short, the reasons why a guy did not call and did not answer calls may be mass, and not all of them concern shortcomings, sex, quarrel or something like that. In this case, the girl should remember one thing: she is a self-valuable person, whose life should not depend on the call, in fact, an outsider. In addition, young people often behave unpredictably and can consciously withstand a pause before a call to warm the girl's feelings. This is in some way male manipulation, with the help of which the representatives of the stronger sex try to fall in love with this or that person. Should they succumb? Therefore, take yourself with something interesting, get distracted and forget about all the calls for a while. In the end, a person is born for joy and happiness, and not for suffering, waiting for someone to call someone after a date or a fight. Well, if the call finally comes, at last ... Do not pretend how much he is long-awaited. After all, you, too, are a busy person, and you do not have time to waste your energy on all sorts of nonsense. Good luck to you, and let the passive men on your way be as small as possible! We advise you to read: