Why does the baby speak only with the first syllables

The child's speech develops in stages. It does not depend on the language, and all children are about the same. The baby's initial sounds are screams and cries, although he quickly begins to discern the voice of the mother. From about 3 months there are drawn sounds or walking. This is the reaction of the child to the speech of an adult.the child speaks in syllablesThe child says the first words in syllables Photo: GettyAge 3-6 months is marked by repeated repetition of the same sounds. These are the rudiments of words addressed to an adult. The baby laughs, moves her mouth, imitating mom's speech. Further speech development goes as follows:

  • From 6-9 months, the baby makes sounds "m", "s". At the same time, syllables appear in his vocabulary, similar to "ma" or "ba."
  • In the period of 9-12 months, the baby tries to pronounce a chain of syllables, for example, ma-ma.

From about 12 months the words appear in the childwhich are connected with the world of sensations and the perception of the child. He talks about what he sees and feels. The baby does not utter new words completely. He repeats the sounds that are easier for him to pronounce. That is why the vocabulary of the kid sounds funny. Give the word he can pronounce as "ah", the dog calls "aw." “Dictionary of babies” is different about the usual language, so parents do not always track the early words, because they expect the words “mom” or “dad” from him. At this time, the child has already mastered a few words, calling the milk “ako” or tea “tai”. The new language of the child is syllables. Usually these are primary or stressed syllables.

What to do to the child began to speak to 2 years.

The baby needs to prepare his speech apparatus touttering words. In addition to communication, it is necessary for the baby to suck the breast and switch to solid food in time. Chewing will develop muscles and simplify the pronunciation of words. In order for the child to understand and be able to pronounce words and sentences correctly, it is necessary from infancy to speak with him tenderly, but clearly. If the mother gently distorts the words, she confuses the baby. Later, he will copy the wrong mother's speech. The development of fine finger motor skills has a significant impact on the baby. Thinking and intelligence are closely related to the ability to operate with small details. Should refrain from retraining "left-handed" baby. Let him work with a comfortable hand, otherwise his mental functions will "get lost". The initial speech of the baby is separate parts of the word. Whether the child speaks correctly for his age can give you a speech therapist.