pochemu-on-ne-zvonit-posle-seksa-1 Here comes the first date I likedguy - such an exciting, important event! You carefully prepare for it, in advance you think over every detail, every detail of the toilet, make an exemplary list of questions, study articles about dating on the Internet. And, like, everything goes very well, but the trouble is: he promised to call back, but the phone is silent, like a bewitched one. Why does not he call, what's the reason? Such questions revolve in the minds of most girls whose guys do not call after the first date. They wind themselves, do not leave the phone, count the hours and minutes waiting for the call. "Maybe he did not like me? But everything was so great! But then why did not he call after the first date? He does not want to continue? "

What are they thinking about?

First of all, it is worth saying that many menare not as serious about phone conversations as women. They may simply not know what to talk about, feel constrained and inconvenient. And in general it can not come into their heads, what do you worry about because he began to call less often. Well, if it is a question of a call after the first date - in general, everything is complicated and there can be many reasons. Sometimes financial problems also interfere here: the call assumes the invitation to the girl in a decent place, and money for it can and not be. That's delaying the guys moment, waiting for the next salary, so as not to hit the dirt face. But more often than not, sadly, the guys do not call back because they just did not like the girl. As long as you can prove to yourself and others that everything went fine, a young person may have a different opinion on this matter. And this happens, alas, after the first date. It does not matter whether the guy admitted to you in love on a date, admired you and swore allegiance - these are just words. And attention should be paid only to actions. Believe me, very many men are able to say the word "love" to different seven women on every day of the week. They simply do not have a moral barrier, responsibility before this beautiful word. "I love, I adore you" are words. Call and request for a meeting is an act. Do you feel the difference?

"Respectful" reasons

Quite low, but still the chance that the man did not call back for an important reason, is. It's just a spoonful of honey in a barrel of tar, but in life there are also such cases:

  • He lost his mobile phone and can not call you back;
  • He accidentally erased your phone number and can not remember from memory;
  • He thinks that he behaved incorrectly on a date and is afraid to scare you even more;
  • His hands are swollen and do not hit the phone's buttons;
  • He urgently left the city, out of the country, before he could warn;
  • He is seriously ill and lies under a dropper, in a cast, etc .;
  • He died

As you can see, there are many reasons that can consoleyour offended pride. However, any man who liked the girl very much will overcome either of these points and will find a way to contact her. Except, perhaps, the last ...

They have no time?

The eternal excuse "no time" - this is also the wholeonly a trick. A man can delay the time of the call for a day, for two. But if he did not call back within three days - forget about him. Do not try to justify the behavior of a guy who does not call you, do not come up with a reason. If a man likes a woman, then he will contact her from anywhere in the world, from space, from the other world! Even if in an hour he has a coronation or a meeting with newcomers, he will find the opportunity to call someone who cares. Blockage at work, a lot of customers, home problems - this is such a trifle, when a person is truly in love. The fact that he does not call you because of employment is a myth. Just forget about this person, this is not your prince. why he does not call me

Is it hard for him to take the first step?

Do you really think that men are sotouching, naive creatures that are not able to make the first step towards your relationship? It does not matter how timid the man is by the nature: he really wants to communicate with you - he will get it. Men are hunters by nature. They are ready to turn the mountains in the name of a beautiful lady. And for all the millennia of human history, their quality has not changed. Men are moved by a special excitement, the desire to get their woman, to prove their leadership. They are able to want and achieve your location by any means. Or do not want to. And this can happen after any meeting, not necessarily the first. For men, everything is simple: a woman disliked - stopped calling her.

Why does the tortoise not fly? Because he does not want to!

Why does not he call after a date? Yes, just does not want to. A guy may have an interest in business, a favorite hobby, a time deficit. If after the first date you suddenly became not more relevant than other interests, then he might not call back. Why should he lose his time if he sees no reason in your relationship? Only in search of sex? Do you want it? Perhaps he was just bored with you, and maybe you do not meet his ideals. At all, it is impossible to please. Well, god with him - so, he stopped to interest us, did not he? We are women, not machines for sex. No matter how good you are, however beautiful your inner world is, you are not immune from what you just do not like. Almost every woman has experienced this once in her life - just did not cause any interest on her first date. It's not the end of the world. The world is full of other nice guys with whom you can make a nice acquaintance.

Dear little thing

There is a type of women who demand for themselvesonly the best. More precisely, not better, but more expensive. Already on the first date they do not expect anything, except luxury restaurants and expensive signs of attention. Firstly, not every man can afford it. Secondly, even very well-off people do not like it when they are "untwisted." If you consider such things mandatory, then do not rush to your demands too quickly, otherwise you will scare off the potential gentleman. Any man appreciates a woman's attitude toward her beloved, in sorrow and in joy, in wealth and poverty. Hardly felt that you are much more interested in his wallet than the inner world, he will hesitate to call you and build a serious relationship. Perhaps, at once you will not notice the problem, but if the man began to call rarely - think, is not this the reason?

Miss Inaccessibility

Another common reason why he did notcalls and does not write - your overpriced opinion of yourself. Sometimes girls with a very attractive appearance wear a mask full of inaccessibility on the face: "Who are you to be with me!". Such a position seldom leads to anything serious - do not be surprised why the beauties that you looked at with contempt all last evening did not call you. Even if in the depths of the soul such a girl dreams of a guy, the expression on her face repels the opposite sex. Have you noticed that there are more singles among beautiful women than among the lesser? Behind ordinary sociable girls, there are many more guys: they are constantly invited to visit, they seek an arrangement. At that time, as impregnable beauties with the face "do not approach, and then I will kill" are all alone. And even if the man decided on the first date, this mask of superiority and indifference kills all the intentions in him to continue acquaintance. Is not it time to change your mask, and at the same time character? why he rarely calls

Hurried up ...

Sometimes the first date ends with the firstsex. Very often this sex becomes the last with this partner. And what did you expect? After sex, the man turns on his head and begins to reflect. Alas or fortunately, but one sex for the relationship is clearly not enough. Men are by nature conquerors. If on the first date they got everything they wanted, then why should they meet with you again? There is a well-known saying: "Every woman is worthy of sex, but not every second." So is it any wonder why he does not call after the sex that happened on the first evening? Rarely, such relationships have a continuation. Making an approximate idea of ​​your moral principles, a man will hardly want to see you as his constant friend. After all, if you so simply went to contact with him, can a guy be sure of your loyalty? Do not you share a bed with another man during quarrels, his absence, etc.? There's really nothing to blame the guy in callousness and inattention - even if sex was terrific, it's more interesting for a man to find a new object of hobby than to conquer something that does not require conquest. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules. Perhaps some successful marriages begin with such free dates. But still, this is a great rarity. A man should sincerely and faithfully love a woman before this meeting, so as not to be disappointed in her behavior.

Introduction to the Internet

Now it is very fashionable to make acquaintances throughthe Internet. In the vastness of RuNet there is a great variety of social networks, dating sites, special chats. Many young people in general are perplexed, as before their parents, grandparents found each other without the Internet. What could be easier: you find guys in your city, you look at photos, you study information about their interests. After a short dialogue, you can meet at a nearby cafe, make a romantic acquaintance. However, such acquaintances are rarely successful. Have you met many people who upload unsuccessful photos in their profile, telling about the problems and shortcomings of their character? This happens very rarely, if at all. Some even turn to professional photographers, arrange expensive photosessions for the sake of a dating site. Even if you were sitting around the net all day, communicating with your chosen one, if you felt like soul mates - it's not at all a fact that you will like each other when meeting you. If you are slightly different from the image that you have created on your site, then the guy may not call back this happen often. You can list for hours the acquaintances who met on the Internet and live happily ever after. In any rule there are exceptions, it's far from the fact that you will be lucky too. By the way, in fact, such a relationship is rarely obtained. The good old method of dating "in real life" is still working. At least, both of you will know the pros and cons of each other, and it's worth a lot. And you do not have to wonder why your chosen one did not call.

Should I call him first?

There are times when a girl, fascinated firsta date, does not stand up and the first one rings. What usually happens? The guy apologizes that he did not call back, refers to a lot of cases, swears to contact her in a couple of days. After he again is silent, the girl calls back to him a couple of times, but the guy answers all reluctantly, he has more and more affairs, and now he does not pick up the phone at all. A woman is sitting and wondering - why did not he call? In a word, rarely when such an attempt is successful.

What is the result?

Affected self-esteem, depression, insult to the wholeWhite light. Although, it's worth only taking offense at yourself. Do not take away the initiative from men, your annoying calls you will not achieve anything. Rarely, what kind of a man does a woman like to see. If you liked him, you would have met him long ago, regardless of his affairs. And so - it remains to be wondered why he did not call. You just flatter his vanity, you will become a lower rank in the "man-woman" relationship. You do not even need to conquer, you yourself are ready to run after him at the first call. So is it worth it to humiliate and call first? The answer is obvious: of course not! If you are so hard to resist the temptation - erase all contacts on the mobile. If he calls you back, you will have time to write down his phone number. It will even be nice - you'll pick up the phone, not suspecting that it's him. In his calm voice you will show that you did not really expect a call and save your face. If you are unlucky, and the man for some reason did not call, do not despair. Do not endlessly execute yourself, worry and fall into depression. You will certainly meet someone who loves you and will be there. And then, you absolutely will not have time for empty feelings about phone calls, because you will be occupied with real relationships. We advise you to read: