Why a child cannot fall asleep at night

If the baby is constantly at home, there is littlefresh air, does not play outdoor games, he does not have time to get tired. In such a situation, parents need to be prepared for problems falling asleep. Children older than two years trying to manipulate adults. Often this happens when a mom or dad promises to his child some kind of reward for falling asleep. Small children quickly draw appropriate conclusions and each time they try to achieve their own.baby can't fall asleepOften the child cannot fall asleep due to the saturatedthe events of the dayPhoto: Getty If the baby rubs his eyes, yawns and whimpers, then he wants to sleep. But sometimes mom's attempt to put him in a bed ends with violent resistance and shouts. The reasons for this behavior are completely different:

  • Unwillingness to part with a game or an interesting society. If there are older children in the house, the baby does not want to agree to fall asleep until they, too, go to rest.
  • Fear of falling asleep. If the baby is afraid of the dark or he has nightmares, parents will have to be patient. Removing this fear is not so easy.
  • Physical discomfort. Perhaps the child wants to eat or drink, he has uncomfortable clothes or is uncomfortable in his bed. Too low or high temperature of the air in the room also prevents children from falling asleep.
  • Disease. Children are very restless during teething. Discomfort in the tummy, sore throat, runny nose - all this can cause problems with falling asleep.
  • Having understood the reasons for this behavior, parents should eliminate the problems that have arisen and improve the sleep of the child.

    What to do if a child cannot fall asleep for a long time

    First eliminate the disease. If the baby is healthy, analyze the external factors: air temperature, bed comfort and room decor. Then proceed to the establishment of the regime and the creation of a certain “sleeping” ritual. What do we have to do:

  • Take care of soft night lighting. At the same time the nightlight should not be in the field of view of the child.
  • Buy a toy for sleeping and give it an interesting name. Give it to your child just before bedtime.
  • Half an hour before the end of the day give the baby a cup of warm milk or mint tea.
  • Bathe the baby in the bath with lavender and mint decoctions. Stormy games in the water - under the ban.
  • Read the familiar good tale monotonous, soothing g voice.
  • To sing a lullaby or to include classical instrumental melodies.
  • These actions should be pleasant to the child. They need to be repeated every day, even if the baby does not want to obey this ritual much. Over time, the ritual of falling asleep will be brought to automatism. The child will calmly fall asleep after all the actions performed, as he is already prepared and set to sleep. See also: