Products against cancer Oncological diseases are called scourgeCenturies: over the past 10 years the number of cases in Russia has increased by 25.5%. Doctors are sure: if you start to fight the disease at an early stage, in most cases you can achieve recovery. However, prevention, nevertheless, is much better than treatment. And hold it by everyone's strength who will include in their diet dishes rich in antioxidant products. It turns out that products familiar to us since childhood contain substances that help fight the causes of oncological diseases. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, trigger the process of recovery and purification of the body, prevent oxidative stress. In other words, they are able to put a serious barrier to the disease and at times reduce the likelihood of its occurrence. Tomatoes

Efficient tomatoes

A unique product is considered to be tomato,containing lycopene - a powerful natural antioxidant, the solution of which in the last decades engaged in leading scientific clinics around the world. Judging by the results of the research, lycopene claims to be one of the most effective advocates of oncological diseases. It is proved that as an antioxidant lycopene is 3 times stronger than, for example, carotene beta-carotene: 1 molecule of lycopene neutralizes up to 13 molecules of cancer "provokers" - free radicals. The fact is that lycopene is protected by phagocytes - cells of the immune system that absorb foreign particles and harmful bacteria. Simultaneously, these beneficial substances activate the proliferation of lymphocytes responsible for the destruction of cancer cells. As a result, the "tomato antioxidant" becomes an effective means of preventing ovarian, lung, lacteal and pancreatic cancer. It's no wonder that the tomato-saturated Mediterranean cuisine is called a "cancer diet". Interestingly, lycopene is the only natural natural antioxidant that not only is not afraid of heat treatment, but, on the contrary, wins from it. Already after a two-minute heating, the concentration of the substance increases by one-third, and if 1 kg of tomatoes contains up to 50 mg of lycopene, then it is almost 3 times larger in natural ketchup or tomato paste. It turns out that by periodically adding these products to food, a person protects himself from a terrible illness. Here, only for naturalness you need to pay special attention. If, for example, the world-famous ketchup Heinz is made only from ripe tomatoes, natural vinegar and spices, then some other manufacturers use not tomatoes, but tinted zucchini, apples or pumpkin. Accordingly, about any lycopene in this product speech is no longer coming. Natural tomato ketchup

"Gold fish

It is clear that you can not eat only tomatoes: a good addition to the "anti-cancer menu" will be products containing other natural antioxidants, a path that is less strong than lycopene. For example, fish dishes are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. It was noted that in countries where seafood is included in the daily diet, the incidence of cancer is much lower. This was the reason for conducting clinical trials, during which women with hereditary predisposition were given the same number of polyunsaturated fatty acids as the inhabitants of Japan receive from food. It turned out that fish oil, strengthening immunity, "disables" the wandering cancer cells, drifting through the body in search of an organ-victim. Dietitians believe that eating fatty marine fish - flounder, herring, salmon - 2-3 times a week can be an excellent prevention of cancer. Salmon dish

Cabbage and carrots: ordered to eat raw

An important role in the fight against cancer is played bycabbage, moreover, absolutely all of its varieties. The fact is that with an overabundance of the female sex hormone estrogen, there is a risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. The substances contained in cabbage, indoles, stimulate the production of glutathione peroxidase enzymes, an antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative damage, and accelerate hormone metabolism, burning excess estrogen. Indoles are present in broccoli, kohlrabi, as well as white, colored and Brussels sprouts. Among other things, cruciferous contain a large amount of vitamin C - another strong antioxidant. But unlike the "tomato" lycopene, indoles and vitamin C are active only in raw or minimally processed food products. In turn, carrots serve as a supplier of beta-carotene, a strong antioxidant that preserves the cellular structure of tissues and struggles with various types of oncology, among which is cervical cancer. Prior to the disclosure of the properties of lycopene, beta-carotene was considered one of the most powerful antioxidants, which, however, does not entreat his merits in countering cancerous tumors. In addition to carrots, the "carotenoid" group includes red and yellow bell peppers, pumpkin, apricots, papaya and, of course, citrus fruits rich in a mass of nutrients. Carrot

Citrus Drug

Known for a high content of vitamin C, whichand in itself is a strong antioxidant, citrus fruits can boast other components that can prevent cancer. So, grapefruits are rich in monoterpenes, removing carcinogenic substances from the body and, thus, reducing cancer risks. Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of these fruits in the prevention of breast cancer. And lemons and oranges contain limonen - a substance that "pushes" lymphocytes to fight cancer cells. There are also bioflavonoids that enhance the activity of vitamin C and, when interacting with it, neutralize some of the free radicals. Meanwhile, the greatest amount of "citrus antioxidants" is found in the peel oil, which stimulates the production of enzymes responsible for detoxifying the body. It turned out that with the regular use of zest, the risk of skin cancer is reduced by 30%. Citrus

Garlic: small, yes

Allicin present in garlic has a strongbactericidal, antifungal, as well as detoxifying effect, that is, the ability to bind and remove toxins from the body. According to experts, "garlic antioxidants" are most effective for fighting lung, skin, stomach and colon cancer. Despite the severity of the product, it must be added to the food raw, even in small amounts. It is advisable to buy domestic garlic and make sure that it is not old and dry. Garlic

Morning antioxidants - tea and coffee

Contribute to the health of the skin and caffeine: it helps prevent types of cancer, such as basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Surveyed women who drank at least 3 cups of coffee a day were 20% less susceptible to oncological skin diseases. At the same time, caffeine protects the body from the development of breast cancer, not allowing healthy cells to reborn. When choosing ground coffee for preventive purposes, you should pay attention to the mass fraction of caffeine: it should not be below 0.7%, which indicates high-quality raw materials. Meanwhile, green and white teas "answer" for the health of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. In dry form, they are 40% composed of flavonoids catechins - polyphenols-antioxidants, known to inhibit the division of cancer cells. In some cases, white tea is 10% more effective than green tea, in terms of the level of exposure, not inferior to the strongest pharmacological drugs. In this case, if the usual drugs irritate the gastric mucosa and can cause ulcers, the fragrant drink does no harm. The quality of tea is determined by the mass fraction of the extractive substances contained in it, the absence of dyes and foreign impurities. Coffee beans

Peas, beans and soybeans

According to statistics, Hispanics, in the menuwhich traditionally includes various legumes, suffer from cancer much less often than women in Europe and the United States. It's all about plant antioxidants isoflavonoids. Phytoestrogen lignan inhibits the activity of the sex hormone estrogen and, as in the case of cabbage, it becomes a good prophylaxis for oncological diseases of the ovaries and the breast. Help in the fight in the "female" type of cancer can be not only beans, peas and beans, but also various products from natural soy - be it sauce, miso-soup or tofu. The main thing when choosing beans is to stop on the products of companies specializing in groceries and preferring to work with suppliers from regions where such crops are traditionally grown.

Spicy additive

Well, finally, seasonings, without which the tastesaturated with antioxidant dishes may seem insipid. For example, turmeric powder will help in the prevention of cancer of the bladder and intestines. During the inflammation, the body produces a large number of enzymes, and this spice can control the process. In the course of the studies, turmeric also successfully blocked and killed helicobacter pylori bacteria, which often provoke the formation of stomach ulcers and the development of tumors. A black pepper was included in this list because of the capsaicin present in it. The substance neutralizes the carcinogens contained in smoked meat, canned meat and fish, and is capable of killing a large number of malignant cells. And red pepper, among other things, is the source of this beta-carotene. Fortunately, all these products can not be called either too expensive or scarce. Hence, due to small changes in the diet, effective prevention of the most terrible disease of our time can be carried out in every home and in every family.