the content of folic acid during pregnancy To date, the number of people,deficient vitamin B9, is not accurately determined. Some scientists believe that they are about 20% of the total population, others say the figure is 100%. Meanwhile, B9, also called folic acid, is essential for the development and functioning of the body. Especially important is folic acid in pregnancy.

Consequences of lack of vitamin B9 in pregnancy

Absence or deficiency of B9 can lead to such serious violations of fetal development as:

  • absence of brain;
  • hydrocephalus;
  • delay in physical and mental development;
  • defects of the spine;
  • premature termination of pregnancy;
  • cerebral hernia;
  • the birth of a dead child.

It would seem, how the shortage of one vitamin canlead to such disastrous consequences, because the intestine of a healthy person independently produces a small amount of B9? Yes it is. But pregnancy is a kind of stress for the body, during which the need for folic acid increases significantly. The role of the vitamin in this case is difficult to overestimate: it actively participates in the formation of the placenta, affects the fetal cells division, promotes the formation of nucleic acids, on which, in turn, the transmission of hereditary traits depends. The use of folic acid is directly related to the normalization of hematopoiesis and the formation of important constituents of blood - platelets, erythrocytes and leukocytes. And if a pregnant woman feels pain in her legs, suffers from depression, anemia and toxicosis - there is a lack of B9. With a slight vitamin deficiency, the expectant mother may be disturbed by fainting, irritability, hair loss and loss of appetite. Regular shortage of folic acid, leading to severe forms of deficiency, threatens diarrhea, serious problems with immunity, the appearance of sores on the oral mucosa. folic acid in foods

Where is contained and how to take B9

At the first appearance of the indicated signsevery pregnant woman should contact a specialist. Perhaps, the reception of the drugs recommended by the doctor will eliminate unpleasant symptoms and reduce the risk of fetal pathology to zero. But you can not forget about taking folic acid in your daily life. Often, women for a long time do not know about their pregnancy and learn about the appearance of the baby already when the laying of the internal organs of the fetus occurred. As established by scientists, this process starts from the 16th day after conception. A neural tube is laid, the correct development of which completely depends on the child's psychological and physical health. And that the formation of the neural tube passed normally, it is necessary to take folic acid. Experts recommend starting the drug even during conception planning. In this case, both during conception, and in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the organism of the future mother will be completely provided with B9. In order to maintain the required level of folic acid in pregnancy, in addition to complex vitamin preparations, it is necessary to use foods containing this important component. The very name of the vitamin speaks for itself - "folium" is translated from Latin as "leaf". This means that B9 is also contained in products of plant origin. Most of it in Brussels sprouts, coarse flour, green peas, broccoli and avocado. A high percentage of folic acid in leafy greens - salad, onion, spinach and parsley, in pulp and citrus juice, asparagus, melon, apricots, beans and pumpkin was noted. Taking drugs based on yeast, you can make up for lack of vitamin B9. People who eat vegetable products in small amounts often suffer from a deficiency of folic acid. This is due to the fact that in animal products, it almost does not occur. The largest amount of vitamin is noted in the liver, and in meat, fish, poultry and cheese its content is negligible. Therefore, if you are not an adherent of vegetarian cuisine and focus on meat food, you must follow certain rules and take additional vitamins. If we talk about what is the norm of folic acid in pregnancy, then everything depends on the state of health of the future mother. When the baby is born, the body's need is increased 2 times. If a pregnant woman has various kinds of problems or a lack of vitamin, the daily dose can grow 2 times more. In any case, the right amount will be appointed by the doctor. Do not be afraid of such large numbers - an overdose during pregnancy can occur only in the event that a person takes more than 25 tablets of vitamin per day. Even if you accidentally and drink a few pills more than recommended by a doctor, the entire surplus will safely be removed from the body naturally. In what cases should folic acid in pregnancy be taken in elevated doses? These are factors such as:

  • diseases that interfere with the absorption of acid during pregnancy or enhance its excretion;
  • risk of developing pathologies of fetal neural tube formation in pregnant women with diabetes mellitus and epilepsy;
  • the presence of genetic diseases and pathologies;
  • toxicosis;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The above reasons cause an increase in the daily intake of vitamin B9 by 2-3 tablets. additional information about vitamins

Additional information about vitamin B9

During pregnancy, the maximumcarefully monitor their health, paying special attention not only to food consumed, but also to the drugs taken. Therefore, there will be no more information about taking folic acid during pregnancy. You should know that:

  • During the carrying of the baby, the excretion of the vitamin from the body is greatly accelerated due to the increased work of the urinary system.
  • The use of strong tea helps to remove folic acid.
  • The amount of used vitamin should beincreased with the use of the following drugs: antacids "Fosfalugel" and "Almagel", estrogens, zinc drugs, anticonvulsants "Phenytoin" and "Carbamazepine."
  • In addition to the formation of internal organs and fetal cells during pregnancy, folic acid is consumed to maintain and restore almost 70 trillion cells in the body of a future mother.
  • Since the baby is transferred to the acid during pregnancy, and then during breastfeeding, its lack in the mother's body can lead to a deficit in the child's body.
  • To dosage of folic acid in vegetables and fruits preserved in the maximum volume, they should be eaten raw or cooked for a couple.
  • When planning conception, a vitamin complex with B9should not only take a woman. Folic acid has a positive effect on spermatozoa, significantly increasing their activity. Therefore, taking a man's vitamin will greatly increase the chance of a quick and healthy conception.
  • Before the time of pregnancy, the dose of B9completely depends on the habits and lifestyle of the couple. Of great importance are the following factors: what food and how much alcohol is consumed by a man and a woman, whether they take medications or contraceptives, whether they have digestive problems.
  • selection of medicines

    Contraindications for taking B9

    Speaking about the benefits of folic acid, we can not fail to mention its shortcomings. Just like all medicines, B9 has contraindications for use. They are:

    • allergic diseases and bronchial asthma (if you do not follow certain rules, taking a vitamin can lead to life-threatening spasms of the bronchi);
    • the intake of folic acid can activate the growth of cancer cells, so its use is strictly forbidden for oncological diseases;
    • B9 causes the proliferation of the epithelium of the tubule of the kidneys, therefore, its administration is contraindicated in patients with pyelonephritis and renal insufficiency;
    • in some cases, individualreactions to taking medications with B9: nausea, vomiting, insomnia, abdominal pain and cramps, diarrhea. In this case, the need for taking and dosage is determined by the doctor;
    • it is not recommended to take vitamin B9 with a vitamin B12 deficiency, as folic acid neutralizes the absorption of B12, thereby worsening the state of the body.

    the course of pregnancy with a shortage of folic acid

    Drugs containing B9

    Today, a lot of drugs are produced,including in its composition folic acid. The most convenient form to use are tablets of pure acid, where each tablet contains 1 μg of substance. To maintain normal functioning of the body, it is enough to take such tablets daily. In addition, the drugstores present preparations "Folacin" and "Folio". The concentration of vitamin B9 in the first is very high, so its use is shown only during pregnancy with severe acid deficiency, the second drug can also be used for prevention. Also, folic acid is contained in such drugs as "Elevit", "Materna", Pregnavit "," Multi-table perinatal "," Vitrum prenatal forte "and other multivitamin complexes for pregnant women. The dose of vitamin here is low, so they are usually recommended for the prevention of B9 deficiency. If you are planning to conceive or already expecting the birth of a baby, do not neglect the intake of vitamin B9 during pregnancy. Folic acid is an important component of both your health and your future child's health. Adhere to the advice of specialists, and your pregnancy will pass in the joy of expectation of a new member of the family, without delivering unpleasant sensations and anxieties.