focal gastritis Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - one of thethe main indicators of the deterioration of health of the modern population. Times when a person ate what he picked up from the ground, and what he managed to catch up and kill, long gone. Today we live in the age of the gastronomic boom, when in supermarkets and in the markets you can find almost everything the soul desires. By the way, the scarce years, when store shelves frightened their own in the literal sense of the word with beggarly decorations, also sunk into oblivion. And today a person in desire to eat something delicious does not stop almost anything. But was not this permissiveness the reason for the growing wave of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract every day? This problem is now gaining momentum pandemic, because every second teenager suffers from gastritis and even ulcer disease, not to mention the adult part of the population. The presence of harmful food on the shelves, literally stuffed with preservatives, dyes and food additives, contributes to the deterioration of the food behavior of the population and, as a result, the appearance of gastrointestinal diseases, including gastritis with its various forms. In this regard, now we will talk about focal gastritis, its symptoms and methods of treatment. focal gastritis

Manifestation of the disease and its symptoms

To date, focal gastritisis classified as the initial form of gastritis as a whole. This means that this phase of the disease is still being treated without medications and drugs, if we give due attention to the solution of this problem in a timely manner. In other words, if you refrain for a certain period of time from harmful and unhealthy foods, while consuming a large amount of simple mineral water every day, you can get rid of this form of gastritis on your own, because this is only its initial stage. Why is this form of the disease, as doctors say, different from the neglected gastritis for the better? First of all, this is explained by the fact that the focal type of gastritis presupposes, as a rule, the defeat of a certain area of ​​the digestive organ, while neglected gastritis (for example, pangastritis) implies complete damage to the entire mucosa. However, such a local nature of the lesion has its drawbacks: the fact is that it is problematic to identify the symptoms of focal gastritis, since there are practically no external signs that classify it specifically. However, you can name certain symptoms that are characteristic of focal gastritis in most cases. But even they will not help you to determine the disease yourself, you will certainly need to consult a specialist to make a full gastroscopy.

  • Like other forms of gastritis, focal typeaccompanied by pain in the so-called epigastric region. Of course, a person without medical education is unlikely to be able to determine what its boundaries are, but if an ailment exists, it will feel a malaise in the stomach (especially after eating a stimulant).
  • Nausea is a true companion of focal gastritis. And in this case, the well-known methods of solving this problem are unlikely to become an ideal panacea.
  • Also, patients observe frequent heartburn. This again can be triggered by the reception of poor-quality food or dishes using spicy spices.
  • In addition, the focal form of gastritis, as a rule, causes disturbance of the stool. This is perhaps the most unpleasant symptom, if in your life a busy schedule.

In short, if you observe at least one of yourlisted symptoms in an increasing form, do not delay the trip to a specialist in the long box. Only a doctor with the help of special technology will determine if you have a focal form of gastritis or your stomach is corny suffering from the recent rich feast. focal gastritis symptoms

Taboo with focal gastritis

It is important to note that, regardless of the lightstage of the lesion, characteristic of focal gastritis, you can not only postpone the trip to a specialist, but not to comply with the appropriate diet. Otherwise, while continuing to supply your body with food that contributes to the erosive irritation of the digestive organ, you will gradually come to the fact that the focal form of gastritis will be replaced by more serious and neglected, and maybe even give way to peptic ulcer disease. So, what is still contraindicated to a patient with focal gastritis and how to prevent the deterioration of the disease? First of all, as mentioned earlier, do not abuse the so-called harmful food. And the speech in this case is not only about fatty, salty and sharp (advice not to eat it for food you will hear from every gastroenterologist). With focal gastritis, it is preferable not to eat harmful foods, as well as products in the wrong combination. Speaking in more detail, you, if not forever, then for a long time will have to forget about fast food products - the so-called fast food (hamburgers, French fries, chips, crackers, instant noodles, etc.). All these products contain a huge amount of harmful additives: preservatives, dyes, thickeners. That there is only one glutamate of sodium, already long deduced by dietitians in the rank of the most dangerous additive (causes the strongest addiction to unnatural food, reminiscent of the effects of drug dependence). Also, prepare to abandon dairy products of high fat content, sausages, shop candy. In addition, focal gastritis has another important taboo - overeating. If you have found this form of the disease in your mind, remember that rich feasts from this time are not for you. Overeating and the presence of alcohol will certainly enhance the symptoms described above, remember this, sitting down at the festive table. focal gastritis treatment

A New Eating Behavior Model

Eat right, balanced and by the hour -Here is the main recommendation that you will receive from a specialist for the treatment of focal gastritis. In other words, it is possible to prevent the deterioration of the initial stage of the disease only by stopping eating the food that provoked the very appearance of the disease. Below are the main recommendations that will help you stay healthy for many years.

  • Turn taboos into panacea. Stop overeating, eat at one meal in the volume of your stomach (experts say that the hand, closed in a fist, determines the volume of each person's stomach). Increase the number of meals a day, but eat in one sitting not more than fit in your fist.
  • Watch for the quality of food. Food should be healthy, it is designed to fill the body with useful substances and energy.
  • Eat more fluid. In this case, we mean pure bottled water, as well as natural juices, compotes, jars and tea (ideally without sugar). Packaged juices and sweet soda water, of course, do not count.

Using these recommendations, you will eventually get rid of focal gastritis. Moreover, you improve health in general and add yourself a few years of life!