flowers from felt by own hands Making artificial flowers somedayyes, probably, any woman was engaged. This is understandable: can such a perfect creation of nature leave us indifferent? And try to reproduce such beauty with your own hand - the natural desire of any connoisseur of beauty (which we are). Therefore, the technician of making artificial flowers invented an unthinkable amount: from the most difficult to elementary. To try yourself in one of them is a "matter of honor" for each of us, so we try, create, create. And the most "grateful" material for making artificial flowers, most needlewomen consider textiles. Flowers are made of silk, organza, calico, wool and felt. By the way, felt is not a fabric at all, but a special material made by the way of felting down, fur and fur. Felt - a thin felt, non-woven textiles. That's why it does not crumble and is very convenient for needlework, especially for beginners. Let's find out how to make flowers from felt with our own hands.

Roses made of felt

Ah roses, roses ... Rose is a permanent queenflower world and a favorite among the "models" for artificial flowers. To make a felt rose is so simple that you simply marvel at it. Shall we try? In order to make such roses we will need:

  • pieces of color felt for flowers and leaves,
  • glue,
  • cardboard or paper patterns for pattern,
  • pins,
  • scissors.

First, draw on the cardboard templates: a circle with a diameter of about ten centimeters for the extreme petals, circles of slightly smaller diameter for the center of the flower, a slightly flattened circle (almost a round oval) of the same size for the outer petals and a pattern in the form of a leaf of the rose. Now cut out several pieces of felt from the felt and proceed to create a flower. We take two round billets, add them in half (separately). One of the workpiece is rolled into a roll and we attach the second to it, wrapping it with a roll and recreating the middle of the rose. We chip the parts with a pin, piercing the bud right through the base. Next, we collect the rose half, folding the petals, fixing them with pins and pouring the glue inside the flower. We wait, when the glue dries, we take out the pins and paste the flower to one of the big circles (like a cup on a saucer). To the same base we glue the leaves. All other petals are also made from billets folded in half, just glue them directly to the bottom circle over the leaves. That's all. The rose of felt is ready. beautiful flowers of felt by own hands

Felt aster

Very original and funny astrochki can also be made from felt. For this we will need:

  • strips of colored felt,
  • beautiful buttons or beads,
  • sewing needle, pins and threads,
  • scissors,
  • glue.

First, we cut out strips of different dinas from feltand width. The length should be sufficient to make a flower from the ring closed in the ring, and the width of the striped half should be equal to the length of the petals of the future flower. So, take a strip of felt, fold it in half (along the length) and fasten the halves of the strip with pins along the edge. Now, from the bend side, we make incisions half the width of the folded strip. Next, with long stitches, sew the felt along the line of fastening with pins and take out the pins. Then we tighten the strip, collecting firth on the thread and closing into the ring. The thread is fixed and cut off, and the last "petals" are stitched together. From the felt cut out a small circle for the middle of the flower and paste it on our astrocus. On the circle we sew a button or a bead.

Violets made of felt

For such violets, we need a purple orpink felt for the flower and green for the leaves. We draw on the cardboard templates of petals in the form of a shamrock (three hearts connected by lower sharp corners). For violets we will need two large blanks, one slightly smaller, two blanks of even smaller size and one very small trefoil. Now we collect the flower, folding the blanks against each other and fastening them with glue. First, large trefoils are superimposed so that the petals are arranged in staggered order. Then on them we paste the third workpiece of smaller size, and it - two more, folded similarly to the lower petals. We place the smallest trefoil on top. In its center we sew a small yellow or white bead. For leaflets of violets we cut out of green felt one more trefoil, the size of which should be larger than the size of the lower petals of the flower. And on this green workpiece we glue the flower. That's all - the violet is ready. unusual flowers of felt by one's own hands

Sunflower of felt

Another flower that turns bright andbeautiful, and done very, very simple. For such a sunflower, you need to take a yellow and black felt, a needle with a yellow thread, a glue for the fabric and black beads. From yellow felt it is necessary to cut into eight oblong "petals" for the first two tiers of a flower and eight petals for the upper tier. Also need to cut two black felt circles: for the base and for the middle. Take the first black circle and glue along its circumference the first tier of petals so that half of the petal protrudes beyond the edge of the base. Then we glue the second tier of the petals, shifting them closer to the center of the black circle and positioning in staggered order with respect to the lower petals. The upper petals are sewn, making a stitch along the center of the petal from its base to the top and quilting each petal only up to half. Performing a stitch, we sew through all layers of felt through and through. As a result, the upper petals of the sunflower will be more relief and slightly wrapped inwards and upwards. Now it remains only to glue the black center and to embroider it with beads. Strictly speaking, from the felt it is possible to make absolutely any flowers: dahlias, poppies, feces, lilies ... Just see what kind of petals have fresh flowers, and how they are collected in the inflorescence. And then pick up the felt of the necessary color, cut out the petals of the desired shape, collect them in the flower, fixing with glue or stitch. Decorate these flowers can be embroidery, beads, buttons, glass beads, beads, paillettes. The main thing is that the felt does not crumble around the edges, does not require additional processing, it keeps the shape well. Therefore, flowers from it turn out neat, voluminous and durable. Decorate with such colors you can do anything (bag, coat, hat). You can make a felt clip or brooch from felt colors by simply sewing a clasp or clasp on the back of the flower. In a word, go for it! You will certainly succeed! We advise you to read: