fitness at home for weight loss Fitness is considered one of the most effectivemethods of maintaining an excellent form. It allows you to make the body more flexible, and movements - elegant and smooth. Will put in order the muscle mass and strengthen health in general. However, not all today can afford to attend fitness centers. The reasons for this may be a lot: financial difficulties (in fact, it is known that the services of a qualified trainer and the price of the subscription is by no means cheap), the uncomfortable location of the fitness club, and just a lack of time. It is in such cases that entire complexes are developed that allow performing exercises at home.

Features of fitness at home: the pros and cons

Of course, exercise for weight loss, performedin a specially equipped hall, and even with additional advice from the coach, will bring more benefits, but - with the right and competent approach - the same effect can be achieved at home. Cheapness is, perhaps, the main advantage of home fitness. You do not need to spend money on expensive subscriptions - if you count, you can come to the conclusion that it's easier to buy several simulators home than the annual subscription. In addition, fitness at home allows you to save time, which is especially important for those people whose day is fully loaded, and to find time to visit the fitness center does not work. You can do the exercises when you want, without thinking that you will not be compensated for the cost of a missed lesson. And if you are a resident of a metropolis, then, among other things, you save on travel. And, of course, comfort is no less important. It is at home that you can relax, like nowhere else, and perform exercises without thinking about your clothes and appearance and not paying attention to the surrounding people. Remembering the endless queues for the simulators and the shower will not even have to - at home you are spared from all these inconveniences. Well, about the shortcomings, which are also available. Fitness at home is suitable for people who do not doubt the strength of their will and are well motivated - they will clearly and stably perform the required exercises, not tolerating the training for another day. If you know that you will not perform exercises with sufficient efficiency on your own, then in your case it's better to stop at a fitness club - training at home is not for you yet. fitness slimming at home

Training shells

If you decide to do fitness at home, thenhurry to the stores to buy simulators - to begin with you will need a little equipment. First of all you will need free space. Select one room for lessons so that several free meters are at your disposal. Do not forget that exercises need to be performed in sports suits, because the fabric from which they are made allows your body to breathe freely. The same applies to special shoes - get good sneakers to feel most comfortable. From the equipment and shells get a sports mat. In addition, when you do exercises for losing weight at home, you can come in handy bench or chair. Dumbbells, balls, weights will not be superfluous either. And already when you understand which muscles need to be worked out, what you need to pay attention to, you can buy one or two professional simulators - at the initial stage, there is no need.

Fitness at home: fat burning workouts

If you are trying to lose weight, then youyou need to pay attention to some fat burning workouts, which involve a complex impact on the body. We recommend that you pay attention to the following high-intensity training, which will allow you to "blind" the ideal body. So, in order. The first is a little workout. To do this, cross your arms in front of you and start rearing them. Now do the mahi and smooth circular movements with your arms straight. At the end of the warm-up, stand on your half-bent legs, and one of them set aside. On the leg that is bent, a little spring. These simple exercises will warm up the body well. Now the training complex. Pay attention that the following exercises for weight loss are recommended to be performed ten times, without breaks for respite and rest. It will be enough to have three trainings a week. For the first exercise will come in handy dumbbells - take them in two hands. Now do squats and do not forget, crouching, raise your hands up. You need to sit down on inhalation, and on exhalation - to rise. Now stand at the point of lying down and take turns slowly lifting one hand (all the same, with dumbbells), then press it to the waist. Return to the starting position. do the exercise alternately with the left, then the right hand. This is the second exercise. To perform the third, stand evenly, keeping your feet together. Lean forward and take turns lifting one leg or the other, without bending it at the knee and holding it straight. For the fourth exercise again we will use dumbbells. Lie on your back and keep your hand in front of your dumbbells. Bend your legs in your lap. Another hand needs to be put on the stomach - you should feel the press. Rise to accept the position sitting, not lowering the hand from the dumbbells. Another exercise for weight loss, effective for doing home - jumping forward. Every next time jump more and more. And in the end - jumping rope. It would seem a very simple, but incredibly useful exercise. During such jumps all the muscles of the body are in active, active state. This is one of the most effective cardio exercises for weight loss, which we will talk about in more detail. home fitness exercises for losing weight

Features of cardio training

Considering home fitness for weight loss, it is worthremember and about cardio exercises, and also to understand when such training can give the maximum effect and how exactly it is necessary to perform such exercises. Practice shows that the optimal time for cardio surgery is the morning, and it is useful to perform such exercises immediately after strength training. If we are talking about morning aerobics, then its advantage is obvious - the load on an empty stomach will lead to the maximum consumption of sugar in the blood, and after that, fat is also involved. Immediately after the awakening of the index of sugar in the blood are low, because the body almost immediately begins to burn fat. Exercising at home or on the air in the morning, you perform exercises with greater benefit to the body. If such aerobics is regular, then all biorhythms and processes in your body come back to normal: you will notice how the dream will improve and how easily you will endure stressful situations. Aerobic exercise is something without which good home fitness is impossible. Cardio-stimulation activates the secretion of growth hormone, and after all it, as you know, is the most powerful fat burner from all that you can imagine. When you perform aerobic exercises right after strength training, fat tissue collapses faster and more efficiently. This is due to the fact that fat molecules immediately enter the liver when they enter the bloodstream, and this is where they are destroyed. Considering fitness and aerobics as a means for losing weight, it is important to clarify a few points. Training should be done when you feel great - do not torture your body. Choose the right time when your forces are activated - if it's hard for you to get out of bed in the morning, then it's best to postpone the workout for the evening. And do not forget about the elementary diet, the rules of which are described below. If you take food directly before training, then during the training you will burn not the fats you need to get rid of, but the carbohydrates just received from the food. Naturally, you need to remember about the correct diet. Make it as useful as possible: cereals, fruits, vegetables, light soups, dairy products - all this will benefit each losing weight. Only when you treat attentively to your health and your own body, you will be able to achieve excellent results, and fitness to you in this, of course, will help.