fish in battered mayonnaise Do you know what a claret is? This is a batter (naturally, invented by the French) to dipping the products that you are about to fry. And do you know what they use to cook batter besides flour? It is prepared on the basis of eggs and water, milk, kefir, mayonnaise, beer with the addition of spices, tomato paste and spices. Do you know what can be cooked in batter? It fries vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, sausage and even cheese and fruits. In short, this magic dough can turn into an exquisite dish almost any product. And if you, for example, do not know how to cook fish, then fry it in batter. As you know, you can not spoil the porridge with oil. So the same thing can be said about the fish, which you will not spoil the batter. However, there is far no any fish and not with any batter can be cooked successfully. For example, a fish with mayonnaise is considered suitable for fish. And the most successful fish for cooking in batter will be a river fish without small bones or some kinds of sea fish. So, let's find out which fish to choose and how to cook it in battered mayonnaise.

Choosing a Fish

If your region does not have problems with a good rivera fish that can be caught in a nearby pond or bought on the market (in a store), then you are lucky twice. First, you can prepare the most exciting product, which was not subjected to freezing and long storage. And secondly, as a result you will get a surprisingly tasty and juicy dish, which is not ashamed to submit to a festive table, and it is not a pity to cook for a casual dinner. Of the river fish, the most suitable for cooking in batter is:

  • catfish,
  • carp,
  • zander,
  • stellate sturgeon,
  • sturgeon,
  • trout.

In general, if we consider only liquidbreading, then you can cook it any river and lake fish: pike, tench, carp, burbot. However, it turns out delicious fish fillet in batter. Therefore, choose a large fish with white meat and without small bones. Sea fish in batter with mayonnaise will be no worse, and perhaps even better than river, even if you purchase a frozen product. And if you have the opportunity to buy a chilled sea fish, then a tasty and juicy dish is just guaranteed to you. So, for frying in a batter such a sea fish is suitable:

  • salmon,
  • salmon,
  • coho,
  • pangasius (marine language);
  • cod,
  • hake,
  • flounder.

In general, almost any sea fish, forthe exception of small sprat or anchovy is suitable for cooking in batter. Although, if you live in the spirit of the experimenter, then take the risk and fry in the batter with mayonnaise. What if you like it? fish dumpling with mayonnaise

Preparing the batter

The quality of the batter depends on its density andviscosity. The taste is also influenced by the main constituents and special additives. For a batter with mayonnaise, grated cheese, garlic (yes, fish with garlic!), Black, white and lemon pepper, mustard and mustard seeds, white wine will be an excellent addition. Traditionally, the clay with mayonnaise is made from wheat flour, but you can add potato or corn starch, rye, rice, oatmeal or corn flour to it. By the way, such flour can be used as an independent basis. Naturally, it is necessary to lay eggs in the claret, which will give the test the necessary viscosity and, incidentally, the clay with mayonnaise can be cooked completely without flour. Here are some options for cooking batter with mayonnaise.

  • Clay with mayonnaise without flour

The most, perhaps, dietary variant of mayonnaisebatter. For its preparation you will need only mayonnaise, eggs and spices. Proportions are classical: one to one. That is, one egg should be taken one tablespoon of mayonnaise. If you prefer to measure in grams, then one package of mayonnaise (200 g) will need about four or five eggs. Eggs break into a bowl, put salt there and mix with a mixer or fork until light foam. You put the mayonnaise in another bowl and now start to add a little eggs in mayonnaise, continuing to whisk. You should get a mixture, as for an omelette. A crust from such a batter will turn out to be crispy and thin. A fry fish in battered flour without flour in a near dry frying pan, pouring there quite a bit of vegetable oil.

  • Simple batter with flour and mayonnaise

Take eggs and mayonnaise at the rate of one canteenspoon of sauce for one egg. Mayonnaise is mixed with flour, making a thick enough dough, salt, pepper and add spices to taste. Flours need to take about as many table spoons as mayonnaise, or slightly more. And now one by one, hammer all the eggs intended for the batter, into this mixture. If the clay is not enough liquid, then add more mayonnaise or even just dilute it with warm boiled water until the desired consistency. Density of batter can be adjusted at your discretion. But keep in mind that the lighter the batter, the more oil it will absorb when frying. However, the crust of liquid batter will be thinner and crispy.

  • Gluten with additives

For the basis of this batter we take mayonnaise, flour and eggsin equal proportions (we count eggs in pieces, flour and mayonnaise in tablespoons). We make the dick of the necessary density and put in it, for example, such additives: finely chopped onion, grated cheese or melted cheese, sesame, chopped fresh herbs (parsley, coriander), chopped Bulgarian pepper. Keep in mind that for batter with additives a thick consistency is necessary. Otherwise, the pieces of added products during frying will simply fall off and fire themselves.

Fry fish in batter

Fish must be prepared. Frozen to defrost and dry, fresh to separate, wash and also dry: on a wet fillet the claret does not hold well. Fish must also be cooked for fish in advance, especially if you put flour in it. And cooks are advised not only to prepare the dairy, but also to cool before cooking. So, cut the fish fillets in small pieces, we warm up the vegetable oil in the saucepan or in the brazier and start cooking. We take a piece of fish, dip it into the batter and dip it into the incandescent oil. If you fry deep-fried fish (in a lot of oil), then monitor the frying process visually. If frying fish in a frying pan, then it must be turned over after the underside of the fish has browned. Do not try to put a lot of fish in a saucepan or in a brazier: the quality of the batter will suffer and it will not be crispy. Fry fish in batter should be about three to five minutes. We listen to the fish with a fork, noisy or forceps and put it on a paper towel that will absorb excess oil. Fish in mayonnaise batter can be eaten hot, or can be cooked as a cold snack. This fish will be an excellent dish of the festive table, it can be prepared as a lunch for work for the husband (or for yourself), you can simply prepare for dinner and serve with a light salad. By the way, this fish can easily be cooked for the future: the day before the celebration, for example. However, from long storage, the fish in the batter becomes tasteless. Try different recipes, cook with pleasure, and a pleasant appetite for you! We advise you to read: